6 Best Dating Apps in Texas (2023) – Top Options for Singles

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The Lone Star State doesn’t need to be the lonely star state if you’re someone looking for love. In a state with over 29 million people, there are definitely plenty of high-quality Texas singles ready to get to know you. In this guide, our experts break down helpful data on the singles community, a list of the best Texas dating apps, and provide several great resources to get you started on your love search today.

For those of you ready to get into the action right now, let’s start with a list of our top picks (with some awesome free trials).

The Best Dating Apps in Texas

  1. eHarmony – Best Overall Texas Dating App
  2. Elite Singles – Ideal for Young and Seasoned Professionals
  3. Higher Bond – The Dating App for Texas Christians
  4. Zoosk – A Texas Dating App with Over 30 Million Users
  5. The League – Best Texas Dating App for the Big Cities
  6. SilverSingles – The Choice for 55+ Texas Singles

1. eHarmony – Best Overall Texas Dating App

There’s a classic county song from Johnny Lee (from Alto Loma, Texas) called “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” If that perfectly sums up your experience with the Texas dating scene, eHarmony is here to help.

Finding someone who wants to date with no commitment is easy (well, easier), but dating like that can be taxing on your heart. eHarmony aims to be a dating site that helps you find a real relationship with someone who is open to potentially more. Quite popular in Texas, this dating app has been in the business for over two decades and is certainly one of (if not the) most trusted brand in the business.

Features that we like include a new video chat that’s integrated into the app for safety, a matchmaking process that takes the work out of your hands, and personality breakdowns that show you exactly how you and a potential match are the same or different. There’s also nearly a 50/50 breakdown of men and women, which is a welcomed distribution.

A few things to be aware of before you try eHarmony are that the sign up process can take well over an hour, the price is a little higher starting at around $40 per month, and you won’t be able to see anyone’s unblurred pictures without upgrading (a somewhat limited free trial).

Texans looking for real relationships need not look any further than this dating app. Hands down.

2. Elite Singles – Ideal for Young and Seasoned Professionals

Elite Singles dating app screenshot with Texas in the background

You don’t have to go far in places like Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Houston to see a massive young and seasoned professionals scene. But if happy hours and late nights just aren’t meshing with your goals and you’re not getting the results you want, it may be time to try Elite Singles. Elite Singles caters to goal-oriented singles who typically come from professional backgrounds or are at least attracted to singles in those lines of work.

Some other positives that we like about Elite Singles is that reports (from the company) show there are nearly 400k new users every month, active users in over 25 countries, and a new partnership with a company called CitySwoon to offer in-person speed dating style events.

One major drawback is that the Android app has a pretty low rating of only 1.9 stars, which is never great to see. Things are significantly better for Apple users, but we’d like to see a better experience across the board. Not a deal breaker by any means (especially because reviews can be skewed), but something to be aware of.

But if you want a Texas dating app that understands your goals, schedule, and life-balance, it’s going to be Elite Singles.

3. Higher Bond – The Dating App for Texas Christians

Higher Bond Dating App Screenshot

Home to some of the largest mega-churches in the country and a population that clocks in as the 11th most religious state in the nation, Texas is a hotbed for Christian singles looking for love. For us, the only real choice is Higher Bond. A brand new dating app that just launched in 2022, the userbase is smaller (growing rapidly) but the features are amazing. Things like manual account approval, guided first messages, and a platform rooted in faith and values are just a few of the things you’ll like about Higher Bond.

If you’re a Christian single in Texas and are looking to date online, try Higher Bond now (for free).

4. Zoosk – A Texas Dating App with Over 30 Million Users

Zoosk dating app screenshot with Texas scenery in the background

Here’s a fun stat—there are more people who have downloaded the Zoosk app than there are people currently living in Texas. And in case you don’t know, there are almost 30 million people in this state, so that’s an impressive amount of options. Where Zoosk really shines is in its ability to cater to a lot of different relationship goals. It’s the only option on our list of the best Texas dating apps that works for casual dating, singles who aren’t sure what they want, but also for serious dating (though, eHarmony is probably more ideal for that).

It’s a great option for all ages, as well, but we really like it for college-aged singles and young professionals who aren’t quite ready to settle down and get married. If that sounds like more of your speed, check out Zoosk now.

5. The League – Best Texas Dating App for the Big Cities

The League Homepage

If you live in the small towns far from the bigger cities in Texas, The League is definitely not going to be the right app for you. But if you live in places like Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio (or in the suburbs around these cities), The League is an option worth considering. The League is designed for professionals and people who excel in their respective field. It has one of the most rigorous acceptance processes that often has people waiting weeks to be even get to the approval process (unless you pay to skip the line).

Ultimately, this Texas dating app won’t be right for everyone, but if you’re an affluent individual who likes to date high quality singles from the bigger cities—check out The League.

6. SilverSingles – The Choice for 55+ Texas Singles

Silver Singles Review Header

With nearly one-fifth of the population of Texas over the age of 55 (and a lot higher percentage if you drop that down to 50), it clearly shows the need for a dating app option that caters to this age bracket. For Texas singles, this is SilverSingles. If you’re tired of rooting around and having to sort through singles that aren’t serious or in your age bracket, then you’ll like that SilverSingles heavily markets towards those over 50 years old (the majority of their userbase).

While we’d like to see them be completely exclusive to the 50 and older crowd (full transparency, we used to think that they were), the presence of age filters makes this really a non-issue. Additionally, you can set your preferences for things like lifestyle choices, interests, etc. to ensure your daily curated matches are exactly what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, any one of the Texas dating apps on this list will work great for seniors thanks to filters. However, if you want to stay as far away as possible from the younger crowds, this is the place to do it.

Additional Resources for Texas Singles

4 Reasons These are the Best Texas Dating Apps

While bigger is better may be the motto in parts of Texas, it’s only part of the equation when we’re looking for the best Texas dating apps. Just because a dating apps is the “biggest” doesn’t mean it’s the best or even the right fit for you. Here are four of the reasons that we think these options are the actual best Texas dating apps.

1. Okay, size does matter some.

While we’re joking on the bigger is better thing, it does matter. While we think quality is still more important, that only matters if there are at least a viable number of Texas singles on a dating app. An app can have the greatest features and the coolest people, but if there are only 10 of them—what’s the point?

2. Adequate filters to match such a unique dating scene.

As you’ll read in the next section, the dating scene in Texas is diverse. Not only is it culturally diverse, but you’ll find a lot of people of different ages, with different interests, and different relationship goals. A great Texas dating app is one that welcomes all of this diversity but then gives you the power to filter, search, and separate the singles to find exactly what you’re looking for. There is nothing wrong with having preferences, and these apps will respect and support that.

3. The right type of search tools for Texas’ expansive landscape.

Texas is an impressive 261,268.2 square miles that’s made up of over 1,200 different cities! Why does this matter? Well, if you’re using a Texas dating app that only lets you search by city, then you’re probably going to miss out on a lot of people who might be right down the road. We only recommend options that use proximity or distance search parameters, so you don’t miss out.

4. Opportunities to accurately showcase who you are.

Texas singles are unique, diverse, and have a lot that goes into what makes them who they are. If a dating app is too limiting in the ways it lets you express who you are, it’s no good for this state. And yes, this goes beyond just photos. Sure, we like to see apps that let you upload a bunch of high-resolution photos, but we also like robust profiles with a lot of “short answer” real estate to help potential matches really get to know you.

Note: This is why you won’t see very superficial, short-profile, photo-driven apps like Tinder on our recommended list.

Is Dating Any Good In Texas?

While this is a wildly subjective question and the cliché “individual results may vary” is pertinent, we do want to share our opinion on the dating scene in Texas and let you know if it’s any good.

In our opinion, dating in Texas is awesome for several reasons. First, with a population of over 29 million and nearly half of them being unmarried, the single’s scene is going to be packed with options. Second, Texas is a wildly diverse state with a lot of culture with southern influence from the east, Hispanic influence from the South, and midwestern influence from the North. In a sense, it’s a mini-melting pot within the melting pot of the US. How cute, right?

For singles in their late-20s and early-to-mid 30s, you’ll be happy to know that the median age in Texas is 34.8, which is about 3-4 years below the national average.

And when it comes to dating amenities (a.k.a places to meet singles or take people on a date), it all depends on where in Texas you live. As you’ll see from our data study below, places like Arlington came in at 4th for amenities whereas places like San Antonio came in 84th. It doesn’t mean you can’t have success and have fun with a new match in San Antonio or the other TX cities that scored lower, but it’s just not as ideal in some of the other cities.

Overall, we’d rate the dating in Texas as pretty good, but not the best, and heavily dependent on what you’re looking for and where you live in the state.

Here are a few things to expect from the Texas dating scene:

  • Everyone isn’t a cowboy or cowgirl. – This is mainly for the people who are new to the state. Yes, there are a lot of people who work on ranches and wear “stereotypical” cowboy type attire. However, that’s not everyone in the state. There are plenty of people who are not going to follow what Hollywood tries to tell you people from Texas are like.
  • Politics and belief systems do matter to many. – Texas is one of those states where politics, belief systems, and your stances on certain hot-button issues may matter a lot more to potential matches than they would elsewhere. Most likely this is because Texas is deeply rooted in history, is home to a lot of people who have lived there forever, and is a place where people are passionate about what’s important to them. Expect this to either help or hinder your connections with some of your matches.
  • The Texas dating scene is highly localized. – That’s a fancy way of us saying that different cities are going to have different dating scenes. And it doesn’t even have to be that far away. For example, dating in Dallas vs. dating in Ft. Worth (just a bit down the road) are wildly different.
  • There’s been a massive increase in transplant singles recently. – As we’re all aware, a lot has happened in our country over the past few years. And while we’re not planning on jumping into politics today, one thing is for sure—a lot of people have left other states and moved to Texas. What this means for singles is you’re going to find a lot of new faces coming in and a lot of people who may bring new unique cultures and backgrounds to an already diverse dating scene.
  • It’s one of the few dating scenes in the country not dominated by Caucasian singles. – 40% of the Texas population is Hispanic followed closely by Caucasians at 39% and then Black at 12% and Asian at 5%. While this really isn’t a pro or a con (unless you have a specific preference), we thought it was interesting and worth pointing out.
  • The MeetUp scene is fairly big. – MeetUp is an app that allows you to meet up with other people with shared interests. Sometimes these groups are dedicated towards singles and sometimes just a hobby. We’ve heard from a lot of people that they’ve had success expanding their dating pool by using this option.

Texas Singles – Dating Statistics

We tend to believe that the cliché “knowing is half the battle” is actually quite correct. Before you can start your search for Texas singles, it’s probably wise to get to know what you’re getting into. In the next few sections, our team of dating researchers breaks down all of the important information you need to know. We’ll talk age, the number of singles, access to the internet, and a whole lot more!

Total Population

  • 29,527,940

Population in Texas by Gender

  • 50.1% women in Texas
  • 49.9% men in Texas

Overall Singles (Unmarried) by Gender

  • 49.4% of women in Texas are single
  • 47.0% of men in Texas are single

Population in Texas by Age

  • 13.9% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 14.5% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 13.1% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 11.8% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 18.7% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in TX

  • 89.2% of households in Texas have internet access

How Dating Stacks Up in Specific Cities in Texas

Did you know that a record-breaking 12 cities in the state of Texas made the top 100 in our list of the best cities for singles in the U.S.? Well, if you didn’t, you know now! What’s wild is that only one city made the top 10 and the rest are scattered throughout the listings. Here’s a quick look at the cities that made it and the cities that are trailing.

The study looked at each of the top 100 cities in the nation over 36 different data points. Each city received a score in three categories that make up the overall score and ranking:

  • Dating Pool Score – This metric looked to capture the quality of the dating pool in each city. Examples of factors included are % of the population that are single, diversity of males vs. females, Google search trends for dating in the area, and the % of high school graduates in the city.
  • Cost of Dating Score – This metric aims to see how expensive it is to date in each city. Examples of included factors are cost of living index, average costs of dining out, movie tickets, cocktails, and gym memberships (to stay fit, of course).
  • Dating Amenities Score – With this category, the study looked at the available amenities for dating in the area. Some example factors include total number of entertainment locations, crime statistics, food and bar locations, and the Park Score index.

Arlington Cracks the Top 10 (9th)

  • 78th in Dating Pool Score
  • 9th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 4th in Dating Amenities Score

Dallas Ranks 39th Overall

  • 49th in Dating Pool Score
  • 47th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 38th in Dating Amenities Score
  • Dallas Singles

Fort Worth Just Misses the Top 40 (41st)

  • 74th in Dating Pool Score
  • 41st in Cost of Dating Score
  • 22nd in Dating Amenities Score

Austin, TX Clocks in at 46th

  • 15th in Dating Pool Score
  • 72nd in Cost of Dating Score
  • 48th in Dating Amenities Score
  • Austin Singles

Lubbock Comes in At 50th Overall

  • 40th in Dating Pool Score
  • 13th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 88th in Dating Amenities Score

Plano, TX is Close Behind at 56th

  • 79th in Dating Pool Score
  • 53rd in Cost of Dating Score
  • 18th in Dating Amenities Score

El Paso Ranks 58th

  • 81st in Dating Pool Score
  • 4th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 75th in Dating Amenities Score

San Antonio Towards the Bottom at 64th

  • 57th in Dating Pool Score
  • 19th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 84th in Dating Amenities Score

Houston, TX Slides in at 69th

  • 55th in Dating Pool Score
  • 40th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 73rd in Dating Amenities Score
  • Houston Singles

Irving, TX Falls to the Lower Quarter of Cities at 79th

  • 87th in Dating Pool Score
  • 48th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 32nd in Dating Amenities Score

Corpus Christi In the Bottom 10 at 85th

  • 77th in Dating Pool Score
  • 35th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 82nd in Dating Amenities Score

Laredo Barely Escapes Last Place at 87th Out of 90

  • 86th in Dating Pool Score
  • 58th in Cost of Dating Score
  • 78th in Dating Amenities Score

What Texas Cities Are the Most Interested in Online Dating?

A really cool way to look at the online dating picture in the state of Texas is to find out which cities show the most interest. Even though there are thousands of singles in every city in TX, this is a neat way to get some insight into the single’s scene. What our team did was pull the Google Trends data for the last 12 months for all cities in the state to see which metropolitan areas had the highest search traffic for online dating. Here are the results.

  1. San Antonio TX – (100)
  2. Tyler-Longview(Lufkin & Nacogdoches) TX – (96)
  3. Houston TX – (84)
  4. Dallas-Ft. Worth TX – (79)
  5. Waco-Temple-Bryan TX – (77)
  6. Austin TX – (73)
  7. Corpus Christi TX – (64)
  8. Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen TX – (52)
  9. El Paso TX – (34)
  10. Shreveport LA – (27)
  11. Abilene-Sweetwater TX – (20)

San Antonio takes the top spot with the most search traffic in Texas for online dating over the last 12 months. Surprisingly, the Tyler-Longview metropolitan area was a very close second with 96% of the level of traffic seen in San Antonio. The final spot on the podium goes to Houston, with Dallas-Ft. Worth, Waco, and Austin close behind.

Texas Dating Apps FAQ

Do these Texas dating apps work on mobile?

Not only are these Texas dating apps great to use on your computer, but they also have great mobile apps as well. If you want to find love on the go, you’re covered whether you use Apple, Android, Google, Windows, or most any other provider out there. Finding love shouldn’t mean you have to stay home and can only connect from a desktop.

Can I use these Texas dating apps for free?

The best thing about quality online dating sites is that you can usually give them a test drive for free. All of the Texas dating sites we’ve recommended here come with free trials. How do you get a free trial? Glad you asked! All you have to do is click the links below, and you will automatically be set up with a free trial. The best way to find the best dating site in Texas for you is to test drive it yourself!

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