Is Grindr Worth It?

Grindr may be one of the most popular niche dating sites out there. It doesn’t matter if you are a gay man or not, if you hear the name Grindr, you know what it is! 

But being popular doesn’t always translate to being the best option. 

When we took a deep dive into everything Grindr has to offer, we learned that it has some definite pros and cons. For some singles, Grindr is absolutely worth a download. However, there are alternative sites out there for singles looking for longterm romance or a dating app with a little more sexual subtlety. 

If you are curious if Grindr is worth it for you personally, take a look at this full “worth it” breakdown. 

Is Grindr The Best Choice for Gay Singles?

Grindr is built for gay men to find other gay men in their area. If you are a gay man looking for super casual hookups, meeting people quickly, and forgoing the lengthy signup at more serious dating sites, Grindr is a great choice for you. 

Is Grindr Worth It for Finding Serious Romance?

Grindr is not a good place to find a committed partner. While we are sure, statistically speaking, there are some men who have found longterm romance through Grindr, that is not the intention of the site. 

If you begin using Grindr with the goal of falling in love, you will be severely disappointed. Grindr is about having fun now, but focuses very little on your romantic future. 

Options for Committed Gay Relationships

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Things to Love About Grindr

  1. It is exceptionally easy to use. 
  2. You can find local gay men far easier than standard dating. 
  3. Everyone on the app is looking for casual romance, so there’s no need to wonder what you’re in for. 
  4. The app is popular so you can find users in rural areas as well as larger cities

You’ll Love Grindr if:

  • You are a gay man looking for a quick fling
  • You like being able to find singles near you in one place
  • You want to focus your search efforts on those closest to your current location
  • You aren’t interested in longterm romance or a committed relationship

Is Grindr Better Than Taimi?

Taimi and Grindr have two different approaches to casual dating. Grindr is a place for gay men to meet other gay men in their area. Taimi is also for finding local singles, but it appeals to the entirety of the LGBTQ community. 

We like that Grindr makes finding a partner super fast and simple. The app does have a paid membership option, but the free app is totally usable. 

Taimi also has a free version, but you can tell that the goal is to lead users to a paid membership as there is lower usability for free users when compared to Grindr.

The biggest difference is that, while Taimi is casual, the focus on the app doesn’t lean so openly toward sexual encounters and discreet hookups. For that reason, many users have started to lean more toward Taimi and other casual dating options. 

Additional Grindr Resources 

Is Grindr Worth it – The FAQs

What is Grindr XTRA?

Grindr XTRA is the first level of paid membership on the Grindr app. It comes with extra features including:

  • Ad Free – Remove all the third-party ads from your app for a more seamless experience.
  • More Profiles in Cascade – Up to 600 profiles can be viewed in the match cascade.
  • Global Chat – Look for singles from across the globe, not just your neighborhood. 
  • Premium Search Filters – Get access to search filters like “online now,” “photos only.” “haven’t chatted today,” “body type,” “relationship status,” and more.
  • Read Receipts – Be able to see when a match has read your messages.

What is Grindr Unlimited?

Grindr Unlimited is the highest tier of membership offered through the Grindr app. This membership costs as low as $25 dollars a month and includes all the features from Grindr XTRA along with:

  • Unlimited Profile Views – You can search through and interact with as many profiles as you want.
  • Viewed Me – You will be able to see which users have been viewing your profile. 
  • Incognito – You can use the Grindr app without showing up in anyone else’s search results. 
  • Typing Status – You can see when a user is actively typing you a message. 
  • Unsend – Take back any messages or photos you are second guessing. 
  • Expiring Photos – Send photos that expire after 10 seconds of view time. 
  • Chat Translate – automatically translates messages into your native language.

Is it Safe to Use Grindr?

Online dating is as safe as you make it. You should always be careful when meeting anyone in person for the first time. Here are some of the basic safety rules for online dating:

  • Don’t share personal or financial information
  • Never send money to a match
  • Try to avoid meeting matches in places where you feel unsafe 
  • Let someone you trust know before you leave to meet a match

Sexual safety is also important to Grindr. That is why they offer an HIV testing reminder to help you remember to keep track of your personal health and accountability. 

Can I Use Grindr Anonymously?

Yes! Grindr has a feature for paid members called “Incognito.” With this setting activated you can browse through the app and find other singles without anyone being able to see you. This is especially helpful when in areas where the odds of matching with someone you know is high. 

Can I Use Grindr for Free?

Yes, Grindr is available to try for free.