Best Dating Apps for UK Singles – (Updated for 2021)

Online dating has finally become a mainstream way to meet your partner. It’s no surprise! Online dating makes finding new people fun, easy, and safer than picking up strangers in pubs. In fact, eHarmony and Imperial College Business School partnered for a study that showed current online dating trends will grow so that over half of couples will meet online by 2035. Additionally, by 2037 over half of the UKs new babies will be born to couples that met online.

So, if you are a UK single looking to mingle, online dating might be the way to go!

We know a thing or two about online dating apps, so we’ve put together a list of the best dating apps for UK singles. Want to know why we chose these apps or how to use them? Just keep reading!

Top 3 UK Dating Apps

RankSiteFree Trial LinkBest For 
#1CupidFree TrialOverall
#2eHarmonyFree TrialSerious Relationships
#3Our TimeFree TrialSenior Dating
#4ZooskFree TrialCasual Dating

Why These Are Our Favorite UK Dating Apps

  •  Huge Pools of UK Singles – We know that the number one concern of a dating app for singles in the UK are whether or not you will find other UK singles. That’s why we made sure the apps on our list all have thousands of UK singles using their services!
  • User Friendly and Simple to Learn – These dating apps are not only super easy to use, they are actually fun to operate. Whether you want to filter results, talk with matches, utilize advanced chat features, or search for dating advice blogs, these apps make the entire process highly intuitive.
  • Great Statistics for Successful Relationships – Our favorite UK dating apps all have one thing in common – fantastic statistics regarding successful relationships and happy marriages. That’s because they use advanced matching algorithms to help singles find matches based on their core personality traits. 
  • Focus on Relationships over Hookups – Hookup apps are a dime a dozen. If you are looking for something fast and impersonal – look elsewhere. Our choices for dating apps have a larger focus on compatibility and creating long-term, happy partnerships.
  • Free Trials to Save You Money – We know that the price tag on some dating sites can send people running. Luckily, these dating apps have free trials that allow you to check out their platforms and user base before spending a single pound!

Challenges of Being Single in the UK

Being single can be incredibly lonely, which is something many young UK citizens mention during polls regarding modern dating trends. This, coupled with an overwhelming societal pressure to settle down, can lead UK singles to settling into unhappy relationships.

We know that these pressures and influences can be overwhelming, but we truly believe that utilizing the best dating sites can help overcome this loneliness without the need to accept a bad relationship. 

Bridge in UK

How to Increase My Chances of Finding UK Singles

The best way to increase your chances of finding UK singles is by:

  • Using the best sites for UK dating
  • Setting appropriate search parameters on your dating profile
  • Being open to singles a little different than you’d normally date
  • Sparking up conversations with matches vs. waiting for them to message you
  • Avoid hookup apps that attract lots of tourists

Why We Prefer Mainstream Dating Apps for UK Singles

There are a lot of niche dating apps out there, and some of them are targeted toward UK citizens. While some people might find success on those apps, we think that mainstream apps are far better. 

Users can set their location parameters and search criteria to only show singles in the UK, which essentially makes a mainstream app the same as a niche app but with more modern platforms, better features, and higher-rated security. 

Additionally, mainstream apps have consistently shown far better results when it comes to long-term relationships. Niche apps tend to undermarket and pull in tiny pools of singles, which means using their app can actually decrease the amount of UK singles you can find. 

Are Dating Apps Safe for UK Singles?

Used responsibly, dating apps can be very safe. It is important to remember a few rules when it comes to dating online:

  • Never share personal data with your matches
  • Don’t send money to your matches for any reason
  • Report inappropriate behavior to moderators or customer service
  • When meeting in person, choose a public place that is well lit
  • When meeting in person, tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you will return
  • When meeting in person, be in charge of your own transportation

Can I Use These Apps if I Am Only Visiting the UK?

If you are visiting the UK and have no intention of maintaining a long-term relationship with someone you meet there, we recommend using a casual dating site instead of the sites on our list. However, if you are open to moving to the UK or having a long-term, long-distance relationship with someone in the UK, then these apps may be great for you. 

Are These Apps Good For Finding Singles Outside the UK?

Maybe you live in the UK but you are interested in singles in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, or even all the way over in the United States. Luckily, when you use mainstream dating apps (like the great apps on our list), you have the option of expanding your dating horizons beyond the UK. 

Tips For Building a Great Profile on UK Dating Apps

The first step to online dating success is having a great dating profile. After looking through advice from multiple dating experts, here are the most important tips for building a good profile:

  • Give your profile some personality – Just writing your age, location, and a few key interests in your profile is a quick way to get overlooked. Consider the bio a place to market yourself to dates and give it a personal flare.
  • Keep it short but informative – Your bio should be short but informative. Think about how you’d write out a full-size bio, then create a TLDR (too long didn’t read) version for your dating profile.
  • Include an easy icebreaker – Include a fun bit of info that can lead to an easy opening for potential matches. Something as simple as, “I’ve never lost a game of checkers,” offers matches a great way to break the ice with you and leads to higher engagement.
  • Avoid posting exclusively group photos – Matches might get confused about which person is you. 
  • Avoid posting exclusively selfies – Only posting selfies makes it seem like you never go out and do things and can come off like you have no friends or family. Solo photos are fine, but selfies (photos you’ve taken of yourself) do not perform well on dating profiles.