Is Seeking Arrangement Worth It?

When it comes to the world of luxury dating, there’s no name bigger than Seeking Arrangement. Whether you’ve heard it called by that name, Secret Arrangement, Seeking, or just that “elite dating site”, you may be wondering if it’s worth your time and money.

And more importantly, most people who ask if Seeking Arrangement is worth it want to know if they’re going to get the results they want, or just a barrage of scammers and fake profiles.

Let’s get to the bottom of this and get an answer for you.

Profile on Seeking Arrangement dating app
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Profile on Seeking Arrangement dating app

Before We Get Started…

One quick thing before we dig into answering if Seeking Arrangement is worth it…if at any point you want to check things out for yourself, we’ve included a link below to get a Seeking Arrangement free trial. The best way to determine if something is worth it or not is to check it out for yourself.

With this free trial, you’ll be able to start searching members, testing out features, setting up your profile, and getting a great feel on what might be in store for you if you decide to upgrade your membership.

Who Seeking Arrangement is Worth it For

The best way to tackle this question is to look at who the site is good for and who it’s not good for. When you get into niche dating sites, they’re usually either perfect for you or completely wrong. Here are the people Seeking Arrangement is ideal for.

If You’re a Girl Looking for a Successful Man

If you’re a female who is looking to meet a successful man, Seeking Arrangement is a no-brainer. It’s completely free for ladies, so it’s not going to cost you a dime to get set up and start chatting. You will have to invest a little time setting up your profile and outlining the elite dating lifestyle you’re looking for, but that’s the case with any dating app.

If You’re a Man Looking for an Attractive Lady

When it comes to finding a woman to pamper, Seeking Arrangement is 100% worth it. The site is loaded with attractive women who are actually real people. The site does a wonderful job policing up the quality and validity of the singles, so you have little to worry about there. One way the site does this is by having members verify themselves, so you know exactly who you’re talking to. Huge perk!

Want to know what the women are like in your area or where you’re traveling? The free trial link below lets you search through all profiles and see all pictures before deciding to upgrade. You will need to upgrade to a paid Seeking membership to send messages and to get access to a woman’s private photo collection, though.  

> Seeking Arrangement Free Trial Link

Who Seeking Isn’t Worth It For

  • People looking for a traditional relationship – If you’re looking for “regular” dating and not luxury dating, Seeking Arrangement is not going to be worth it for you. The site is 100% geared towards luxury dating. If you want more traditional dating, check out one of these top dating sites that might be more fitting.
  • People looking for escorts and sex-for-pay – Elite dating isn’t prostitution. It’s a lifestyle where (usually the man) pays so that the woman can have a more elevated lifestyle and enjoy the finer things of life. Sometimes that develops into a full-on relationship, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes that develops into intimacy, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re going into this expecting to drop cash for intimacy, this isn’t the right dating app for you.
  • People who are rude and unprofessional – Again, luxury dating isn’t about ownership or purchasing the right to tell someone what to do. If you aren’t prepared to conduct yourself like a respectable adult, then Seeking Arrangement isn’t going to be worth it for you.

What Results Can I Expect from Seeking Arrangement?

A big piece of answering the question is Seeking Arrangement worth it is a look at what results you can expect. And the most honest answer that we can give you is that results are going to vary based on a whole host of factors. Most significantly, your results will be based on how much effort you put into the process, the mindset you come in with, and if you’re truly someone prepared for luxury dating.

Here’s the great news. The women on Seeking Arrangement are real and are actually looking for men to talk to and meet up with. Does that mean that every woman on the site is going to want to meet up with you? Of course, not. But if you take the time to send out messages, fill out your profile, flirt, and actively engage in the process, you can do really well on there.

The men who say Seeking Arrangement is worth it are the ones who actually try. Generally, the ones with bad experiences are the ones who expected to sign up and have everything magically happen for them. You’re going to have to be an active participant in the process to see results. But remember, the process is designed to be fun!

Second, results will depend on how prepared you are for luxury dating. Will you have to spend money on the women you’re interested in? If you want results, then yes. This is luxury dating, not traditional dating. It’s how the system is supposed to work. And if you come in hesitant to that or not financially able to hold up your end of the bargain, then you’re going to have a bad time.

Overall, though, Seeking Arrangement is worth it for the men and women who are ready for some sexy fun and the elite dating lifestyle.