Best Illinois Dating Sites

With over 12 million people in the state of Illinois, it should be easy to find love, right? Well, the fact you’re sitting here with us today means you already know that’s not the case. Luckily, online dating sites in Illinois are set up to help you cut through the masses and find that special guy or gal you’ve been looking for. While it might be tough to meet people in passing in Illinois, the internet is a beautiful place ready and willing to make things easier.

No matter if you live in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, Elgin, or any of the other beautiful cities in Illinois, you’ll be pleased to know that technology is here to help! Stick around as we talk about the best dating sites in Illinois, take you on a tour of the singles community in the state, and connect you with some resources to find what you’re looking for.

The Best Dating Sites in Illinois

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Important Details for Singles Dating in Illinois

  • Chicago, Champaign, Springfield, and Rockford had the most interest in online dating in the state over the past 12 months.
  • The breakdown of men to women in the state is 51% women and 49% men.
  • 27% of the population is aged 20-39.
  • Chicago ranked 40th for best cities in America for singles in a recent data study. This includes a 17th place ranking in the country for the quality of the dating pool.
Willis Tower Skydeck in downtown Chicago Illinois

By studying recent Google analytics and data trends, we were able to identify which cities in Illinois had the most interest in online dating. Specifically, we looked at search volumes for the last 12 months for topics relating to online dating. The winner? Chicago! The Champaign and Springfield-Decatur metropolitan area came in second with 98% of the search volume in Chicago. And only 2% back from there was Rockford.

What’s real interesting is that when you compare this data with the five-year data, you see some recent changes. Over the five-year period, Champaign and Springfield-Decatur was in 1st, Rockford in 2nd, and Chicago in 3rd. Clearly, there’s been some major growth in interest in online dating in Chicago recently.

Here are the full results over the past 12 months in the state.

Illinois Google Trends Map for Online Dating Topics
  1. Chicago IL – (100)
  2. Champaign & Springfield-Decatur IL – (98)
  3. Rockford IL – (96)
  4. Peoria-Bloomington IL – (88)
  5. Davenport IA-Rock Island-Moline IL – (80)
  6. Harrisburg-Mount Vernon IL – (25)
  7. St. Louis MO – (24)
  8. Evansville IN – (10)
  9. Quincy IL-Hannibal MO-Keokuk IA
  10. Terre Haute IN

Chicago Comes in 40th for Best Cities in America for Singles

Kudos to you Chi-town! While 40th could be better, it’s a lot higher than a lot of other areas of the U.S. Where things get interesting (and exciting) is when you look into some of the details from the data study. The city scored 17th in the quality of the dating pool category, which looks at things like % single, education levels, diversity, healthiness, and a whole lot more. Where the city struggled was with the cost of dating, which you’re probably already well aware of.

Dating in Specific Illinois Cities

Illinois Singles Dating Statistics

Total Population

  • 12,741,080

Population in Illinois by Gender

  • 51% women in Illinois
  • 49% men in Illinois

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 52% of women in Illinois are single
  • 49% of men in Illinois are single

Population in Illinois by Age

  • 14% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 13% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 13% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 13% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 16% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in IL

  • 80.6% of households in Illinois have internet access


What Makes These the Best Illinois Dating Apps?

  • Plenty of Singles in More Areas than Just Chicago – While Chi-town is well represented in these online dating apps, it’s not the online city where you’ll be able to find singles. These apps have millions of members, including people from all over the state of Illinois.
  • Mobile Options for On-the-Go Dating – We live in a fast-paced era, which means we need Illinois dating apps that can keep up with us. All of these top options come with the ability to meet, message, search, and date from anywhere and on any device that has an internet connection.
  • Affordable Paid Plans – To get the most out of Illinois dating sites, you’ll eventually want to upgrade to a paid plan. And while we’re onboard with investing in yourself as much as you need to, there’s no need to spend more money than you have to. Each of these dating apps in IL comes with great features that match the affordable rates.

Best Free Dating Sites in Illinois

One of the top attributes of the best Illinois dating sites is the absolutely free trial account that each site offers. With only an email address and no payment information, you can have one of these stellar free trial accounts. Most of the free trial accounts have no time limit on their use, but they do limit your communication ability. To start searching for your special Illinois single today, click the links we have provided below and get ready to find true love.

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