Best US Dating Sites in 2021 – Details for All 50 States

One of the best things about being single in America is there are plenty of unique ways to find that special someone. The best US dating sites offer plenty of quality singles to choose from, mobile-friendly platforms, and great search functions, all at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the top dating sites in America, you’ve come to the right place.

The Top Dating Sites in America

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What You’ll Find Here

  • The best U.S. dating sites broken down by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Tips for date ideas and finding love in each U.S. state.
  • Data, stats, and trends about online dating in the United States as a whole and broken down by state
  • You just might find that special guy or gal you’ve been looking for! (That’s our goal.)
  • In which states in America online dating is the most popular
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Best US Dating Sites by State

Are you looking for something a little more specific than just the best dating site in America? If you’re looking for something a little more dialed in, we have a list of top options broken down by state and in some larger areas by city! While you’re going to see a lot of the same names you’ve seen here, there are some areas from time to time where there might be a more fitting option to find the singles you’re looking for. 

A question we get a lot (because it’s a good one) is which states in the U.S. have the most interest in online dating. And what’s really cool about this question is we actually have some hard data to back it up! The geniuses over at Google help to aggregate and dissect data on where the hotspots are for online dating in the country through Google Trends. We took this data and are here to show you our list of the states in America where online dating is the most popular.

Here’s the top ten states where online dating is the most popular! The full results are posted below as well.

Google Trends Heat Map Data for Online Dating Searches in the United States
  1. Vermont – (100)
  2. Alaska – (93)
  3. South Dakota – (81)
  4. Colorado – (70)
  5. South Carolina – (69)
  6. New York – (69)
  7. Montana – (68)
  8. New Mexico – (67)
  9. Nebraska – (67)
  10. Oklahoma – (66)
RankStateSearch Volume Factor
3South Dakota81
5South Carolina69
6New York69
8New Mexico67
12District of Columbia63
26New Hampshire56
32West Virginia54
33North Carolina54
34New Jersey54
50North Dakota43
51Rhode Island34

What Makes These the Top Dating Sites in USA

  • Plenty of Quality US-Based Singles
  • Mobile-Friendly Dating Platform
  • Rich Search Functions and Matching Features

Earning the title of the best dating site in America does not come easy. Just because you offer service to residents in the 50 states doesn’t mean you’re automatically a viable option. To earn the title from us, a US dating site has to pass a rigorous analysis where we look at hundreds of different factors. Making our list as one of the top dating sites in USA can’t be bought, bribed, or earned through any other means than offering the best service for singles in the land of the free.

Here are a few of the reasons these are truly the best US dating sites.

Plenty of Quality US-Based Singles

The worst thing that can happen when you join an online dating site is to find out that there are no singles that live anywhere remotely close to you. The top dating sites in USA have the majority of their user bases here in the states. Additionally, the singles are spread out from coast to coast in major and smaller cities.

Mobile-Friendly Dating Platform

A key element of the top dating sites in America is the existence of a quality mobile-friendly dating platform. To stay in the game, you need to be able to search singles, respond to messages, and set up dates from anywhere and everywhere you are, as long as you have an internet or phone connection. This can be a dedicated mobile app or a mobile-responsive website that works great on every device.

Rich Search Functions and Matching Features

The best US dating sites have the technology in place to help you find that special someone. This can include search functions, the ability to sort matches, unique matching algorithms, and more. Online dating is supposed to be easy and the top dating sites in America know how to capitalize on the convenience to help you out.

A More In-Depth Look at the Top Dating Sites in USA


One of the best dating sites in America hands-down is eHarmony. This online dating community is the number one trusted site for meeting singles across all the top dating sites in USA.

This site ranks well due to its quality singles located across the U.S., and it’s fun and easy to use platform. The site has bragged for years that it is responsible for the most marriages. If you’re looking for something lasting and a little more on the serious side, this is right where you want to be. 

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Elite Singles

Unmatched in quality online singles available to date by many other top dating sites in USA, the online community of Elite Singles is a definite winner. For a fresh take on dating, Elite Singles has a stellar online dating site and a solid mobile app.

Singles looking for love are located across North America and tend to be highly educated professionals. The site boasts over 381,000+ new singles every month, with over 85% having an above-average education. 

Elite Singles App Screenshot

Christian Mingle

For one of the top dating sites in USA focusing on the Christian community, look no further for love than Christian Mingle. This lively site has a great mobile app, a fun profile layout, and several communications supports, including icebreaker questions in the messaging interface.

Come see for yourself with a free trial account why Christian Mingle is ranked as one of the best US dating sites.

Christian Mingle App Screenshot


JDate is the premium online community for meeting other Jewish singles and one of the best US dating sites. While its online interface is simple, it really does have everything you need to be successful in finding love.

As one of the top dating sites in America, JDate has an easy to use communication interface where you can message your love interest, and there’s also a great mobile app, so that you never miss a message or interest returned. Check out this site today, and you won’t be disappointed.

Jdate App Screenshot

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