Mesa Singles – Dating in Mesa, AZ

If you live in Arizona and are looking for love, you have come to the right spot my friend. Specifically, if you are looking for help with dating in Mesa, this is the guide for you. Our team breaks down all the details that Mesa singles need to know about dating sites, dating apps, and the single’s community in the area.

Key Takeaways about Mesa Singles

  • There are roughly 10,360 more women than men in Mesa, AZ
  • More men in Mesa are married than in the state of Arizona as a whole
  • Less women in Mesa are married than in the state of Arizona as a whole
  • 48% of men in Mesa, AZ are single (unmarried)
  • 51% of women in Mesa, AZ are single (unmarried)
  • 88.3% of people in Mesa, AZ have at least a high school education
  • 83.7% of people have an internet subscription
Suburbs of Mesa Arizona
Tree lined streets in suburb with man made lakes in east Mesa, Arizona

The Best Dating Sites for Mesa Singles

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Statistics About Dating in Mesa

The more you know about Mesa singles, the city, and the overall population, the better you can prepare yourself for getting out there. Dating in Mesa shouldn’t be hard, especially with a population of over half a million and over half of those people unmarried! In this section, we cover population stats, gender breakdowns, marital and divorce rates, education, ages, and more! If you’re ready to learn everything there is to know about Mesa singles, buckle up because that is where we’re headed.

Total population in Mesa, AZ

  • 518,012

Population in Mesa by Gender

  • 51% are female
  • 49% are men

Marital Status

  • 52% of men are married
  • 49% of women are married


  • 9% of men are divorced
  • 14% of women are divorced

Education Level

  • 88.3% are high school grads or higher
  • 26.9% have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Population in Mesa, AZ by Age

  • 14.4% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 13.7% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 12.1% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 11.1% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 21.9% aged 60+ years old

Median Age

  • 35.8 years old

Race and Ethnicity in Mesa

  • White alone – 82.8%
  • Black or African American alone – 3.8%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native alone – 2.3%
  • Asian alone – 2.0%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone – 0.4%
  • Two or More Races – 3.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino – 27.7%


What Makes These the Best Mesa Dating Sites?

When it comes to dating in Mesa, one of your best friends is the internet. Online dating sites help you match and get to know other people in the city, as well as in the entire state of Arizona. But what makes these the best Mesa dating sites? A lot of things, actually. Let’s take a quick peek at just a few of the major factors we weight when creating and updating our lists.

Plenty of Mesa Singles to Choose From

The biggest thing that we look at when choosing apps and sites to help with dating in Mesa is how many active accounts are from the area. It would be pointless to use a site that doesn’t have anyone single in the area. Our expert team ensures that there is good coverage across all age brackets in the area and the surrounding areas.

Advanced Matching Technology

Technology is your friend when it comes to dating in Mesa. All of the best apps and dating sites we recommend have fully embraced and leveraged technology to help you out. This means things like matching features, search function, and complex algorithms. In other words, we want the computers to do the hard work behind the scenes so that you can relax, date, and find that special someone.

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Looking to expand your singles search area?

If you’re okay dating outside the city limits, you can certainly expand where you’re looking. While there are plenty of Mesa singles, the rest of the state and the country have plenty of high-quality people ready to mingle. If you’re thinking of expanding, we’ve included some super-helpful links below to get you connected right now.