Do Swipe Left or Right Dating Apps Really Work?

If you’ve been in the digital dating game for a while, you might have heard of platforms like Tinder. These apps have been around for years and are used by millions of people each and every year.

Though popular, swipe dating apps have a bit of a bad reputation among online daters. Many people are convinced that swipe apps are only for hot singles to find other hot singles to hookup with once and never talk to again. 

We’re here to tell you – swipe apps have changed and are definitely worth a second look! 

What Swipe Dating Apps Work the Best?

RankSiteFree Trial LinkSwipe Feature 
#1eHarmonyFree TrialWhat If
#2Christian MingleFree TrialLookBook
#3ZooskFree TrialCarousel
#4TinderFree TrialCore Function

Swipe Dating Apps Aren’t Just for Hookups and Casual Dating

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Some swipe apps are great for weekend romances and casual dating. This is loved by some but a major turn off for a large number of singles. However, there are a lot of major dating companies that have started to implement swipe dating as a bonus feature on their platforms. 

These sites, like eHarmony, Christian Mingle, and Zoosk, take the casual feel of swipe dating and offer specific areas of the site/app where you can utilize those features while exclusively browsing through highly compatible singles. 

Here are a few of the swipe dating features from our favorite serious dating sites. 

eHarmony’s What If Feature

eHarmony is an incredibly well-known dating platform that focuses on true compatibility, matching algorithms, and finding love that will last a lifetime. The “What If” feature adds a fun twist to their standard matching process where you can quickly swipe through 30 compatible matches at a time. 

Christian Mingle’s LookBook Feature

Christian Mingle is another popular dating site which focuses on matching Christian singles who are looking for commitment and marriage. The LookBook feature provides users with a way to quickly look through their matches to add a level of spontaneity to the experience. It is important to note that you don’t technically swipe on the LookBook. Instead, you choose a heart or an “X” to denote your feelings toward a profile. 

Zoosk is a little different from Christian Mingle and eHarmony in that it is exclusively a swipe dating app. However, Zoosk focuses heavily on the fact that their platform is geared toward both casual and serious romance. When swiping, you will only see a photo and age. This reduction of information makes you rely on your gut feeling about a person when choosing which way to swipe! 

Reasons Why Swipe Dating Apps Work

  • They Make Online Dating Convenient – Some serious dating apps can make researching matches a drawn out process. Swipe apps take away the ability to research every aspect of a person’s profile before choosing, which can lead to meeting more people in a shorter amount of time. 
  • They Feel Less Overwhelming – Many users can feel overwhelmed by standard dating sites and the large number of features and amenities they offer. Swipe dating apps are super simple and can be used by anyone, regardless of how tech savvy they are. 
  • They Take Physical Attraction into Account – Many traditional dating apps don’t take physical attraction into consideration when matching users because they want to only show emotionally compatible singles. However, physical attraction is a major part of relationship success and should be considered when starting a relationship.   
  • It Feels More Like Dating in Real Life – When you meet potential dates in real life, you don’t get to research 50 of their photos, research their family, and deep dive into their job history. Instead, you meet based on initial attraction and test out your compatibility potential over time. Swipe dating takes this same approach to building relationships. 

Drawbacks and Limitations of Swipe Dating Apps

  • You Have to Trust Your Instincts – Some singles really love being able to rely on a matching algorithm to find them truly compatible matches. While you can still get that experience from eHarmony’s What If feature and Christian Mingle’s LookBook feature, many other swipe apps don’t offer this level of service. 
  • It Takes Away Some of The Control – Traditional dating apps allow you the ability to deeply research a profile before making contact. That control is stripped with swipe apps and you need to hope that the photo you are “liking” is linked to a person you’ll enjoy talking to. 
  • You May Run into Bulk Swipers –  On any swiping app or site feature, you will inevitably run into a person who swipes “yes” on every single picture. They are playing a numbers game to see how many matches they can get and increase their odds of finding a good one. This, unfortunately, undermines the overall integrity and purpose of swipe dating. 

So, Do Swipe Left or Right Dating Apps Really Work?

Honestly, it depends on what you want out of your dating experience. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to relinquish control and want to do a lot of research before matching with a person, swipe dating is not for you. 

However, if you want to utilize a quick and attraction-based dating feature that can lead you to more matches in a shorter time frame, you will love swipe dating apps. 

Now that traditional sites like eHarmony and Christian Mingle are integrating swipe dating into their platforms, there really is an option out there for everyone. Those seeking serious relationships can use those tools and feel confident that they are swiping on compatible singles. 

Those who are looking for fast romance and care more about looks and availability will like sites like Zoosk and Tinder where there are fewer expectations for prolonged companionship.

Having the option to choose an app that works for you is why we love swipe dating apps for the modern single. No matter what your dating goals and needs, there is something out there for you!