Announcing a New eHarmony Premium Feature: Video Date

Just released on eHarmony’s online dating site is a new premium account feature called Video Date. eHarmony’s Video Date feature gives premium members the ability to connect one-on-one with their love interests through a private video call. This feature can be accessed on both the mobile app and on the eHarmony desktop website.

eHarmony is the very first online dating site to offer this cool feature to make connecting with new matches even easier than ever, and safer, since you don’t have to give out your cell phone number or email address right away if you want to chat. eHarmony is really leading the wave on this new dating technology!

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How Does This New Premium Feature Help You To Connect?

There’s just something special about face-to-face contact with someone you’re dating (or want to date), and many times that facetime doesn’t happen until you meet the person off-line for the first time. eHarmony’s Video Date changes that anxiety-inducing milestone –  you get to “see” your love interests much sooner than if you’d waited for an in-person date to happen.

When you see that love interest on the eHarmony Video Date, you will be able to really get a feel for how they speak, their energy level, and if you truly feel the chemistry with them. In a way, the Video Date makes meeting new people much safer and more risk-free of a dating process. Perhaps your Video Date will reveal someone that’s not a good match for you, but perhaps, you will meet that person of your dreams…

How Can You Gain Access to This Feature?

To gain access to this hot new feature, you will need to subscribe to one of eHarmony’s memberships. eHarmony has several membership packages available, ranging from about $35 to $65 per month, depending on the membership term you choose, which is either 6, 12, or 24 months. All of these eHarmony Premium memberships will grant you access to the Video Date feature.

eHarmony does have a free trial account, but this membership level will not get you full access to the Video Date feature. The eHarmony Free Trial membership is a great way to check out the quality of the site and the great member community that you could be joining. Consider the free trial as your site sneak peek, and then go get signed up with a subscription account so you can get in on this Video Date fun.

Does Using This New Feature Increase Your Match Success on eHarmony?

Yes, the Video Date feature does increase your success with eHarmony’s online dating community! That’s what’s so exciting about this new feature they’re offering – no other online dating site has this cool feature, and we know that by having a face-to-face interaction with someone early on, you can really weed out the good matches from the not-so-good matches, and keep from wasting your precious time. Other dating sites will have to catch on with this effective tool, if they’re going to keep up with the matching success of eHarmony’s community.

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Use the eHarmony Video Date Feature?

Here’s another great point about eHarmony’s Video Date tool: there is no limit to how much you can use this tool or which eHarmony members you can contact through the video call, as long as you are a paying subscriber of some level. You could make one hundred calls to all of your handsome/ pretty/ sexy matches, all in one day – and eHarmony’s Video Date tool should work great to connect every one of them.

eHarmony does state that the tool is still in “Beta” version, which means that it could continue to change and that there could still be a couple programming bugs to fix. But for the most part, you should have zero issues with however much you choose to use the tool.

How Do I Use eHarmony’s Video Date Feature?

Using eHarmony’s Video Date is super easy, almost like using a video call on your cell phone. Once you’re logged into a subscribing account membership, you’ll want to initiate a message to your match. After your match responds back to your message, they have essentially become a contact and you will now be able to Video Date chat with them.

Connecting with Video Date lets you see a high-quality video of your love interest in real-time. Chat, flirt, and share yourself with that special person to get to know them. It’s way easier and way more fun than typing that information out to them. You will usually be able to tell how you feel about someone instantly after you’ve had your first chat. If you’ve got chemistry – you’ll know! Talking face-to-face, even over the internet, really lets you get to know someone, fast.

Get Signed Up Today

There’s no question that eHarmony is the leader in online dating communities for a reason. They are a real trailblazer with this new Video Date feature and they have one of the largest online communities, so there are plenty of singles waiting to chat with you!

Remember that you’ll need a paid subscription to gain full access to the Video Date feature, but eHarmony has great memberships to choose from with many other exclusive features to help you find that special love. Sign up today and join the fun.

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