Why Our Online Dating Reviews Are Different


Warning! Here comes some “horn-tooting.” Yes, yes, this blog is going to be a shameless pat on our team’s back, but we think it’s important. We also think it’s important to share this information with you so that you can be a more informed consumer.

It’s no secret that we take our online dating reviews seriously here. What we’d like to briefly talk about today is why we take them so seriously and why our reviews are different than most of the other ones you see out there on the Google-sphere. Not sure if Google-sphere is a real word, but we’re going to go for it because it sounds fun.

Why We Take Our Online Dating Site Reviews Seriously

If you’ve read through any of our reviews, you know that we like to have a good time. While we do have fun, you’ve probably also noticed that we have no fear of “telling it like it is” and sharing the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly.

The reason for this is that we know our reviews are getting read by people like you. People who are looking to spend their hard-earned money, invest their precious time and put their heart on the line with an online dating site.

Frankly, we don’t want to let you down. We don’t want you to make a decision about joining an online dating site without having as much honest and up to date information as possible. You worked hard for your money, and we don’t want you to waste it on a cruddy dating site. Your time is valuable, and we wouldn’t want you to waste it and not the get results you want.

The biggest thing, though, is that finding love or that special someone is important. We want to do everything in our power to help make that happen, and that starts with taking our online dating site reviews seriously.

Why Our Online Dating Site Reviews are ACTUALLY Different

If we had a nickel for every time we heard a review site say their reviews were different, we’d retire and live off our nickel fortune forever and ever. The problem is that review sites love to say that because they think it sounds great. In their defense, it does sound great, but it’s completely unethical and is garbage to say if your reviews aren’t actually different. What we’d like to do here briefly is give you a few quick reasons as to why our online dating site reviews are actually different.

Sites Can’t Pay for Better Reviews

It’s as simple as that. We do not allow sites to pay us in order to receive better recommendations or a better review. The information that we report about a site is our honest opinion, and that is that.

The only way for a dating site to get better reviews from us is to fix their product and offer a superior service. Why does the eHarmony review show such high marks? Because it offers a superior product with a great track record for helping people find love. Does our Seeking Arrangement review list the site as the best dating app for sugar daddies just because? Nope.

We’re here to drop some truth bombs and truth be told, we’ll tell you how it really is.

We Look at the Right Criteria

A lot of dating review sites love to look at metrics and things that really have no bearing on how successful the site is going to be for you. This usually comes from them being disconnected or not truly understanding how the online dating process works. At Our Best Online Dating Sites, we know what’s important and what needs to be present for you to succeed with online dating. Success is measured by finding that special someone that you’re looking for. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to know more about what we look at, you can see a full breakdown of our review criteria here.

We’re Not Scared to Share the Ugly

Thankfully, the online dating industry has come a long way since its inception over two decades ago. There used to be very few quality sites out there and a lot of garbage you had to sift through. Nowadays, there’s more quality sites and less garbage. However, there are still sites out there that just can’t seem to get their act together with certain parts of their sites.

A lot of online dating review sites (usually the ones that allow sites to pay for better reviews) have a “fun” habit of turning a blind eye to this stuff. This means that you may end up spending money and joining a site that doesn’t help you much at all to find what you’re looking for. Here, that’s not the case. We will let a site have it if they need to be put in their place and we won’t bat an eye if that upsets them. Our response is…fix the problem, and we will amend our review.

We Update Our Reviews

If you look at the published dates on a lot of online dating reviews, they’re from 5-10 years ago. If you think that any company doesn’t change in that time frame, you are a silly person. We do our best to stay on top of each site and are constantly updating our reviews, cost pages, and free trial pages.

The Takeaway

The real point of this post is not to toot our own horns. We don’t need to get high-fives and be told how awesome we are. The reason we share this information is that we want you to know that you can trust the information you’re getting here. While some sites expect you to trust them blindly, we wanted to break down the exact reasons that we’re different.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give online dating a try, we highly recommend checking out some of our reviews and finding a dating site that is the right fit for you.