How To Meet Singles in Toronto

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When you ask a fellow Canadian, “How do you meet singles in Toronto?” chances are they’ll point to their phone. And we agree. After all, Healthy Framework is the ultimate source for the best dating apps in Canada.

But we’re taking a different approach here and focusing on offline dating. However, we’re not going to share the top 50 Toronto area bars, as you can get that information anywhere. Instead, we’ve done our homework compiling a list of the top eight activities for meeting singles in Toronto.

You might be surprised who’s standing there when you look up from your smartphone!

Perfect Pairings

Food and wine? Or you and a new partner? Perfect Pairings addresses both with singles cooking classes.

If you steer clear of the bar scene because you don’t like the idea of being bold and approaching a stranger, you’ll love this event. It’s a great way to meet singles in Toronto because you’re focused on an activity with conversation starters built right into the recipe.

We’ve covered singles cooking classes before, but Perfect Pairing has an air of mystery. You RSVP for an event at least five days ahead, but then you have to sit back and wait. You’ll get a personal invitation to buy a ticket if there’s an opening. However, you still don’t know the venue until the day before.

Intrigued? Visit Perfect Pairing Events.

Ontario Doggos

You might not want to bring friends when you’re focused on meeting someone new, but your best furry friend isn’t nearly as intimidating. In fact, little Fifi or Fido could take the lead and connect you to another doggy parent.

Ontario Doggos sets up all kinds of “dog-centric events,” and some focus on dating in the Toronto area. For example, you’ll find dog-friendly comedy shows and “Babes, Barks & Beer,” which attracted over 150 singles with fur babies.

Another Dog-Friendly Idea for Meeting Singles: Ontario Doggos posted a list of the top 50 dog-friendly patios in Toronto. There’s no need to wait for the perfect event. Just grab a leash and let your pup be your wingman (or wingwoman)!

Pub Crawl

We said we wouldn’t provide a list of the top bars where you’d likely meet singles, but a Pub Crawl is a different story.

You know that chatting with a cutie is easier when you’ve had a little liquid courage. And, it’s even better when you’ve got a new group to hang out with as you visit some of downtown Toronto’s best small bars.

There are quite a few in the area. A couple of top examples are the Toronto Bar Crawl and Toronto Legendary Cocktail Tour.

Volunteer at the Toronto Wildlife Centre

We’re calling the Toronto Wildlife Centre a great place to volunteer and meet people, but you could donate your time anywhere. Follow your passion and pick somewhere that touches your heart and where you’ll enjoy spending time.

Common interests are a great way to meet singles that could have some staying power. The Toronto Wildlife Centre is a rescue, educational facility, and hospital. You could work the hotline, be an education assistant, a volunteer driver, or pick one of seven other positions. It’s a feel-good that’ll connect you to others who feel the same.

Royal Ontario Museum After Dark

It’s still going strong, and it’s the place to be to meet other singles who like to try new and different things to do.

ROM After Dark is an adult (19 and over) music meets museum event. You’ll need to check the calendar for scheduled dates, as it’s not an every-week type of thing. One of the upcoming 2022 programs is ROM After Dark: K-Culture, with contemporary Korean art and performances from K-pop bands and dance teams.

This might be one to attend with your friends, but get out there and mingle!

Ride a Bike

Did you know that there are Toronto cycling groups for everyone from complete beginners to hardcore enthusiasts?

Take Donut Ride-Toronto, for instance. It’s a casual tour with upwards of 100 cyclists on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Donut Ride participants have endurance, though. So, if you’re looking for something a bit tamer so you can chat and ride simultaneously, check out the Toronto Bicycling Network.

Outdoor sports and activities are ideal for meeting singles in Toronto – plus, you get the health benefits, too!

Open Events Through Toronto Dating Hub

Toronto Dating Hub is getting right to the heart of the matter with events designed for singles to connect IRL, and some are open to everyone.

You’ll need to register for any event you’re interested in attending, and they change frequently. So, be sure to visit for the latest. We found gatherings like Toronto Game Night and a Networking Mixer for singles who are business owners or entrepreneurs.

Note: If you’re serious about meeting someone, you might also appreciate the services Toronto Dating Hub provides. You can sign up for coaching, mock dates, dating profile makeovers, and more.

Make it a Game at Snakes and Lattes

Even though Snakes and Lattes is winding its way through the US, it started in Toronto more than a decade ago, so you might already be a regular. The venue is ideal for meeting other singles in Toronto – as long as they’re up for some friendly competition.

Three Snakes and Lattes locations (College, Annex, and Midtown) are home to North America’s biggest board game bars and restaurants. Built-in activities always make it easier to flirt and mingle. But, even if board games aren’t your thing, Snakes and Lattes hosts special events like Trivia Nights.

Creative Ways to Meet Singles in Toronto

Just because an event doesn’t have the word “single” in it doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to meet people.

We think the best approach is to focus on what you like to do, whether it’s hiking, biking, cooking, trivia nights, concerts, or hanging out at a comfortable pub in your neighbourhood. You’re bound to connect with others who share your interests. And, even if you don’t make a love connection, you might make some new friends.

Besides, your favourite dating app won’t break up with you if you experiment with something different!

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