Online Dating for Sports Fans

GOOOAAAALL! Are you a sports fan looking for love? Perhaps you have tried dating offline with little success, or maybe you’re a little unsure of how to proceed with online dating. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered with a few quick pointers to help you narrow down your search for the perfect sporty match. Singles with interests in many different sports are available easily through the advanced tools being offered today by online dating sites.

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Setting Your Interests

In order for a potential match to find you, you need to tailor your profile to present your interest in sports. You can do this in two places – by writing about your interest in sports in the bio section of your profile page, and by indicating sports as one of your interests.

Consider that it’s not just enough to say “I like sports” because that really doesn’t tell another person much about your interest. You’ll want to say which kind of sports you like, whether you like to play or watch the sport; and even what kind of intensity you prefer. A single who likes to watch Football on Sundays is totally different from a match that likes to play football in a league every week (and expects you to join in too!). Be specific to find success.

Finding Compatible Matches

Finding other singles that really match your search preferences is where online dating really shines. “Searching” isn’t really possible with offline dating as you can online. The best online dating sites that we recommend utilize advanced searching features that can help you find a fellow sports fan quickly. The sites will search through a potential match’s stated preferences and also through the profile bio text.

To search on an online dating site such as eHarmony or EliteSingles, start by finding the search feature at the top of the website interface (and not your browser’s address bar). The search feature will open a place where you can enter a keyword and also a place to check the attributes you want  to include. Any of these places is a good place to enter or select for your sporting fan terms.

Being Realistic

Online dating is one of the best ways that you can find someone who shares your interest in sports, but realize that it is rare to find someone who 100% matches your exact interests. Maybe you’re looking for a sports fan that will play baseball with you and is into endurance running; but you are only finding compatible matches that are runners and not into playing baseball. Decide how much you are willing to compromise.

Another thing to remember in your search for a fellow sports fan is don’t forget to consider other attributes of the person. Don’t forgo other important compatibility characteristics just to have love with someone who is into the same sports as you. Maybe there’s the perfect person waiting to meet a sports fan just like you, but they’d rather support you from the sidelines. Be open and flexible in your desires, and you’re sure to find a true love match using one of the recommended online dating sites.

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