Is Bumble Worth It?

Bumble is one of the first dating apps to take all the details of online dating that push women away and correct them. The main way they do this is by changing the power dynamic and creating a space where women must match and message men first.

Though many other apps have adopted some of these features, we really love the way Bumble does it!

The app doesn’t feel exclusionary like some other options, and it also remains a classy, casual space for dating, meeting new people, and playing the field.

All in all, we think Bumble is pretty great, but read on for more information that can help you decide if it is worth signing up!

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Is Bumble Worth it for Men?

When it comes to matching, Bumble gives the power over to women. Some men feel like this will lead to them receiving less matches or being treated poorly.

Though many users report that they have more success on Bumble and don’t feel mistreated, some users who struggle with building a good profile or taking nice pictures might have a slower time getting started on Bumble.

There is always the option to follow some of the tips and guides on Bumble to help improve your bio to receive more matches. However, if you are truly struggling with being seen, I less female-forward dating app may be best for you.

Best Bumble Alternatives for Men

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#1ZooskFree Trial
#2eHarmonyFree Trial
#3Higher BondFree Trial
#4JdateFree Trial
#5Christian MingleFree Trial

Is Bumble Worth it for Women?

Bumble is more worth it for heterosexual women than anyone else! The best thing about Bumble is that it puts the power of initiating contact into women’s hands.

This keeps away all the unsolicited messages, nude photos, corny pickup lines, and much more!

If you are a woman who is looking to take the power back in your dating life, Bumble is a great choice for you!

Is Bumble Worth it for LGBTQ Singles?

It’s true that some of the selling features of Bumble don’t carry over to LGBTQ matching. Namely, the idea of a woman messaging first doesn’t make sense when both people are female, neither are female, or many other variations.

In those instances, either party can make the first move and every other perk of Bumble still stands. Since the other features are so great, we still think Bumble is a great app for anyone in the LGBTQ community! ]

Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Alternatives

  1. eHarmony – Best Lesbian Dating App for Marriages
  2. Zoosk – Best Lesbian Dating App for Casual and Serious Relationships
  3. Elite Singles – Best Lesbian Dating App for Educated Women
  4. BiCupid – Best for Bisexual Dating
  5. Pink Cupid – Best Lesbian-Only Dating App

How is Bumble Different from Tinder?

Tinder and Bumble are both casual dating apps with less focus on longevity and more focus on fun. However, many users say that Bumble feels less “dirty” than Tinder, which is an app that has garnered a reputation for being filled with bots, scammers, and people who will send you inappropriate photos and messages without permission.

There is also the difference in the basic features. Bumble comes with more paid features than Tinder and includes a female-first approach that doesn’t exist on Tinder.

Our Favorite Bumble Features

  • Extend matches by 24 hours
  • Backtrack (reverse an incorrect swipe)
  • Unlimited swipes
  • Super Swipes
  • Travel Mode
  • Advanced Filters

Who Would Love Bumble?

  • Women who are tired of traditional dating apps.
  • Men who don’t like always making the first move.
  • Anyone looking for a casual dating app that feels a little more upscale.

Should I Pay for Bumble?

Most dating sites will say they are free to use, but then they hide main features, like messaging, behind a paywall. Bumble is different.

Bumble will let you create your profile and chat on a free account. It simply limits the number of times you can do things and also holds back some bonus features as an incentive to pay for a premium plan.

So, it is feasible to only sign up for a free plan on Bumble. However, we think that the paid memberships do have some great features. If you are interested in increasing your matching odds, enhancing your chat features, and more – a paid account is definitely worth a try!

Additional Bumble Resources 

Is Bumble Worth it – The FAQs

Is Bumble LGBTQ Friendly?

Yes! Bumble is a great place for LGBTQ singles to meet and date safely. Though the “women match first” aspect doesn’t carry across to LGBTQ dating, the rest of the features and app amenities are completely available.

Can I Use Bumble Outside My Set Location?

Yes! If you are a Bumble Premium user, you can search for matches anywhere! This is great for going on vacations, meeting people before moving, and so much more!

What Do I Get if I Pay for Bumble Premium?

Bumble premium is the top tier of Bumble service. It comes with the following bonus features:

  • Match extension
  • Super Swipes
  • Unlimited Standard Swiping
  • Travel Mode
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Breakdown list of those who liked your profile

Is Bumble Available on iPhone and Android?

Yes! Bumble is available as an app on your Android phone or iPhone.

Can I Try Bumble for Free?

Absolutely! You don’t need to spend a dime to figure out if Bumble is right for you. Simply follow our free trial link and create a profile at no charge! You can check out matches and even start chatting, totally free!