How to Meet Singles in Montreal – 10 Places That Really Work!

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While singles in Vancouver live in Canada’s Lonely City, many have named Montreal as one of the happiest cities in the World. So, if you’re a mingling single, you have that going for you.

Regardless, it’s still challenging to meet that one special someone that makes your heart race.

While you might be content sticking to dating apps (and we have some great recommendations!), we have a feeling this blog attracted your attention because you’re ready to try something new. So, if you need some inspiration and direction on how to meet singles in Montreal, we’ve got ten ideas that’ll jumpstart your quest – and you’ll have fun trying!

Be Adventurous

Swimming, canoeing, cross-country skiing – do any of these activities catch your attention? Whether you’re an avid outdoor lover or want to try a new activity, you’ll make new friends and possibly a love connection through TripLeve.

No, it’s not an outdoor dating club. It’s a group for training and participating in activities that bring you joy. And, when you meet others with the same interests, those shared passions could lead to something passionate! 

TripLeve is one of many outdoor enthusiast groups in the Montreal area. 

Cook and Date

TripLeve might not be “love focused,” but Cook and Date is, as it’s right in the name. Cook and Date provides cooking classes for Montreal area singles, and we especially like a few things about this service.

First, the classes are scheduled based on age group so that you won’t be a solitary 21-year-old amid 50-somethings. Also, the ratio sticks to 50/50 men and women.

A little wine, some delicious food, and built-in conversation starters – it’s a recipe for success (and has been for eight years!).

Throw on a Jersey

If you’re a sports fan, you can use that to your benefit when connecting with other singles in Montreal. Going all in on what you love is one of the best ways to meet people, especially ones who share your interests.

Stadiums might not be conducive to finding dates easily, but bars and pubs are different. Become a regular at a place like L’Barouf that attracts hockey and soccer fans. Then, get your game on while the game is on. It’s a lively atmosphere and easy to talk to people. 

Oh, and you might attract attention wearing a Boston Bruins jersey to L’Barouf, but it won’t be the right kind! 

Add an App to Your Phone

I think we fooled you on this one! Were you expecting a Montreal dating app recommendation? We have plenty of those, so you don’t want to exit this site without checking out the best Canadian dating apps – they provide you with the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

But, if you’re a dog parent, you know your little fur baby is the best sidekick when you’re out to meet someone new. So, we recommend adding Dog Pack App to your phone. It has all kinds of info and products for your pup, along with a handy-dandy dog park finder. 

Visit a few of the pet parks in your area. When you find one with more possibilities to chat someone up, become a regular. Your dog needs the exercise, anyway!

It’s Epic (or EP1X)

Gyms are hit or miss for meeting singles in Montreal. But if you’re passionate about fitness and hope to meet someone who feels the same, it doesn’t hurt to give it a go.

You could select any fitness centre that strikes your fancy, but we think EP1X is worth a peek because it specializes in group fitness classes. The boot camp approach is challenging but caters to all levels. Maybe you’ll end up sharing a refreshing after-class green drink with a cute class member.

A Secret Invitation

You’re probably aware of (and might have even tried) real-life speed dating, but we propose a slightly different IRL dating approach.

We’re talking about Secret RSVP, which starts with a party of singles who secretly express interest in other attendees. Based on those selections, the event divides into smaller groups with games and other conversation starters more conducive to learning more about each other and, hopefully, making a love connection.

Secret RSVP calls it the “World’s 1st Live-Matched Singles Event,” and it’s definitely an effective way to meet other singles in Montreal.

From English to French or Vice Versa

One of the challenges of being single in Montreal is the language barrier. You’re limited to a smaller dating pool unless you speak both French and English.

But you can change that, and maybe meet “the one” with English or French classes. The YMCA’s Montreal Campus has adult courses in both (and others, too!) through its International Language School.

My love or mon amour? You could be saying both in no time.

A Touch of Shakespeare

Do you love theatre? How about Shakespeare-in-the-Park? If you have a passion for the arts, immerse yourself in it. And, no, we don’t mean on stage (although that could be an option?!).

Repercussion Theatre has a volunteer force that handles ushering, concessions, and programs. It’s a great way to meet others (some single) in Montreal’s arts and entertainment community – and you’ll probably catch some free shows, too!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Joining a group is always an excellent way to connect with new people and, possibly, other singles in your community. And, if you love being outside but don’t want to go all in with an adventure group like TripLeve, Montreal is home to several hiking groups.

The Montreal Hiking Group schedules hiking or walking excursions through the city’s parks and trails. So, there’s nothing too challenging – and plenty of time for conversation.

The Perfect Place for a Drink

Plenty of “how to meet singles in Montreal” blogs stick to lists of the best bars and clubs in the area. While we’re promoting some different tactics, we know that a few cocktails could make it easier to approach or be approached by someone who catches your eye.

Unless you’re looking for a quick fling, we suggest trying some pubs, even trendier ones, like Pub Distillerie. You still get your delicious drinks (served in mason jars at Pub Distillerie!), but it’s easier to talk to people than at a nightclub or overcrowded bar.

Two Final Tips for Meeting Singles in Montreal (or anywhere!)

We’ve provided our top ten places for meeting singles offline in Montreal. Regardless of which ones you pursue, keep in mind the following two things:

  1. Going solo or with just a friend or two instead of a big group makes you more approachable.
  2. Be authentic and pursue activities that you enjoy rather than just trying to get a date. You’ll meet people with the same interests and, even if they’re not potential partners, they might have some single friends.
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