Best Dating Sites Arizona

The online Arizona singles community is definitely a welcome watering hole in the desert if you’re seeking love. Whether you are traveling to this beautiful part of the southwest U.S. or you live in the Grand Canyon state, you can find a love match that meets your specific qualifications for a Mr. or Ms. Right. Our list of the best Arizona dating sites have been fully tested for their matching success, the quality of the mobile app, affordability, and hand-chosen for their high numbers of local singles available.

Your odds are pretty good in Arizona that you’ll run into a single person, per the Census population numbers we’ve quoted below – BUT your odds are even better when you sign up with one of the best AZ dating sites that we recommend specifically for singles in the region.

And did we mention that five different cities in Arizona made our list of the best U.S. cities for singles? If you live in AZ or are just passing through for a little while, there are plenty of great ways to find love.

The Best Dating Sites in Arizona

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#1ZooskFree Trial
#2eHarmonyFree Trial
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#5Christian MingleFree Trial

Dating Resources for Specific Arizona Cities

Any of the best Arizona dating sites we’ve recommended above will work masterfully pretty much anywhere in the state. That being said, there are some areas with some bustling singles communities that we just had to draw special attention to. If you live in one of these cities below, check out our dating guide and list of best dating apps for your city.

5 Arizona Cities Make the List of Best Cities for Singles in the US

At Healthy Framework, we love to dig into the data. Recently, we studied over 90 of the largest cities in the U.S. to find the best cities for singles. If you’d like to see the full data study results, click the link in the last sentence.

Wanna know how Arizona fared? We bet you do! Five different cities in the state made the list. The rankings were all over the place, but here’s the juicy details. Each city was scored overall and then in three different categories—Dating Pool Quality, Cost of Dating, and Available Amenities. Throughout the three categories, we looked at an impressive 36 different data points.

Scottsdale, Arizona Ranks Top 20 Overall (18th)

  • Ranked 18th nationally
    • Ranked 1st in the Dating Amenities category
    • Ranked 61st in the Dating Pool Quality category
    • Ranked 56th in the Cost of Dating category

Tucson, Arizona Ranks 31st Overall

  • Ranked 31st nationally
    • Ranked 86th in the Dating Amenities category
    • Ranked 16th in the Dating Pool Quality category
    • Ranked 16th in the Cost of Dating category

Mesa, Arizona Ranks 43rd Overall

  • Ranked 43rd nationally
    • Ranked 21st in the Dating Amenities category
    • Ranked 80th in the Dating Pool Quality category
    • Ranked 33rd in the Cost of Dating category

Phoenix, Arizona Ranks 59th Overall

  • Ranked 59th nationally
    • Ranked 62nd in the Dating Amenities category
    • Ranked 47th in the Dating Pool Quality category
    • Ranked 44th in the Cost of Dating category

Chandler, Arizona Ranks 73rd Overall

  • Ranked 73rd nationally
    • Ranked 35th in the Dating Amenities category
    • Ranked 83rd in the Dating Pool Quality category
    • Ranked 54th in the Cost of Dating category

The Cities in AZ Most Interested in Online Dating

Tucson wins the top spot for the cities in Arizona most interested in online dating. How did we get that data? We looked at Google search volume and trends data for the past 12 months. We looked for which cities and metropolitan areas in the state had the highest volume of search traffic for online dating topics. In second place was the Phoenix area, with about 96% of the search volume we saw from Tucson. You could say that’s relatively the same in a lot of ways. And in a distant third place was the Yuma area, with about half of the search volume we see from Tucson.

Arizona GT Data Online Dating
  1. Tucson (Sierra Vista) AZ – (100)
  2. Phoenix AZ – (96)
  3. Yuma AZ-El Centro CA – (52)

Arizona Singles Dating Statistics

Total State Population

  • 7,278,717
  • 64 people per square mile

Population in Arizona by Gender

  • 50% women
  • 50% of men

Overall Singles by Gender (Unmarried)

  • 52% of women in Arizona are single
  • 50% of men in Arizona are single

Population in Arizona by Age

  • The median age of people in the state is 38.3 (national average is 38.5).
  • 14% aged from 20-29 years old 
  • 13% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 12% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 12% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 24% aged 60+

% Households with Internet in AZ

  • 81.8% of households in Arizona have internet access


What Makes These the Best Arizona Dating Apps?

Something we don’t take lightly here at Healthy Framework is our rankings, reviews, and recommendations. Why? Because we want to be able to stand behind our work. Why can we say so confidently that these are the best Arizona dating sites? Simple. We’ve tested each site to look for top technology, tons of singles, lots of value, and an environment that can help you find what you want.

Here are just a few highlights of that ranking and review process.

Matchmaking Technology and Effective Algorithms to Find Arizona Singles

All of these AZ dating apps come with the very latest technology and matchmaking algorithms to help you have the best chances of finding that special someone. While features will differ from site to site, some of the big ones we look for include:

  • Robust search features
  • Swipe-style dating
  • Unique matching algorithms
  • Rich profiles and opportunities to showcase your best side

Arizona Singles From All Over the State

The Arizona dating sites recommended in this guide cover all of the regions in Arizona – from Scottsdale in the north, to Sedona and Phoenix, down to Tucson and out to Yulee in the desert. All the singles you’re looking for are signed up here and they’re already having fun messaging, winking, liking, and chatting on our wonderful recommended apps. No matter the city you’re in, these apps have you covered.

Actual Support

Sometimes you have questions. If online dating is new to you (or even dating in Arizona in general), you’re going to have a lot of questions. The best apps and sites have top-notch customer support teams in place to help answer those questions for you. Part of what you pay for when you sign up for a dating site is these people who work hard to ensure you have a great experience and to help you find what you’re looking for.

AZ Dating Apps

These recommended mobile dating apps are easy to use and free to download. Simply sign up for a basic account (also free) and then you’re on your way. You can even edit your profile or add new photos at any time you have a connection to the internet for your phone. AZ dating apps allow you to search for any user attribute, and there’s also a full messaging center where you can reply to a crush, create a new message, or set your notifications for different kinds of communication alerts.

  • Compatible with iOS, Apple, and Google operating systems
  • Synch with desktop dating sites, so you can use any device
  • Free to download and try with a free trial link

Best Free Dating Sites in Arizona

Are you ready to meet the love match of your dreams? Perhaps they’re already waiting for you on one of these top Arizona dating sites. Check out the linked free trial memberships we’ve provided at the top of this guide to get a glimpse of the great singles communities in your area – you won’t be disappointed and the free trial accounts are truly risk free. Once you complete sign up, you’ll immediately gain access to searching the singles community and building your unique personal profile.


Is Zoosk in Tucson any good?

Yes, Zoosk is an incredible option for singles in Tucson, AZ who are looking for love, casual dating, or something a little more serious. As you can see, Zoosk made the top spot on our list of the best sites for dating in Arizona, which means it’s an ideal pick for singles in Tucson as well.

Is dating in Arizona hard?

Dating in Arizona can be hard, but it doesn’t have to seem impossible. With a fairly spread out state, utilizing technology like online dating can really help to bridge the geographical gap and make dating in the state easier. With over 50% of the men and women in the state unmarried, the cities are ripe with options—you just need to know where to look.

Is Arizona a good place for singles to meet?

Anywhere in the US can be a great place to meet singles, and Arizona certainly fits that bill. In our most recent data study, five cities made the top 100 list for best cities for singles in the country. While some are better than others, this showing already showcases the opportunities to find love and fun in the Grand Canyon state.