5 Best Dallas Dating Apps Our Experts Love (2023)

With over 50% of the adult population in Dallas single, you’d think that dating in Dallas would be easy, right? Well, as is often the case, the bigger the city, the tougher it can be to make it feel small. And when it comes to making meaningful connections with other single men and single women, that can make things challenging.

So, if you’re looking to start dating in Dallas, what are you supposed to do? Are you supposed to drive all over a city of over a million people and hope you happen across your soul mate? Should you continue going to the same bars and friend circles you frequent and hope things magically change?

We want to introduce you to the world of online dating. Dallas dating apps have been helping singles in the city connect for over two decades and now it’s your turn to give it a go. If you’re onboard, great! Let’s walk you through our top picks for the best Dallas dating apps you can join right now.

1. eHarmony – #1 Overall Best Dallas Dating App

eHarmony homepage with Dallas in the background

It’s hard to argue with proven results. And frankly, who would if it means finding that special someone? For our team, eHarmony is hands down the best dating app in Dallas. While Dallas is home to Match Group (eHarmony’s biggest competitor), we think eHarmony does wonders to set itself a cut above the rest.

Most of Match Group’s offerings have gone the way of Tinder where they are all swipe based and don’t focus on what truly makes a person tick. eHarmony, on the other hand, focuses on what makes you unique and what aspects of your personality will match best with other singles. Additionally, it doesn’t have any swipe aspects, which slows the process down rather than speeding it up to show you the most people as fast as possible until your head spins.

For some people, the slower pace isn’t going to be welcomed and can be a pretty big drawback. But, in all fairness, what you’ve been trying so far hasn’t been working, so why not try a new approach that has some pretty incredible results.

Here’s the bottom line. eHarmony leverages it’s proprietary algorithm to help find the matches for you. So, if you’re looking for a real relationship and you want some professional and discreet help at an affordable price—try eHarmony.

2. Elite Singles – The Leading App for Dallas Executives

Elite Singles dating app screenshot with Dallas in the background

AT&T…Southwest Airlines…Texas Instruments (the calculator people). What do all of these major corporations have in common? They are headquartered right here in Dallas, Texas! On top of these companies, the rest of the city is packed with people who have life goals to be impactful in business and the community.

If you fall into that bracket, Elite Singles is going to be the right Dallas dating app for you. Goal-oriented singles march to the beat of a different drum. You need the right level of support and freedom to make the moves you need to in order to achieve those goals. Elite Singles understands this and markets to people like you who are on the same page.

If love and working hard to make your dreams come true are both important to you, you’re probably going to like Elite Singles. Be aware pricing is a little higher than some other dating apps starting at $44.95 per month. But, for an app catering to more successful and goal-oriented individuals, this should be expected.

3. Higher Bond – Top Dallas Dating App for Christians

Higher Bond Dating App Screenshot

You don’t have to look far to find articles asking things like Is Dallas the most Christian city in the nation? Regardless of whether they’re right or wrong, there is no argument there are a lot of Christian singles in Dallas. This is why you’ll see that this and the next offering on our list both cater to that population.

Higher Bond is a new Christian dating app with the motto “designed for Christian singles who value faith as the driving force behind their relationship decisions.” Basically, it’s a dating app trying to take a much more serious approach to faith-based dating in Dallas for Christian singles.

Anything you wouldn’t like? We don’t think a lot, but a few things you should be aware of. First, it’s new so the number of members is going to be low for at least some time. Second, Higher Bond is open to everyone but its marketing is clear that it’s targeted toward very serious Christian singles.

If that sounds like your jam, give it a try.

4. Christian Mingle – A Second Option for Christian Singles

Christian Mingle Screenshot

Not all Christian singles are go to church every Sunday type people. In fact, only 41% of Christians in the Dallas Metro attend church weekly. For some, it’s more of a casual part of their life or something they grew up with and somewhat held onto. If that’s you, Christian Mingle might be more your speed. The dating app is available on Google Play and iOS, as well as through a mobile-friendly web platform.

Outside of the level of focus on faith, the biggest difference between Christian Mingle and Higher Bond is how you match with other Dallas singles. Higher Bond does the matchmaking for you and limits you to 3-5 matches per day so you don’t get overwhelmed or become burnt out. Christian Mingle turns you loose with a catalog of your matches, which does make it better for those who are a little impatient (but do have some self control not to get burnt out).

With over 15 million singles, it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re a Christian single in Dallas looking to date online.

5. Hinge – Highly Rated Dallas Dating App for iOS

Hinge Screenshot

With a 4.5 star rating over nearly 700k reviews on the iOS store, it’s safe to say that people like Hinge. The Google Play ratings are a bit less impressive at 3.5 stars, but they do point out over 10 million downloads (which is kind of a lot). While these dating app reviews aren’t just from singles in Dallas, it’s a pretty big testament that the “dating app designed to be deleted” might know what it’s doing.

If you’re looking for a Dallas dating app that has a more unique look to profiles but still follows the currently popular swipe-style model, then check out Hinge.

Written By: Healthy Framework Team

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