Best Dating Apps in Canada – (Updated for 2021)

Canada has a reputation of being filled with kind, welcoming people. So, it is no wonder that dating in Canada can be a really beautiful experience. The problem is, Canada is pretty huge. Not only that, but the cold weather has a tendency to stretch into “humans can’t survive this,” temperatures, which makes meeting people pretty difficult. 

If you are struggling with landing a date in Canada, we recommend trying out dating apps. Don’t just settle for any old app, though. Take a look at our list of the absolute best dating apps for Canadians. Then, read on for some great tips and tricks to improve your overall dating experience.  

Top 3 Dating Apps for Canadians

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#2eHarmonyFree Trial
#3ZooskFree Trial

Why We Adore these Dating Apps for Canadian Singles

  • They Have Thousands of Canadian Singles
  • You Can Try Them Out For Free
  • They Work on Most Mobile Devices
  • They Have Proven Results
  • They Are Super Easy to Use
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They Have Thousands of Canadian Singles

You won’t be left wanting on these apps. They have singles from all over Canada to give you the absolute best chance of finding the perfect match. Looking for singles outside of Canada? They have those too! They are basically one-stop-shops for finding love. 

You Can Try Them Out For Free

We love that these apps all have free trials that allow users to get a good idea of how they operate before spending any money. When you do decide to subscribe to an app, you can choose which service tier matches your budget and needs. 

They Work on Most Mobile Devices

All the apps on our list are highly rated on both the Android and IOS app store. You can use these services on practically any mobile device, which can help you integrate the dating chat into your everyday routine. 

They Have Proven Results

Perhaps we should have led with this, but these apps have consistently stellar results regarding long-term relationship success. Studies show that online dating is becoming more popular each year and by 2035 over half of marriages will likely start with online dating, and that’s thanks to great sites like these!

They Are Super Easy to Use

These apps have somehow managed to be both filled with advanced features and easy to use. The layout is simple to follow and the overall experience is intuitive enough that even the least tech-savvy person can figure them out. Besides, if you do get confused by anything, their customer service teams are always available to help you.

Tips for Canadians to Stay Safe While Dating Online

  • Never share financial info with your matches.
  • Avoid linking your profile to your private social media.
  • Communicate through the app’s chat feature (which is typically encrypted and moderated).
  • Report any malicious or inappropriate behavior to the app moderators.
  • If you are meeting for the first time, let a friend know where you are going and when to expect you home.
  • Create a backup plan to help you get out of any bad dates.
  • Arrange your own transportation so you aren’t stuck in a car with a stranger.

Are These Dating Apps Good for French Speaking Canadians?

Yes! The apps on our list of the best dating apps in Canada make it easy to find love in a multitude of languages – including French. When you set up your profile you will be able to set your language preferences as well as your preferred language spoken by your matches. 

How to Overcome Bad Weather when Dating in Canada

Canadian winters can be harsh, but having a partner to help you stay cozy makes them feel a lot warmer. In some Provinces and territories, where the winter season is a little less intense, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor activities and date locations to try out. But what if you simply can’t leave home due to the weather?

Two words – virtual date.

Virtual dates are not only a great way to show some effort toward your partner, but they are cheap, fun, and easy to set up at the last minute. Try streaming a movie simultaneously, having a video game tournament, playing games over video chat, etc. Your imagination is the limit! 

Which Canadian Dating App Should I Choose?

The best way to choose the best app for you is to consider what your dating goals are. Some dating apps focus heavily on marriage and long-term relationship success. Others cater to a more casual dating scene. There are even apps that pair together singles of the same faith, age range, and more. Once you know what your dating goals are, choosing the right app becomes a lot simpler. 

Why Dating a Canadian is So Great

Canadians Are No Stranger to Hard Work

Canadians know what it means to work hard. Whether we are talking about schooling, professions, or just surviving in the cold, Canadians always do their best to get the job done. This extends to relationships too. A Canadian will put the work in to make a relationship work, so you best be ready to return the effort!

Their Kindness Tends to Extend to Relationships

That stereotype about Canadians being nice doesn’t just apply to platonic relationships. Dating a Canadian often leads to a life of romantic gestures, intense caring, and intense love. Maybe it is the French influence in Canada, but they love with a sultry passion. 

They Are Naturally Funny

Some of the funniest and most talented stars in Hollywood hale from Canada. We think it’s something in the water! From Ryan Reynolds to Jim Carrey, Canada really knows how to make ‘em!

There is Amazing Cultural Diversity

The cultural diversity in Canada is beautiful and exciting – especially when it comes to dating. There are so many interesting singles out there with different life experiences and cultural roots. All you have to do is use a great dating app to congregate them into one place where you can easily find them. 

Canadians Are Smarter Than Most

As of 2020, Canada has the highest population of people with a tertiary education. This leads to higher rates of cultural understanding, better emotional intelligence, and greater career prospects. All things that can greatly improve a relationship! If you want a partner who is highly educated, Canada has plenty to offer!