How to Meet Singles in England

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If you’ve been researching how to meet singles in England, you probably noted some consistent answers: online dating and bars. We get it. Online dating is particularly one of the easiest ways to connect with seemingly endless other singletons. 

But we’re going beyond the big two and stretching the imagination with some other ways to meet singles in England. Every so often, it’s fun to shake things up, leave your flat, and maybe meet that special someone doing something you enjoy

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Speed Dating with an Artistic Flair

As speed dating has been around for a while, you’ve got to figure that promoters will eventually find ways for one event to stand out from another. One is to piggyback off an existing event, so participants get a two for one.

For example, Filteroff sponsored an online speed dating event before London’s Masterpiece Art Fair. If some participants expressed mutual interest, they met IRL at the Fair. The concept takes away the when’s and where’s of moving virtual connections to in-person. 

Maybe it’s time to experiment with or revisit speed dating?!

Holidays for Singles

Do you fancy a weekend away, but your mates don’t want to leave their partners to head to the coast or explore a new village?

Your getaway could be the ticket to meeting other singles in England if you book through an agency like Solos Holidays. There are plenty of destinations like Devon, Stratford, and South Downs, and you won’t be travelling with a bunch of couples. 

At the very least, you’ll enjoy the holiday and maybe make new friends. But, who knows? You could end up walking the shore with Mr. or Ms. Right.

Hit the Floor

Do you have a wedding coming up and need to learn some ballroom dancing? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to perfect some Latin American moves? 

A dance class is a great place to meet singles anywhere in England, but only if you find the right one. The key is to call the dance studio before you register and speak to someone first. Find out the best class to take, which ones have more solo participants, and if you’re paired with another single if you register as a single. 

Some studios are better than others, so shop around first so you’ve got the whole picture. It’s a great way to meet new people, and you’ll dazzle on the dance floor at your next social event.

Singles With (and Without) Dogs

Did you know there are dating apps dedicated to dog lovers or that Tinder reports that 29% of its users include a dog in their profile image?

Your best furry companion could also be the ideal wingman. Dog parks are filled with solo dog parents and their fur babies. Having a pet is an instant conversation starter, so meeting someone is easier than just walking up to a stranger.

Pop-ups and Dogs on Loan

Tinder even capitalized on its dog-loving stats with a unique “Singles with Dogs” pop-up pub dating event in Manchester and planned similar events in London.

No dog? No problem? Borrow My Doggy lets you spend time with a loving pup, and you’re simultaneously helping out the owner.

Play Korfball

Forget about men’s and women’s teams, as Korfball is the ideal sport to meet someone special, regardless of sex. 

Supernova is a Korfball club that welcomes adults of any ability. If you’re not into playing matches, you can opt to stick to the training at the central London facility near Waterloo. Either way, when you get in the game, you have some instant connections. 

You can also check out the North-West Korfball Club Association for locations in Manchester and Liverpool.

The Singles in Epping Forest

You might meet some other singles if you venture off on your own and tackle one of the trails at London’s Epping Forest. Start anywhere and, with circular paths, you shouldn’t worry about getting lost. But maps of Epping Forest hiking trails are available on the City of London’s website.

Whether you’re a runner or opt to take a leisurely stroll, it’s a great place to meet other outdoor enthusiasts. And, if you’re solo, you’re more approachable.

Volunteer at a Theatre

We think volunteering is another great way to meet singletons in London. However, volunteering at a theatre ticks more boxes than some other non-profits.

Did you know that more than 600 people volunteer at Shakespeare’s Globe annually? That’s a large pool of theatre enthusiasts, so you’re bound to meet some interesting people. Even if that special someone doesn’t catch your eye, your new theatre friends might have some ideas for you. 

Lunchtime Concerts

Single professionals looking to meet others in the business world might succeed more on a lunchtime break. You’re bound to run into other people grabbing a quick bite, and starting a conversation in a queue is not challenging.

You can also meet singles in England if you have some events in your area, like the free lunchtime concerts at St. Martin in the Fields. In Leeds, you can check out the Lunchtime Chamber Music in Quarry Hill.

More Ideas for How to Meet Singles in England

We’ve provided a few specific ideas for meeting singles in England besides dating apps. But here are a few more possibilities you could pursue.

  • Join an amateur sports team. For example, the Manchester Softball League is co-ed and has more than 500 participants.
  • Wander a shopping centre or a marketplace, like London’s Portobello Market or the Ikea in Southampton.
  • Learn a new language (in person, not online).
  • Check out a Meetup group that interests you.
  • Take up a new hobby, like biking or rock climbing.
  • Participate in an online community outside of your favourite dating app.
  • Be open with friends and co-workers. Let them know you’re excited to meet someone, and they might have someone (or many “someones”) in mind.

Final Tips for Meeting Singles in England

The sky’s the limit with places to meet singletons when you embrace your passions and interests. Stick with what you know or love. For example, don’t volunteer at a theatre if you don’t enjoy plays and musicals or join a sports club if that’s not your thing. 

One of the best tips we can give is to develop a routine. Join an organization and attend meetings regularly. Pick a favourite restaurant or pub and return weekly (or even more often!). If you have something like lunchtime concerts near your workplace, take advantage of every performance and sit in the same place. Even if you don’t spot someone to approach, it doesn’t mean someone won’t approach you.

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