Is Tinder Worth It?

Tinder is an insanely popular option in the online dating app world. Everywhere you turn you seem to hear about funny or endearing Tinder stories. In fact, the popular social media site, Reddit, even has a dedicated subreddit where people can share their funny experiences on Tinder. It begs the question, though, is Tinder popular because it is a good dating app or because it leads to so many funny, shareable experiences?

Today, we will take a look at Tinder and see if it is actually worth your time, or if you should check out some of our other online dating site options. From the base app to the paid versions, we are going to look at it all. So, if you are interested in whether Tinder is really worth it, just keep reading. 

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Pros of the Tinder App

  • It is easy to find one-night stands.
  • It is more non-committal than other dating apps.
  • The app is free and available on most devices.

Cons of the Tinder App

  • You are less likely to find a match looking for a real relationship. 
  • There is no algorithmic matching to help you find compatible partners.
  • There is a higher focus on looks than on personality or achievements.
  • It isn’t a particularly friendly app for older singles. 

Tinder Alternatives

Tinder can sometimes feel like a club for hot singles looking to hook up, which can often turn people away. These negative experiences may translate into a general negative perception of online dating. However, we know that there are other dating apps out there that are much more inclusive and have fantastic statistics regarding successful matching and relationship longevity.

Singles looking for a committed relationship, meaningful matching, or an overall more mature approach to online dating should take a look at our choices for the best Tinder alternatives. 

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#1ZooskFree Trial
#2eHarmonyFree Trial
#3Higher BondFree Trial
#4JdateFree Trial
#5Christian MingleFree Trial

Why These Are the Best Tinder Alternatives

  • These sites use smart matching that is usually algorithm based. This creates matches that are more likely to result in a happy, successful relationship. 
  • These sites all utilize fantastic moderation to help ensure that profiles belong to real people, creeps are quickly ousted, and everyone can feel safe and secure while communicating with their matches. 
  • The prices for these apps are tiered based on access to features, not based on the age of the person using the site. 
  • The singles on these sites are usually looking for committed relationships, not quick hookups. 
  • The features and amenities of these websites are top-notch and actually useful when it comes to online dating. 
  • They all have helpful customer service reps that can help the least tech-savvy singles use these sites. 
  • These sites allow you to narrow your results based on in-depth filtering so you only see the best matches for you. 
  • Great site security and encrypted communication helps keep the users of these sites safe. 
  • You don’t have to pay extra to find singles that aren’t in a 50-mile radius of your current location.

The Bottom Line – Is Tinder Really Worth It?

Tinder is like the public auction of online dating. You go in just hoping to bring something home, and the longer you are there, the lower your standards tend to fall. The fact is, if you are young, hot, and looking for a night of fun, Tinder is a great app for you! However, if you are looking for something more, we suggest using a reputable alternative. 

Who is Tinder good for?

  • Young singles who aren’t looking for commitment
  • Older singles who don’t mind being charged more because of their age
  • Anyone looking for funny content to share on social media
  • Those who don’t mind being ranked on their looks and ghosted more often than not

Who should avoid Tinder?

  • Older singles who want fair pricing
  • Those looking for matches based on personality or deeper connections
  • Singles wanting to avoid all the sexting, lude pictures, and hookup culture
  • Those who don’t mind paying for apps with proven results
  • Singles wanting to find partners based on niche traits like religion

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Tinder Gold is a paid alternative to the free Tinder subscription. It includes benefits like suggested top picks, unlimited “likes,” 5 daily “super likes,” a monthly boost, no ads, and a “passport.” These features essentially reduce the confines to the free apps usability, but still doesn’t allow you all the features that would come with the even higher tier of Tinder. What is odd about Tinder Gold (and other Tinder paid subscriptions) is that their prices vary depending on your age bracket. 

To try and keep their app young, members under 30 get a better monthly deal on these services whereas singles over 30 can expect to pay double the monthly fee. Additionally, user reviews reveal that the boost and super like features are more likely to help those who already do well on Tinder, and it seems that paying for Tinder Gold isn’t really worth it. That money could be much better spent on dating apps that don’t age-gate their pricing and focus on personality-based matching. 

Is Tinder Only for Hookups?

Technically, no. Tinder advertises itself as a dating app that is good for casual friendships, sexual flings, and committed dating. However, their numbers show that the search for committed dating isn’t nearly as fruitful on Tinder as short-term romances. In fact, one study showed that only 37% of meetups on Tinder are initiated with a relationship in mind. Of those meetups, only 13% of those relationships made it past four weeks. 

This is compared to relationship-focused apps that boast long-term relationship successes that blow that number out of the water. 

Can singles end up in a happy relationship after meeting on Tinder? Sure, but it tends to be a rare find in the Tinder community. If you aren’t interested in wasting time swiping through pictures and dodging invitations to casual sex, you will have a better time on one of our Tinder alternatives. 

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Written By: Brandi Brown

Brandi Brown is a daytime copywriter and nighttime novelist. Her projects range from marketing content and commercial scripts all the way to narrative poetry and short fiction. Her debut novel, Bleached, is set to release in 2023.

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