Dating Sites vs. Real Life

Dating is a fun experience that usually results in finding the special love you’ve been searching for.  But how do you find the very best singles in your area, and how do you gain access to the most amount of potential partners? That’s where online dating comes into play. With advanced matchmaking technology and easy, secure methods of communication; online matchmakers give you a leg up in finding a successful love match.

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How Do the Two Compare? 

Whether you’re new to online dating or just brushing up on your skills, you may be wondering how an online dating site compares to meeting new partners in real life. Authenticity is always a concern, whether online or offline. You might have concerns whether someone you meet on an online matchmaking site. 

Know that if you choose one of the well-known communities, such as Elite Singles, eHarmony, or Match; that these sites are trusted places to meet people and they have an entire team to monitor the authenticity of people joining their sites. Even inactive profiles are removed on a regular basis.

Say you’re sitting at a coffee shop or at a local park, and you spy someone you might be interested in pursuing. How do you know if that person is single or even interested in you, without wasting your time? This is one big advantage in choosing one of the best online dating sites we recommend – there’s no wondering, because everyone on there is available to date (well, unless you’re on an openly stated “married and looking to date” kind of site).

Security and Privacy

Another big advantage of the best online dating sites is security and privacy. These trusted matchmakers have created a secure interface where you can chat (and even video chat, like on eHarmony) without ever handing your personal phone number out. When you’re dating someone in real life, what if you give your phone number out and they turn out to be a total creep, or worse, a stalker? All of the online matchmakers that we recommend have safe communication portals that make communicating easy. No one’s ever had their account hacked. And if you don’t want to talk to someone anymore, you can easily block them.

Location, Location, Location

Perhaps you’re traveling to another state or city, and you’d like to meet someone in that new location. How would you do that with real life dating? Other than if you have friends in that new location to match you up with someone, it’s going to be nearly impossible to initiate a conversation with a possible match if you’re only using real life dating. 

With an online matchmaking community, you can search by keyword for any state or city you’d like to find potential matches in. There are huge amounts of USA singles on each of the trusted online dating sites. You might flirt with a few people in that new locale, and then take it offline once you are ready.

Real life dating may have been the standard of the past, but with the high-paced lifestyle of today, you’re going to need the right tools to find your perfect love match. Consider a trusted online dating site to give you that boost. The sites have 15, 20 years in the online matchmaking business – so they know what they’re doing!

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