Best Dating Sites for Portland Singles – Local Favorites

Portland is a city of individuals. There is no person too eclectic or different to fit into Portland, which is why we love the city so much. I mean, this is the place that hosts the Annual World Nake Bike Ride, was named by a coin flip, and has a park that measures less than 3 foot across. Portland is that wacky best friend that we all love but don’t quite understand. 

Despite how creative and open the citizens of Portland are, many singles still have difficulty when it comes to dating. Part of the problem is the proclivity for young singles to turn to hook-up style apps instead of relationship based ones. If you are looking for love in POrtland, check out the apps on our list of the 5 best dating apps in Portland. 

The 5 Best Dating Apps in Portland For This Year

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Portland, Oregon

  • Portland has a large pool of singles
  • Creativity and personal style play a large part in the Portland dating scene
  • The cost of dating in Portland is average when compared to similarly-sized cities
  • Many singles in Portland say they are looking for casual hookups, so dating apps are essential for finding those seeking a relationship
Sunrise View of Portland, Oregon from Pittock Mansion.

How Portland Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

If we had to guess, we would have assumed that Portland is a pretty great place to be single. Those findings were pretty much confirmed after we did a study on the 100 most populated cities in the United States – comparing them on their dating amenities and other relevant data. All in all, Portland came in at city #27 out of 100. Not too shabby!

Though the city is great, they aren’t wowing anybody in regard to being inexpensive or filled with dating-specific amenities. If you want to see how that affected Portland’s score or learn about the other cities in our study, check out the full article, here. 

Why Dating in Portland is Unique

There is no shortage of personality in Portland and with that comes some really strong opinions on what is expected of the person you are dating. This means that you might “ruin” a date by not offering to pay for dinner, offering to pay for dinner, or even choosing dinner as a date night option.

We know, it sounds exhausting. 

But in reality, this dating style of knowing exactly what you want in a partner and settling for nothing less is pretty refreshing. To fit in, you just need to be upfront about your dating style and expectations. That’s another reason why dating apps are so great for Portland singles. All this info can be discussed while getting to know each other, which helps set you up for first date success!

Challenges of Being Single in Portland

The same thing that makes dating in Portland unique is one of the things that makes being single in Portland so challenging. Some singles love their individuality and spirited personality and they often demand that in their partners. This means if you are a little more laid back or toned down, dating can be a struggle. 

Additionally, the younger singles in Portland tend to lean more toward the casual side of dating. That means that if you are between 20 and 35, dating apps might be your best chance at finding a partner that won’t leave in the morning. 

One other challenge of dating in Portland comes to the beer culture. If you don’t drink or can’t drink, dates in Portland can be a ticking time bomb of awkwardness. That’s because the city is obsessed with modernizing the beer industry. The town has more microbreweries than any other city in the world! Just be sure to make it clear to your date early on that drinking activities are off the table. 

FAQs About Dating in Portland

Are Dating Apps Good for Portland Singles?

Yes! Dating apps are a great way to overcome the difficulties of dating in Portland. They provide an easy place to locate local singles and narrow them down by those who are interested in you and the things you desire in a relationship. 

What are Some Date Night Ideas in Portland?

There are a lot of things to do in Portland, but sometimes it is easy to just go to the same bars or restaurants over and over again. Here are a few alternative date night ideas:

  • Go Dancing – There are a few different places you can go dancing in Portland, including some restaurants that host special dance events on the weekends. No matter where you choose, dancing with your date is a way to break the ice and get closer to one another. 
  • Slip into a Sauna – Break a sweat with your date in a Finnish inspired sauna right in the middle of Portland. It is a great way to relax with your date and enjoy a spa-like experience. 
  • Go Old School With Bingo – Bingo isn’t just a game for your grandma, it is a casual and fun way to have some friendly competition with your date! There are multiple options for bingo in Portland including drag queen bingo!

Is Dating in Portland Expensive?

The cost of dating in Portland is pretty average when compared to other large cities. The cost of tickets, dinner, and other entertainment options are reasonable, but you should know that rideshare services can be pretty pricey. So, if you can walk to your date, you might want to!

Is Portland Friendly to LGBTQ Singles?

Yes! Portland is extremely well-known for being LGBTQ friendly! The dating apps on our list can help members of the LGBTQ community find their perfect match and enjoy all that Portland has to offer. 

Are Dating Apps Safe to Use?

Dating apps are as safe as you make them. In other words, if you are smart about using the apps and don’t pass out your personal information all willy nilly, they are extremely safe!