Is Happn Worth It?

Happn is one of the newest swipe dating apps on the market. Just like Tinder, you will be shown images of potential matches and tasked with swiping left or right to denote your interest. The concept is simple, but we think Happn has taken their platform to a new level with the addition of extra features and amenities. 

If you have been considering Happn or any other swipe dating app, you definitely need to read through our “worth it” breakdown. We are going to show you exactly who this app is good for and why you might or might not want to give it a try. 

Let’s get started! 

How is Happn Different from Other Dating Apps?

Sure, Happn at its core is just another swipe dating app. However, there are a few unique features that really help the platform to stand out. Here are some things that set Happn apart from other dating app:

  • Flash Notes – “Flash Notes” is a feature available to premium users and free users (available from certain promotional actions). With this feature you can send a short message/ icebreaking question to a user you are interested in. It is a great way to pique someone’s interest and increase your odds of making a real connection. 
  • Video Calls – One of the downsides to online dating, especially swipe dating, is that it is hard to know when you have found a real person versus a catfish or scammer. The built-in video call functionality of Happn makes it easy to ensure that you are talking to someone real without having to give out your personal contact details! 
  • Like History Review – The Like History breakdown really makes Happn stand apart from other swipe apps. On other apps, if you swipe no on a user that is pretty much the end of your experience with them. On Happn, you can get a list of all the users that have liked you, whether you like them or not. This is a great way to take your time and evaluate these singles to determine if you’d like to give them a chance after all. 

Is Happn Worth It for Casual Dating?

Happn is a fantastic choice for singles looking to date casually. It gives you the same accessibility to quick matching that Tinder and Bumble do, but it has more focus on getting to know a person and staying safe when meeting new people. 

Many users report that other swipe dating sites feel dirty or driven by sex. Happn is an app where you absolutely can find a fling or a hookup, but you can also really get to know people and take your time deciding who you want to meet in person. 

Is Happn Worth It for Serious Relationships?

This is where Happn is going to miss the mark for a lot of people looking for more than just casual dating or hookups. While the app does well for some fly-by-night fun, it’s really not designed for singles looking for something a bit more meaningful. 

If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, we’d recommend trying a dating app made for serious relationships.

Here are some options to help get you started. 

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Singles Who Will Like Happn:

  1. Younger singles who are sick of the current selection of fast-dating apps.
  2. Anyone who wants the ability to buy extra features a la carte without paying for a premium membership. 
  3. Singles in larger cities where the selection of singles are much larger. 
  4. Those who want to try out a modern dating app for free before buying a membership.

Is Happn Worth the Cost of a Premium Membership?

Happn is completely usable as a free app, but there are some perks to the premium membership that you may really enjoy. The biggest, in our opinion, is the removal of ads. Premium users also receive access to more FlashNotes, Invisibility Mode, Like History, and the ability to hide info from their profile. 

While we think all of these features make the app even nicer to use, they may not be worth the price tag for some users. The lowest price (accessed by buying multiple months up front) of premium membership is $9.99 a month.

If that is within your target dating site budget, we can definitely say that the features you are buying are helpful, fun, and easy to use!

The Most Interesting Happn Features

  1. Criteria Personalization
  2. Unlimited Likes
  3. Invisibility Mode
  4. Video Chat
  5. FlashNotes
  6. Like History

Additional Happn Resources 

Is Happn Worth it – The FAQs

Can I Download Happn on my Phone?

Yes! Happn is only available as an app and must be downloaded to your mobile device through your app store (Apple App Store or Google Play). 

Do I Need a Facebook Account to Sign up for Happn?

No way! You can totally avoid linking your Facebook account to Happn, which is another reason we really like it! 

If I Do Sign Up with Facebook, Will Happn Post to my Page?

According to Happn’s help guide and terms of service, the app will never post anything to your Facebook page. The ability to connect is intended for faster sign in ability and a quick way to link your photos to your profile. 

Is Happn Better Than Tinder?

We think that Happn has far better features than Tinder and the platform is nicer to look at and use. However, Tinder has more users and is often useful even in smaller communities. Happn hasn’t spread as widely to rural towns as of yet. 

Is Happn LGBTQ Friendly?

Happn is LGBTQ friendly and does well to cater to all communities of singles. However, the general user base is mostly straight at this time. The app is still relatively young and the LGBTQ user base will likely grow over time. 

Can I Try Happn for Free?

Yes, you can try Happn for free.