Interracial Dating Apps

Let’s face it: all of us have a type. Whether it’s physical attraction or shared experience, every one of us has a pretty good idea about what we’re looking for in a potential mate. That’s a good thing. Being clear about who you’d like to meet can be one of the toughest parts of online dating.

For example, you could be a Black woman who prefers dating white men (or vice versa!), but you’re not sure how to let potential singles know. Or, you could identify as interracial and prefer dating someone who grew up with similar experiences.

Whatever your preference, there’s someone out there for you. With that in mind, we’ve selected the best interracial dating apps to help you find the person of your dreams.

The Best Dating Apps for Interracial Singles

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Why Are These the Best Interracial Dating Apps?

  • Ability to self-identify your race – Part of any good dating app is letting prospective singles know who you are, and how to find you. Profile pictures only tell half the story. If your heritage plays a big role in your identity and how you grew up, by all means let potential matches know!
  • Ability to identify as interracial – If, for example, you have parents of different races and you don’t want to be forced to choose between white or Black, use an app that gives you an option to identify as interracial. Nearly every app will ask for your race to help potential matches find you. Likewise, nearly all will let you check more than one box, or may even have a specific “multiracial” option.
  • Ability to filter by race – if you’re a white woman and you know you prefer Black men, you will be able to check a box or two and only see search results that meet your criteria. That won’t mean you won’t be contacted by people who aren’t necessarily your type, but it does mean that you’re much more likely to see or be seen by people who are looking for you, too.
  • Ability to seek out other interracial or multiracial singles – if you’re looking for someone who has shared your experience as a multiracial person, a good dating app will let you search for other interracial singles. Whether or not you grew up in a household with the same cultural mix, you may simply prefer to spend time with someone who knows what it’s like to grow up in a household that might have differing cultural components.
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Helpful Tips for Interracial Dating Online

How will I know if the person I’m interested in is looking for someone of my race?

Nearly every dating app allows users to filter by race. So, if you’re a Black woman who wants to date a white man, if you’re seeing their profile, it’s a good bet they’re open to interracial dating.

Don’t ask for a person’s ethnic background

Most people will self-identify their race—or, for interracial people, races—in their dating profiles, so you’ll have some idea in advance. But while you’re likely to know immediately if you’re attracted to someone, it’s bad form to ask someone for their full family tree on a first date. Besides, it takes the fun out of getting to know someone new if you learn every minute detail online.

How do I let profile viewers know that I’m interested in interracial dating?

Just be up-front about it! If you’re a Latina woman and you’re attracted to Black men, mention it in your profile. You have a type, and letting people know that can help speed up the process of finding the right match for you. There are plenty of would-be singles who will be much more likely to message you if they already know you’re their cup of tea.

How do I let someone know I’m looking for more than just a physical connection?

If your dating history shows you have a type, there’s no harm in being honest with yourself and your prospective dates about it. But if you’re looking for a lasting connection, interracial dating is no different, whether you identify as Black, white, Latino, Asian, or have an interracial heritage yourself. Let your date know if you’re looking for something short-term, something long-term, or something in between.

FAQ About Using Dating Apps for Interracial Singles

Is it rude to specify that I prefer interracial dating?

It’s all in the way you phrase it! Saying “my type is…” is much better received than “I only date people of a certain race.” You can also phrase it as “I’ve found in past relationships that my partners have been…”. People on dating apps are diverse, whether it’s how they grew up to how they like to spend their spare time. Give potential singles less to wade through if you have a strong sense of who you’re looking for. Honesty is always the best policy

What’s the difference between fetishizing a race and having a dating preference?

If you find that you expect people of a certain race to have certain set of behaviors or physical appearance, interracial dating may not be for you. However, if you look back on your past relationships and find that you and your partners have built lasting relationships based on mutual interest, it’s safe to say you just prefer interracial dating.

If I identify as interracial, will apps automatically match me with other interracial singles?

You’re in control here! When you first join a new dating app, you’ll be asked questions about yourself, but also questions about who your dream match is. If you care more about educational background or hobbies, you can put more emphasis on narrowing down those options. However, if you’d prefer to put emphasis on someone with the shared experience of being interracial, you’ll almost always be able to update your search settings to find you the best match.