Best Dating Sites in Minneapolis – (2021 Update)

Minneapolis is a fantastic place to find your perfect partner. Thanks to the wide array of cultures, open-minded population, and seemingly endless list of things to do, Minneapolis makes finding your soulmate easy. The only hard part about dating in Minneapolis is wondering whether you are overlooking your perfect partner in the sea of eligible singles. 

Dating apps can help you leave those worries behind. 

Through the use of the best dating apps in Minneapolis, you can search through the singles in your area and narrow them down based on interests, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, commitment desires, and anything else that matters to you. Save yourself the heartache and take a look at our list of the best dating sites in Minneapolis, then read on for some dating tips!

5 Best Dating Apps in Minneapolis

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Top ranked city for singles out of the 100 most populous US cities
  • You will never run out of things to do or places to see when planning dates
  • Cost of travel is nice and low
  • Over 80% of the population has a minimum of a high school education
Minneapolis Minnesota highway and downtown buildings

How Minneapolis Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

We wanted our readers to know exactly how their city, or a nearby city, stacks up in the world of singles and dating. That’s why we compare the 100 most populous cities in the United States regarding their single population, amenities, travel costs, and more. You might be pleased to know, Minneapolis landed the number one spot on our list!

We looked at the city’s single population, cost of a 10-mile Lyft ride, number of entertainment locations, and more! If you want to see exactly how Minneapolis earned it’s spot or see how any other cities rank, check out the full article with our research results. 

Minneapolis is a city of trendy happenings and exciting new things to do. Though some standard date night ideas are always going to be popular, there are some interesting outing ideas that aren’t nearly as popular in other cities. There is a reason Minneapolis is the #1 city for singles, and part of that reason is the willingness to try new things with new people. 

If you want some fresh ideas for date night based on these trends, take a look at our list:

1. It’s All About Nature

Whether it’s a stroll through the Lyndale Park Rose Garden, a bike ride over the Stone Arch Bridge, or a day trip on the Mississippi River, there is no lack of charming things to do outside in Minneapolis. 

Picnicking in the park and having fun with classic outdoor activities like kiting and frisbee golf are some of the ways couples like to spend their time. The best part about outdoor dates is that they tend to be far less expensive than some indoor alternatives. 

2. The Nerdier the Date the Better

Minneapolitans are not ashamed of who they are when it comes to activities that some would consider dorky. Dates that include reading, playing chess, video games, board games, and so much more are a huge trend in Minneapolis dating. 

3. Express Yourself and Share your Interests

Similar to “dorkdom dating,” Minneapolis lovers are super into sharing their interests on dates. Ask your match what they are into. Maybe they love to hit up antique shops or walk through historic neighborhoods and look at the gothic revival homes. 

Take your date as an opportunity to explore activities you never would have considered and let your date experience your favorite activities as well. There’s no better way to start a relationship than to show each other something unique about yourselves. 

4. Let Learning be Romantic

There are over 10 amazing paint and sip locations in Minneapolis. Take your date, get a little tipsy, and get covered in paints. It is honestly a surprising amount of fun! There are also art classes offered at multiple art centers in the city, but the dates and availability varies throughout the year. 

5. Modernize Date Night Classics

The world is sometimes kind of a scary place. Weather, viruses, political discord… It is understandable to not always want to be out on the town. However, there is a fun trend for modern date nights that keep everyone at home and safe. 

Order in some delicious food and send some to your date’s door. Set up your tv or computer to stream a movie, and text them to let them know when to start the film. 

Commentate to each other as the film plays and be sure to let your virtual date know when to pause for bathroom breaks and the like. When the movie is over you can have a virtual powwow to discuss what you thought about the film. It might sound strange, but it is a seriously fun time!

Best Minneapolis Date Night Ideas

While there’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, date night could really be something special if you think outside the box. We’ve got three Minneapolis date ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing and even include a creative juice.

Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

It’s a bit outside the city, but the 30-minute drive to Chanhassen is worth it, as you’ve got dinner and a show all in one at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre.

If you enjoy musicals, you can catch some of the classics, like The Music Man. But you don’t have to be a theatre buff, as Chanhassen also has comedy and tribute bands. Tickets are with or without dinner – your choice.

Chanhassen Dinner Theatre is just one Minneapolis date idea, but it gives you all kinds of options.

Minneapolis Riverwalk Food Tour

Activity-based dates are some of the best kinds, especially when it’s early in the relationship. Instead of sitting in a restaurant and coming up with things to talk about, you’ve got an endless flowing conversation.

The Minneapolis Riverwalk Food Tour by Taste Twin Cities gives you an outdoor setting, some sightseeing, and plenty of food sampling.

You’ll start in Gold Medal Park and venture off into the Mill District and St. Anthony on Main. Along the way, you’ll try pierogi, Minnesota-style pizza, Thai spring rolls, gelato, cheese curds, craft beer, and coffee.

Tickets are $55 per person, and the tour takes about three hours.

Creative Juice in Upstairs Circus

No, this isn’t painting a ceramic mug (not that there’s anything wrong with that). You will end up with a handmade creation, though, as Upstairs Circus is “Where DIY Workshop Meets Bar.”

It’s another unique activity-based date idea in Minneapolis with all kinds of projects and a long list of circus-y special cocktails.

The pending masterpieces could be anything from leather wallets to jewelry, wall art, shelves, etc. You and your date have plenty of options, and the results could end up being sentimental mementos if things go well.

As your creative juices are flowing, the creative juice is as well. Upstairs Circus has a wine and beer menu and specialties like Trapeze Tea, Pink Elephant, and Strongman’s Punch.

FAQ About Dating in Minneapolis

Is The Minneapolis Dating Scene LGBTQ Friendly?

Yes! Minneapolis is extremely LGBTQ friendly! Some travel agencies have even listed Minneapolis as the “gayest” city thanks to their large LGBTQ population, activities, and businesses. 

Should I Use Apps or Try to Meet People the Old Fashioned Way?

How you decide to meet singles is totally your decision, but we have found that statistics show finding a great, long-term relationship can be much faster when utilizing great online dating apps. 

Are Dating Apps Safe to Use?

Yes! Dating apps are incredibly safe so long as they are reputable. All the apps on our list of the best dating sites in Minneapolis have wonderful customer service and mod teams that work tirelessly to keep you safe while using their apps. 

Are Dating Apps Expensive?

The price of dating apps vary depending on which you choose, but all the apps on our list offer either a free signup option or a free trial to help you determine whether their services are right for you. 

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