5 Things You Need to Know About eHarmony Before You Sign Up

This online dating community is a real winner if you’re looking for that long-term, special love. Known as the number one trusted dating site, eHarmony is the one site you’ll want to sign up with for success. Members are active and collectively send over 2.3 million messages to each other, every single week!

Read on to see what you should know about this unique powerhouse of a dating site and what their great singles community can bring into your life. They are truly effective in matching for long term love.

For You: The eHarmony Free Trial Account

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Quality and Quantity at eHarmony

eHarmony is the best online dating site for algorithm-matches for both quality and quantity – so not only does eHarmony match you among several different preferences that you share at sign up time, but they also show you all of your matches, including those with lower ranks, so that you have the widest field of singles to choose from. This is different from almost every other online dating site, which usually focuses on either quantity or quantity; but not both.

Upon sign up, new eHarmony members complete a thorough (but not too long of course) compatibility survey that includes 32 unique dimensions, developed by the founders of eHarmony and also backed by millions of happy couple stories over the last twenty years of matching.

Backed by Science and <3

eHarmony’s scientific-backed matching approach is a patented system, established after many years of intense research into what really makes a relationship work. The dating site’s founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, has over 35 years of experience in helping people with successful relationships in his private clinical psychology practice. Taking his experience and bringing in others’ research, eHarmony has the very best foundation to help you find a compatible match.

If science doesn’t convince you to sign up – then all you have to do is look at eHarmony’s success stories and the high number of happy couples. eHarmony states that every 14 minutes, someone finds love on their site.

With the web’s largest online dating community and the slick compatibility dimensions to guide you, perhaps you could be the next  eHarmony success story 😉

What’s in a Name?

When you mention eHarmony’s name to the average U.S. adult – almost everyone has heard of eHarmony or they know someone who met on eHarmony (and is probably still together and happy!). In a survey of 1,600 adults online, eHarmony found that they were the most trusted online dating site. The survey also stated that eHarmony had the highest quality dating pool of all online dating communities.

What do they mean by a high quality dating pool? Well, first they set the tone for true, lasting love. As you probably know, some dating sites are all about the “swipe life” or hit it and quit it relationship – but not eHarmony. They have pages of dating advice to help you get to that long-term love, and their compatibility survey is long enough to weed out any losers.

Another unique feature of eHarmony is that they have a dedicated Trust and Safety team, with real people actively working to remove any fake or trolling profiles that don’t add a genuine person to the community. So every single person you see on eHarmony is a real person, looking for real long-term love! No games and no computer profiles.

eHarmony’s Great Support Team

On most online dating communities or apps, you feel like it’s just you in the dark, without anyone to help when you have a technical issue or maybe you’re not sure what to write on that elusive intro to your profile page. eHarmony has an entire team ready to support you in case any issues or questions come up.

Using an encrypted contact form that will send a receipt copy of the request to your email, eHarmony stands by ready to help with matches and contacting other singles; crafting your profile, subscription prices, the compatibility quiz and your results; technical support, and the Trust and Safety team. This site is working hard to meet any of your questions about online dating, so that you can easily and quickly get into the dating pool.

You’re Going to Want to Subscribe to eHarmony

Although eHarmony offers a great free trial subscription to let you take a peek at the site, you’re really going to want to pay for one of their subscription accounts once you see the site. The eHarmony Free Trial account lets you browse accounts and respond to paying members who initiate a message to you; but it doesn’t let you see member photos.

And it doesn’t let you take advantage of eHarmony’s Video Date feature! This is the very first online dating community that offers this fun and safe way to actually “meet” your matches over Video Date to really test the waters of your chemistry and conversation.

Paying members on eHarmony get a host of perks, and they do offer a few different account levels, starting at 6 months length. As we said – this is not a hit it and quit it site – this site is geared to long term relationships, and building those deep relationships take time. So be ready to pay for a 6, 12, or 18 month membership with a great value.

Know That eHarmony is One of the Best Online Dating Communities and you are almost guaranteed 100% success in finding someone, if you really take your profile and your conversations with intentionality. Take a look around with the eHarmony Free Trial – but we know you’ll want to upgrade! Sign up today with a free trial, which takes only a few steps and zero payment method to start. Find your true love with eHarmony.

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