Best Dating Sites in Omaha in 2022

We have to be honest, when we first thought about Omaha our minds were filled with images of corn and zoos – but mostly corn. However, it didn’t take much research into this interesting town to realize that there is so much more to find in Omaha. There are advancements in industry, beautiful sites, great opportunities for education, some of the most interesting restaurants we’ve ever seen, and so much more. 

It makes it a great place to settle down and start a family. Which may be why the dating pool in Omaha starts to shrink pretty quickly after the age of 30. It’s no longer optimal to go out to clubs or bars and try to meet someone. 

The 5 Best Dating Apps in Omaha

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So, how are you supposed to date in Omaha?

Easy! You utilize the powerful tool that is online dating. By using a great dating app, you can see a pool of all the singles spread across Omaha who are interested in the same things as you. No more wasted nights trying to blindly find someone in the real world who is looking to mingle. Online dating lets you talk directly to people who are already interested so you can start to get to know them and build a strong base for a relationship. 

Key Takeaways about Dating in Omaha, Nebraska

  • Average cost for travel and dating expenses
  • Lots of options for low-cost date night
  • Tech-savvy singles that are more likely to use dating apps
  • Fun things to do around town all through the year
Downtown Omaha Nebraska

How Omaha Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

Omaha is a largely populated city, which might lead you to believe that dating should be a breeze. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. That’s why we decided to research the 100 most populated cities in the United States and compare them on three factors – singles, cost of dating, amenities – to find which is the best city for Singles. 

Omaha landed at #54 on our list after a mild performance in all research areas. Don’t be discouraged, though. We have tips for making dating in Omaha much easier! If you’d like to see details on the rankings and find out how Omaha ended up in the bottom 50, take a look at our full article, here!

Omaha Date Ideas

Dinner and movie nights are always slam dunks. Sometimes, though, it’s wise to shake things up, and you can do that with Omaha date ideas, including a show, a class, and a secret door.

Wicked Rabbit Speakeasy

Could there be anything more notable than a date at a speakeasy behind a hidden door?

How about an Alice in Wonderland-themed bar where you walk among the “mad people”?

The Wicked Rabbit Speakeasy gets high marks for creativity.

To get there, you first have to enter The Looking Glass, aka the liquor store. Give the clerk the very secret password “Wicked Rabbit” (shh, don’t tell anyone else), and the clerk pushes the hidden wall open.

As if you need anything else after such a memorable entrance, you and your date can order wickedly delicious cocktails from bartenders and servers that would make the Cheshire cat grin.

Omaha Performing Arts and Jazz on the (or Your) Green

Did you know that the Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) hosts more than Broadway tours? Not that there’s anything wrong with a good musical – it makes for a fantastic date night in Omaha.

But you’re not limited to plays, as Holland Performing Arts Center, Orpheum Theater, and Scott Recital Hall have jam-packed entertainment schedules. You can catch musicians, dance troupes, and other ticketed events.

Depending on the time of year, you can also switch things up with some outdoor events. O-pa’s Jazz on the Green is a six-Thursday summer series at Turner Park (Midtown Crossing).

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic prompted a name change to Jazz on YOUR Green, as the events went virtual. But keep your fingers crossed for fresh air entertainment in 2021 and beyond. A picnic basket, blanket, and great music make for a memorable evening.

Wine Class at Corkscrew

When you’re looking for an Omaha date idea at the beginning of the relationship, it’s beneficial to have an activity. You get to spend time together while having plenty of things to talk about as you experience or learn something.

That’s why we’ve included a wine class at the Blackstone location of Corkscrew Wine and Cheese. You could just grab a table and do your own sampling. But it might be more fun for you and your date to join about 20 other people, sipping and snacking together in a fun and interactive environment.

Corkscrew offers a few different 60-minute classes for just $35. If the two of you don’t know much about wine, you’ll learn together, and you’ll know what bottle to order on your next date.

Challenges for Singles in Omaha and How to Handle Them

Challenge 1: Travel is Costly

Traveling for dates in Omaha can be a little more expensive than in similar cities. The average cost for a 10-mile Lyft ride is over $13, which can add up fast in a city that is over 140 square miles. 

How to Handle It: Get Creative With Your Travel

Try alternative travel methods like renting an eBike from Heartland B-cycle. They have hubs all over the city to pick up and return the bikes. You can get a 24-hour pass for a bike for only 8 dollars and you get 1 extra hour for free to ensure you can return it without an extra charge. If you or your date need something a little less hands-on (or feet-on), you can consider splitting your ride share with another couple or some of your friends. 

Challenge 2: It Gets Pretty Cold

The summers in Omaha are beautiful and temperate, but winters can get pretty frigid. Often, the weather is close to, or below freezing most of the winter months. It can really put a damper on some of the great, low-cost, outdoor things to do for dates. 

How to Handle It: Cozy Indoor Dates

The obvious answer is to stay inside! But, we know that indoor dates can often be more expensive. Luckily, Omaha has some wonderful activities that can keep you warm and not break the bank. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Indoor Putt Putt Golf
  • Museum Tour
  • Coffee Shop/ Bookstore
  • Enjoy Live Theater

Challenge 3: The Singles Pool is Spread Out

There is no particular neighborhood that is rife with singles in Omah, which can make the likelihood of naturally finding a great date very low.  

How to Handle It: Use Dating Apps

The best way to find all the great singles spread across the city is by using the best dating apps for Omaha. Any of the apps in our list will be able to lead you to a large selection of eligible singles looking to find someone like you. 

FAQ for Online Dating in Omaha

Is online dating safe?

Yes! Though you need to be careful when meeting anyone you meet online, the overall dating experience is very safe. It can even be safer than picking up dates in person. Just be sure to use dating apps with great moderations and top-quality security features (hint: our top choices all do).

Why are these your top dating app picks?

As mentioned, these apps all have fantastic moderation and security features. However, we also love them for how easy they are to use. The search function/ filtering for all these sites is wonderfully effective, and even users who aren’t great with technology can figure them out. 

Do other singles use dating apps in Omaha?

Yes! There are thousands of singles in the Omaha area searching online for their perfect match. Whether you are looking for something casual or the potential for marriage, you can find someone nearby looking for the exact same thing!

Are dating apps expensive?

Dating apps are surprisingly fair-priced considering how much money they can save you on going out every weekend looking for a date. The actual prices vary depending on which app you choose, but you can usually determine a service tier that fits into your budget. Additionally, many dating sites offer a free version with lower amenities or a free trial. 

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