Best Dating Apps for Singles in New Orleans (2021)

New Orleans is a city of culture. Everywhere you turn there is a different piece of history to ogle over. After all, you don’t get nicknames like The Birthplace of Jazz and Paris of the South without being filled with so much antiquity that you can nearly taste it! It is a really great place to live; however, when you are single, there are some pretty major downfalls.

The biggest being that the area is constantly filled with tourists, which can make finding love as a local tricky. Luckily, we know of 5 amazing dating apps that are perfect for New Orlean’s singles that are looking for longterm romance. 

Dating Apps for New Orleans Singles

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Key Takeaways about Dating in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • New Orleans has one of the highest percentages of single women when compared to other large cities
  • The variety of dating amenities in New Orleans is lacking
  • Constant tourism makes finding dates in person difficult at best
  • There is a wide array of cultures and belief systems in New Orleans
  • Dating apps making finding a true romantic match a lot less complicated
Street in Louisiana with people walking around

How New Orleans Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

We love seeing how singles from different cities approach dating. This is one reason we researched data about the 100 most populated cities in the US to see how friendly they are for singles. After our research we found that the overall population, location in the US, and general culture doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to the happiness of singles. What does is the cost of dating, availability of amenities, and similar things. 

After looking at all this information we discovered that New Orleans is ranked #70 on our list of the best cities for singles in the US. It isn’t a great result, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. No, it just means you need to get a little creative on your dating journey. If you want to see why we ranked your city so low, take a look at our full article, here.

Why We Love These Dating Apps for NOLA Singles

The choices on our list of the 5 best dating apps in New Orleans all have the best and most modern digital dating features. From super liking to making your profile incognito, there are so many ways to get a leg up on the local competition. These apps have everything you will need to improve your dating journey, and you can try them all before buying!

Tips for Using a Dating App to Find Love

Dating apps can help you find real love that lasts, but only if you use them properly. Here are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your dating app:

  • Use All The Features Your App Provides – You might think some of the features on your dating app are unnecessary or silly, but if they are offered it is because they can assist you in some way. Whether they are intended to make your experience more fun or give you a leg up against the competition, you don’t want to miss out. 
  • Create a Great Bio – A great bio should be concise but interesting. Don’t leave a full essay describing your entire life, a few sentences should do! Still, add a little flair so that you come across as a unique individual. You might even consider how your bio might lead to a fun ice breaker. If you include information that is easy to respond to, you will naturally get more matches reaching out.  
  • Choose the Right Photos – There are a couple of unspoken rules when it comes to posting photos on your dating app, and I am about to speak them. Well, write them anyway. Rule one: Try to post between 5-8 photos. This is the sweet spot in terms of number. Rule two: Don’t fill your photos with nothing but selfies. Have group photos and candid photos that give an idea of who you are and what you like.
  • Avoid Conversation Faux Pas – Don’t start conversations with cringey pickup lines that a self-proclaimed pick up artist would use. That’s a quick way to end up as a screenshot on Reddit or Facebook. Instead, try to come up with a unique way to start a conversation that shows you actually read the person’s bio. 
  • Expand Your Horizons – If you think you aren’t getting enough matches, it might be that you are being overly picky in your search filtering. Try loosening your search restraints a bit and see what other great matches are out there for you. 

New Orleans Date Night Locations that Aren’t Bars

The bar scene in New Orleans is impressive and lucrative thanks to the lax drinking laws and a constant flow of interested tourists. However, they aren’t the most interesting place to take a date. Here are a few other date night ideas that your partner might prefer:

Relax at The Theaters at Canal Place

Whether you want to see the biggest films of the year or you prefer to sink your teeth into an indie flick, The Theaters at Canal Place have a show you will enjoy. You can even order food and refreshments from your seat, so you won’t miss a minute overly complex plot. 

Browse The Frenchmen Art Market

You don’t even have to buy anything to enjoy browsing the Frenchmen Art Market, but you won’t be disappointed if you do. The sellers in the market offer a mix of handmade jewelry, clothing, paintings, and so much more. The market is a romantic, nighttime event that you won’t soon forget. 

Try a Moonlit River Cruise

Why do we love nighttime dates in New Orleans? Who knows? Maybe it is something about the sweet southern air and the chirping of nocturnal creatures that make it so dang romantic. If you like enjoying the moonlight, you will love an evening river cruise down the Mississippi.