Best Louisville Dating Sites in 2021 – Apps, Features, and Free Trials

Louisville is a city of distinct personalities and ways of living. It is one of the only cities where the citizens where the areas stereotypes like a badge of pride. Whether discussing Lousivillians’ propensity for bare feet or their unique pronunciations of many words, they are likely to laugh along with you in agreement. Really, the stereotype that is the most accurate is how happy and joyous the town is. 

But there is something that Louisville is lacking – a good dating scene. Not only are there fewer singles in Louisville than other large cities, but locals seem to dislike the lack of varying amenities and activities. 

If you want to improve your dating experience, we have a few dating apps that can help take away the frustration. 

The 5 Best Dating Apps in Louisville

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Louisville, Kentucky

  • There are fewer date night amenities in Louisville than other large cities
  • The singles pool in Louisville is surprisingly small
  • The cost of dating in Louisville is nice and low
  • Ridesharing in Louisville is pretty pricey
Skyline of downtown in Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky, USA skyline on the river.

How Louisville Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

We did a data study on the 100 most populated cities in the United States to compare them in multiple categories related to dating. Our goal? We wanted to see if some cities are far better for singles than others. Turns out that this is exactly the case. We found some cities that are basically a playground for singles to find true love. Other cities, like Louisville, aren’t so great for singles. 

Now, listen. Louisville is a great city! Still, the area lacks a lot of amenities and features that make a town great for singles. After all is said and done, the city ranked #72 on our list. If you want to see exactly how we got that number and how other towns did, check out the full article, here. 

Why We Love These Dating Apps for Louisville Singles

These apps are our favorites for singles in Louisville because they provide all of our must-have features:

  • Simple Functionality – These apps are meant to be easy to use and that is reflected in their simple interfaces. No matter what feature you want to use, chances are you will be able to figure it out thanks to these platforms built-in tutorials and straightforward functionality. 
  • Streamlined Platforms – These apps are constantly updated to keep up with modern tech offerings and user demands. This is great for users because it means that with each update the platform becomes quicker and easier to use. 
  • Great Moderation Teams – The mods on these apps work tirelessly to keep users safe and informed. If you choose a dating app without attentive mods, you are bound to run into scammers and criminals left and right. 
  • Multiple Communication Features – We love that these apps offer lots of communication features like chat rooms, video chatting, voice calling, and more. Being able to communicate through the app is important because it prevents you from having to share personal details with strangers. 
  • Easy Searching and Filtering – The search and filtering features on these apps are great and let you whittle your match pool down to those who are truly perfect for you!

How to Overcome the Difficult Dating Scene in Louisville

We’ve mentioned a few times now that Louisville is not great for singles, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your dating journey and get the most out of it. 

Use Dating Apps to Find Singles

Dating apps are the absolute easiest way to find other singles in Louisville or anywhere else. These apps take all the singles in your area and consolidate them into a place where you can actually find them! Not only that, dating apps also give you the ability to screen singles of interest at a distance before allowing these strangers into your real life. 

Expand Your Horizons

If you are having trouble finding singles in Louisville, consider expanding your search radius to neighboring cities like Buchanan or Hill View. You might also consider whether or not you are being overzealous with your search filters on dating apps. If you aren’t seeing a lot of singles in your results, you may need to loosen your reins just a bit. 

Mix Up Your Date Nights

We know there aren’t a lot of date night options in Louisville, but don’t fall into the pattern of going to the same places over and over. Instead, check out some of these unique date night ideas:

  • Hop The State Line: If you want a bit of an adventure on your date, take a stroll to the Big Four Bridge. You can have a nice walk or bike ride over the river and right into Indiana, where you can stop for a bite and a drink before heading back. 
  • Try Ziplining: If you want something a little more exciting, try out the zipline at the Jefferson Memorial Forest. This adventure isn’t for everyone, but is definitely memorable!
  • Enjoy Nature: The parks and rivers in Louisville are all beautiful places to host a date. Whether you enjoy a classic picnic or rent a kayak for a trip down river, there is no shortage of fun to be had. 
  • Go on a Candy Crawl: There is a surprising number of candy stores and confectionary shops in Louisville. Give them all a tour and see what sweet delights you can share with your date. 
  • See a Live Show: There are multiple places in Louisville to see a concert, drag show, play, and other shows. WPFK, a public radio station, even hosts a concert on the river the last wednesday of each month. 
  • Check out Specialty Bars: There are a lot of bars in Louisville, but some are more interesting than others. Bars like RecBar 812 (filled with classic arcade games) turn a drink at the bar into a full night of fun.