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When you think the biggest leaders in the online dating world, the chances are high that you think of two sites—eHarmony and And this is especially true if you’re on the hunt for a serious and committed relationship, something both of these industry giants claim to bring to the table.

As our team has already answer the question of is eHarmony worth it, today we’re tackling the other big name—  

So, is worth it? Is this dating app worth investing your time, money, and emotions? Can you expect to get the results and outcomes you want? homepage screenshot

The Bottom Line – Is Match Worth It?

The answer to this question (like most online dating questions) is an ambiguous yes and no. Depending on what you’re looking for, could be totally worth it, or there could be better alternatives.

Here’s the bottom line up front.

  • If you are looking for a committed relationship and don’t want to deal with people who might be more interested in casual dating, is probably not the perfect fit for you. It’s not a bad fit, but a site like eHarmony is going to check a lot more of those boxes. If that’s you, click here to learn about getting set up with an eHarmony free trial to check things out.
  • If you are somewhere between wanting a committed relationship and semi-serious casual dating, is definitely a viable and worthwhile option for you to check out. The dating app is known to have people looking for casual dating (a bit more serious than casual hookup dating) and also people who are looking for serious and committed relationships.
  • If you’re looking for very casual dating and hookups, isn’t going to be a great fit at all for you. You’ll be better off using an online app for casual dating.

Is Worth it for Younger Singles?

Depending on your age, might be a better fit and more worth it. For singles in the mid-20s and down, it’s not the most ideal site. Yes, you can still meet people on there, but the chances are high you’ll be talking to singles who are older than you.

The real age sweet spot for is around early 30s up into the late 40s. You can certainly find love outside of those age brackets, but that’s where it seems to be the most worthwhile action. For those outside of those parameters, here are a few resources that may be able to help: vs. eHarmony

One of the big questions you may have when determining if is worth it is how Match compares with eHarmony. Both sites seem to favor more serious relationships, which can make the options seem like viable competitors.

We’d encourage you to check out the dedicated guide linked in the previous paragraph to see an in-depth comparison of these two sites. The bottom line, though, is that eHarmony favors more serious relationships and singles who are more committed to the dating process (less games, less flakiness, etc.).

If that sounds like more of your cup of tea, the link below will get you set up with a free trial account from eHarmony to check things out for yourself.

Who is Worth It For

  • People looking for mostly serious relationships, but are okay weeding through singles looking for casual and uncommitted dating
  • Singles who might not be sure how serious of a relationship they’re looking for.
  • Singles who want a less in-depth/faster sign up process (may impact the quality of matches)
  • People looking for the more classic format of online dating where you have a catalog of singles to search through at will

Who Match Might Not Be Right For

  • Singles you are serious and certain about finding a committed relationship
  • Singles who want to avoid games and flakiness as much as possible
  • People looking for a different approach to online dating (possibly more structured help like with eHarmony)
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