Are Dating Apps Worth It?

If you have thought about dipping your toes into the online dating pool, you may be wondering if it is worth the hassle. Well, first of all, dating online is far less of a hassle than dating in the real world. All the running around, hoping there are singles wherever you go, wondering if they are interested in you, facing embarrassing rejections – no thank you. 

We believe that using dating apps is the only modern method for dating that is worth the effort. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our breakdown of all the reasons dating apps are so worth it!

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5 Reasons that Dating Apps Are Worth It

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think dating apps are worth it.

1. You Can Find Nearly All The Singles in Your Area in One Place

You would be surprised how many singles are in your town. Unfortunately, it is difficult to try and find those singles in the real world because it’s not like they walk around holding a sign that says, “I’m single and I’m totally okay with you hitting on me!” Online dating gives you a place where you can find all those people who are looking for the same things as you.

2. You Can Search Based on The Details That Matter to You

Some people might find it silly how much you care about your partner’s preference in pet, fast food joints, or sports teams. Dating apps don’t discriminate. If you want to meticulously search until you find someone that ticks all your boxes, you can!

3. It Can be Safer Than Traditional Dating

Online dating provides you a place to get to know people from the safety of your own home. The shield that is your device’s screen can help you avoid meeting up with creeps with poor intentions. Of course, weirdos may manage to get past moderators on online dating sites, but it is much safer to turn them down virtually than face to face. 

4. You Can Save Money

Meeting singles in the real world leaves so much up to chance. This means that you are more likely to have first dates that are a total bust. Narrowing down your options online first can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention heart ache.

5. It is as Easy as Dating Gets

It really is so simple. There is no need for fancy pickup artistry or one liners you learn online. Instead, you can find singles that are interested in you, take your time to slowly get to know them, and build up your confidence so you can have the best first date possible.

Situations Where Dating Apps Might Not Work for You

  • You don’t have or feel comfortable using mobile technology
  • You are a minor 
  • You are worried about being found through online searches
  • You are already in a committed, closed relationship
  • You prefer meeting people in person vs. meeting online
  • You have a difficult time communicating via text

How to Make Dating Apps Work for You

Online dating is no longer a taboo. You don’t have to pretend you met your significant other at church or work, you can be loud and clear – “I met them online and they are the love of my life!” So really, the only thing left to think about is how to navigate all these available apps and utilize them in a way that actually makes sense for you. 

You might think that dating apps have a sort of plug and play quality. Many people believe that all you have to do is sign up for a dating app, throw up some pictures, and let the dates roll in. The truth is, dating apps are easy, but will only work for you if you take the time to use them properly.

If you need help finding where to start, take a look at a few of our tips:

Choose the Right App

Dating apps are plentiful these days, but they are not all created equally! Be sure to choose the app that will work best for you and the things you are seeking in a partner. Not sure which app to choose? Take a look below for a list of our personal, favorite dating apps that are great for everyone.

Customize Your Profile

Don’t let your bio be a generic display of every stereotypical single in your area. Take the opportunity to give it a little personal flair. Think about what makes you different from other people. What do you friends like about you? What do you like about yourself? At the end of the day, just try and express yourself because a quirky, mildly awkward bio is 1000 times better than a blank bio. 

Choose Your Photos Wisely

Dating experts agree, there are certain photos you should avoid when creating your dating profile. Ambiguous photos of you with someone who may be an ex lover – not a good look. Cringey selfies that would feel at home on Myspace in 2008 – No thanks! 

Instead, show you personality, a bit about the things you love, and, most of all, show off your lovely smile. Those who see your photos should get to know a little about who you are. 

Start Small then Go Big

Searching on dating apps can allow you to narrow your results to people who are exactly what you want on paper. This is a great place to start! However, you may find that by limiting yourself too much, you are missing out on some really fantastic people. So, if you are feeling let down by your search results, try broadening your search a little. 

Don’t Ghost Your Matches

Life gets busy, we know. Still, if you find yourself constantly forgetting about your dating profile and matches, you are likely missing out on some great people. Nobody wants to look back on their life and discover that they missed out on their soulmate because they forgot to log in and reply for two weeks! 

Our Favorite Dating Apps

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