8 Surprising Picks for the Best London Date Ideas

A pub? Movie cinema? Dinner at Nando’s? Yes, they’re all great, but not unique.

When you’re looking for one of the best London date ideas, the goal is creative and memorable. But don’t stress over coming up with the perfect plan because we’ve worked overtime to do it for you.

The following are eight unique London date ideas for a variety of budgets. We’re covering igloos, Martian invasions, and a bus that’ll let you both discover something new in your home city. So, bookmark this page, and a follow-up date is (almost) guaranteed!

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Avery in London

1. Rooftop Cocktails

What could be more romantic than cocktails with a view? If you agree, a reservation for a terrace table at the Aviary Rooftop Bar is in order.

The Aviary is in Finsbury Square on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Royal London House. And, while you could plan for a traditional dinner with mains like Welsh Lamb or Courgette Tortellini, sharing is intimate. A cheeseboard and small plates will give you more time to get to know each other better.

Cocktails in an Igloo

A view of the London skyline is the star attraction, but unique cocktails come in a close second. You’ll both have a chance to try something new with an innovative drinks menu. Maybe a Heather and Thyme? It’s gin, Scottish heather honey, lemon juice, apple, thyme, and smoked hickory wood – not something you’ll find at your local pub.

Oh, and if you’re worried about being cold, you can rent “igloos” that come out in the winter. They’re like little see-through pods and lend another touch of romance to The Aviary experience.

Website:  https://aviarylondon.com/

Tip: The Aviary is cashless, so don’t forget your card.

2. An Immersive Experience

When considering the best London date ideas, you can never go wrong with something unique and entertaining. So, our number two pick is an immersive experience, like “The War of the Worlds Immersive.”

The Martians Are Coming

War of the Worlds combines music with live actors and virtual reality for something truly breathtaking. You and your partner will experience an 1898 Martian invasion with cutting-edge technology featuring holograms and plenty of surprises.

The experience lasts about two hours, and then it’s time for food and cocktails at The Spirit of Man, a steampunk-themed bar!

Website:  https://thewaroftheworldsimmersive.com/

Tip: Plan for a weeknight, and you’ll save about 50% off the weekend prices.

3. Rooftop Films

Yes, we’re going back to the roof with another of our best London date ideas. After all, anyone can plan for dinner and a movie. But your date won’t expect a film on the top of the Bussey Building in Peckham.

You can buy tickets in advance from the Rooftop Film Club, but seats aren’t reserved. We recommend arriving early to pick out the best spot. But a more compelling reason is to order your cocktails and pizza. The Rooftop Film Club operates next to Bussey Rooftop Bar and has an excellent drink menu for takeaway.

No Children Allowed

Not convinced yet? These outdoor films are for 18s and older only. You’ll have no worries of babies crying or kids running around that could damper the mood.

Website:  https://rooftopfilmclub.com/london/venue/bussey-building/

Tip: In addition to the Peckham location, you can catch Rooftop Films in Stratford.

4. Gin or Whisky Masterclass

Merchant House of Bow Lane is a multi-award-winning venue next to St. Paul’s Cathedral, recognised for the Best Cocktail Menu and Drinks List of the Year.

It’s a great place to pop in for some of the best drinks in London. And Merchant House provides an ideal setting for any date night, as it’s a dark, cosy bar with ambience. However, you could take it a step further and register for a Gin or Whisky Masterclass.

For about £50 per person, you and your partner will sample four tasters and end the evening as a gin or whisky expert (well, sort of, anyway).

Website:  https://merchanthouse.bar/masterclasses/

Tip: Private Masterclasses are also available.

5. A Mini Kayaking Adventure

Who says the best London date is at night?

If your partner loves the great outdoors or you’re planning a first date and want to avoid hours of awkward conversation, a two-hour kayaking trip is just the ticket. It doesn’t matter if you’re both complete beginners, as the London Kayak Company will guide you through the process.

While you can select from several routes, we recommend the “Barrier & Back.” You’ll spend two hours in a kayak for two, rowing past sites like the Millennium Dome, Cutty Sark, and Royal Observatory.

Website: https://londonkayakcompany.com/barrier-and-back.html

Tip:  Order a picnic basket to share before (and after) your adventure.

6. Have Some Laughs

Comedy clubs are everywhere. But when’s the last time you visited one?

London date ideas typically involve food and cocktails. However, sharing some laughs can take your evening from just OK to Wow!

The Comedy Store on Oxendon Street is an excellent choice as it hosts different events – improv, competitions, and headliners. It also has a 25-seat area for pre-show and interval dining, so The Comedy Store is a one-stop-shop for a fun date night.

Website:  https://thecomedystore.co.uk/

Tip: If you’re dating on a budget, check The Comedy Store’s website for the current schedule. Some nights feature tickets as low as £10.

7. Museum Crawl

You live in one of the best cities in the world for museums – and most of them are free! So, pick a neighbourhood and plan a museum crawl.

For example, you could start at the British Museum and then walk to The Museum of Everything, The Cartoon Museum, and the Faraday Museum. Try some new cafes or pubs along the way and make a day of it.

It’s one of the least expensive London date ideas – but it won’t feel like it.

Website: https://www.britishmuseum.org/visit#ticket-information

Tip: Even though the British Museum is free, it issues tickets to avoid overcrowding.

8. Board the Big Bus

Yes, we know you’re not a tourist. However, we’ve found that some of the best London date ideas involve acting like one.

The Big Bus is a perfect example of turning a visitor experience into a memorable afternoon for you and your partner. You hop on and hop off at places you probably don’t visit much, like Baker Street or the London Eye. But, who’s to say you have to stick with the expected – hop off and find something new to visit at each stop.

You’ll both have lots of laughs and be anxious to book your next date on the Big Bus!

Website:  https://www.bigbustours.com/en/london/london-bus-tours-v2

Tip: Day and night tickets are available, and you can add to the experience with a river cruise.

Your Favourite London Date Idea

Have you picked a favourite, or will you give all eight a go?

We’ve probably got your creative juices flowing, so take extra steps to make these ideas your own. For example, you could go on a reconnaissance mission before boarding the Big Bus and impress your partner at every stop. Or make or order a picnic before you hit the Thames on your kayaking adventure.

Regardless of what you decide to do, you’ll make some memories – and maybe a partner for life?!