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If there is one thing you should know about dating Memphis, it is that it will likely include messy food and music. That’s because the city is known for their award-winning bbq and for being home to many musical legends. I mean, Elvis has an entire boulevard named after him which leads to his historic Memphis mansion, and there are literally 20 bbq restaurants within 7 miles of the front gates. 

Honestly, Memphis is an extremely laid-back town. This can make going on dates a lot of fun, but that doesn’t make getting dates any easier. That’s why we recommend utilizing the best dating app in Memphis. They make it super easy to find a date that matches all your criteria without wasting all the time and mental energy trying to pick someone up at a club or bar. 

If you are ready to find your easygoing dream date, take a look at our list of dating sites that are perfect for you. Then, scroll down for some great, inexpensive date night ideas!

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The 5 Best Dating Apps in Memphis

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Memphis, Tennessee

  • One of the lowest costs of dating of any of the 100 most populous US cities
  • Lots of singles over a large city, so dating apps make finding them easier
  • Singles in Memphis tend to be be looking for love more than hookups
  • Dating in Memphis is more relaxed and stress-free than in other comparably-sized cities

How Memphis Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

Have you stopped in to look at our search for the best city for singles in the US? We compared the 100 most populous cities in the United States and let their stats on travel costs, population, and more earn each of them a ranking. 

Memphis came in at #35, so we are obviously impressed by their offerings! Not only are there a ton of interesting places to hold a date night in Memphis, but they have the 5th best cost of dating out of all 100 cities. If you want to see some of these inexpensive date night ideas, just keep reading. 

Inexpensive Date Ideas for Singles in Memphis

With all there is to do in Memphis, you don’t have to worry about your date night options being limited to meals in the triple digits or clubs with multi-drink minimums. If you are looking for some less-costly but just as fun date night ideas, take a look at these:

1.Dive in at a Dive Bar

Nobody does dive bars like Memphis! You might get the image of dirty, hole-in-the-wall locations where you can barely see your date through the poor lighting and cigarette smoke. Truth is, dive bars in Memphis tend to be cute, well-maintained, full of amenities like patios and dance floors, and the cost is super low. 

Take the Lamplighter Lounge. This place has been around since 1927 and given host to an impressive array of guests. They have a great patio for seating, the jukebox is only $1 and you can get beer for as low as $2. 

2. Enjoy a Show at the Levitt Shell Amphitheater

Catching a show at the Levitt Shell in Midtown Memphis is easy and cheap. Did we say cheap? We meant, totally free! Only in a music-centered city like Memphis would you find frequent, free concerts displayed on a gorgeous stage like the Levitt Shell. 

Bring a blanket, a packed picnic basket, and have a date to remember. 

3. Catch a Game at the AutoZone Park 

If you or your date are into baseball, you might be interested in watching the RedBirds play a minor league game. Buying tickets in advance can get you in for as low as $5. If you want to “splurge,” you can get amazing seating anywhere from $8 to $20. 

You can also buy food and alcohol on site, so you might want to bring a few extra dollars for some mid-game treats. 

4. Lean Your Seat Back at the Drive In

If you want an old-school date experience for a low price, check out the Malco Summer Drive-In theater. It only costs $7.50/ person for a double feature screening. Add in 5 bucks to stop at the car wash and clean out your car plus 10 dollars to fill your car with movie snacks, and you’ve got a memorable date night for no more than $30! 

5. Pay What You Can on Museum Day

Museum visits are a lot of fun, but can get a little pricey. Luckily, Memphis Museums almost all have a “pay what you can” day. Find the museum that you are most interested in and plan your date for their low-cost entry day. Some even let you enter for free, but it is nice to make a small donation if you can!

FAQ about Online Dating Sites in Memphis

Are online dating sites safe to use?

Yes! So long as you use some common sense and safety awareness, you will find that online dating is even safer than meeting singles in the real world. Remember to keep your personal and financial information private, and never meet a match in a private place for your first few dates. 

No! It is very important that you only give the bare minimum of your personal information on any dating site. Why? Because you don’t want to “ghost” some creep just for them to track you down on your personal social media page. 

Are these dating sites expensive?

Prices vary for all of our top 5 dating sites for singles in Memphis. Luckily, you can sign up for free and even utilize some free trials to get an idea of which of the apps is the best for you. 

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