Dating Apps for Women

Online dating wasn’t always the common activity it is today. Finding an article about which dating apps are best for who would be unheard of because users of the sites wanted to keep digital dating a dirty little secret. Partners lied about where they met and family members would try and work out when their cousin managed to go three states over to accidentally meet the man of her dreams.

Luckily, times have changed!

Finally, the world recognizes that online is not only a legitimate and viable way of finding a partner, but it is actually a much safer alternative for women. Using reputable dating apps for women often results in far smaller chances for assault or other scary situations during the real-world dating portion of courting.

If you are interested in seeing how dating apps can be great for women and which ones to try, just keep reading.

List of the Best Dating Apps for Women

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Why These are the Best Apps for Dating for Women

  • Safety-focused moderation teams and security features
  • Plethora of useful features to enhance communication
  • Complex date matching algorithms that do all the leg work
  • Thousands of available singles make matching easy
  • Aesthetically pleasing (no reason to use a dating site that doesn’t look great!)
  • A focus on more serious and committed relationships
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Advice for Women Trying Out Online Dating

Dating online as a woman can be scary, but adhering to a few tips and tricks can make the process a lot simpler. If you are worried about the environment of online dating or don’t know where to start, we can help you. Here are some of our best tips to utilize while accessing dating apps for women.

Be upfront about what you want.

 Being dishonest about your wants and needs doesn’t help anybody during your online dating journey. It especially doesn’t help you. Let your matches know exactly what you are looking for and if they can’t meet your needs, move on. Don’t waste your time by settling for a partner who doesn’t’ work for you.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries

“No” means “no,” and that’s that. Let your matches know what your boundaries are and expect them to be respected. If a match ever makes you feel uncomfortable, block them, report them, and then forget about them. You deserve better.

Don’t get overwhelmed by talking to too many people.

You will be surprised how many matches you are going to get, but don’t overwhelm yourself with choices. If you are talking to 12 people at once, you are going to have a hard time truy connecting with any of them. Whittle your list down to a few top contenders and get to know them each better.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You may not strike love on your first match, but that’s okay. When you find the right partner for you, you won’t even notice the time that goes into building your relationship. Developing a committed and healthy relationship isn’t meant to be fast, but it is meant to be fun.

It’s okay to take the lead and send the first message.

Studies have found that men overwhelmingly prefer women who take the lead and don’t wait for them to initiate interactions. If you see someone you are interested in, let them know. You might be surprised how much more you get out of dating apps for women when you take the reins.

You don’t need to feel bad about rejecting a match.

Not every match is going to be perfect. The goal of online dating is to find a group of singles that meet a set of base criteria and then attempt to build upon a relationship from there. Sometimes you will be matched with someone you simply don’t find attractive, who is too different in world views, or any other number of things.

It is okay to politely move on from those matches for something better. In fact, it is okay to simply never respond to a match that makes you feel uncomfortable. Your safety and mental health should always come first.

How to Find Quality Men Online

One thing is for sure. None of us ladies are getting online and signing up for dating apps to try and find losers, cheaters, and lazy men. We’re looking for quality, trustworthy men who can add to our lives by being complimentary to the already awesome things we have going on.

But how do you find quality men online? How do you sift through the riff-raff and find the guys that we dream about? Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Prepare to Be Patient

We’re not out here trying to pick out a new dress or shop for a new pair of shoes. We’re looking for a person that we want to spend time with and learn to trust and maybe fall in love with. It might take a little longer. And the reason we share that is so that you can be prepared to be patient and you don’t risk jumping at the first man who shows you a little bit of attention.

Use the Right Dating Apps

There’s a really good reason we put together this guide on the best dating apps for women and it’s not to hear ourselves talk. If you aren’t using quality dating apps that do a good job of attracting quality men, you’re not going to have much luck. You wouldn’t go to McDonalds to try and get a filet mignon would you?

You wouldn’t go to McDonalds to try and get a filet mignon would you?

Take some time and look through the options we’ve put together here. You’ll thank us later.

Set Clear Standards and Expectations

It’s important you share early on in the conversation (or on your dating profile) what’s important to you and what you’re looking for. No, that doesn’t mean give every man you talk to a lecture or rattle on about all the bad things that happened to you on your dating profile. But what it does mean is not to hide what you’re looking for.

Looking for a committed relationship? Don’t let a guy who clearly just wants hookups talk you out of that. Interested in meeting a guy who eventually wants to have kids? That’s a question you can ask. And if you don’t get the right answer to a deal breaker like that? Move on. Online dating apps for women are amazing because there are literally thousands of guys you can choose from. Don’t continue to talk to a man you know it won’t work with just because he’s cute.

Trust Your Gut

You are a smart and intuitive women. Look back at any of the losers or less-than-great men you dated in the past. If you’re being honest, how early did you know that something wasn’t right? Probably right from the start. Unfortunately, we also have an incredible mind that can convince us otherwise. This time? Don’t ignore your gut and your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, move onto the next one girl.

Get Started Matching Now

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FAQ for Women Using Dating Apps

Are online dating apps safe for women?

Online dating apps can be extremely safe for women. In fact, many women find the weeding process of online dating to make their real-world meeting experiences far safer than when they meet people at places like bars, work, and school.

Are there quality men dating online?

Yes, these dating apps for women have great, quality male singles looking for committed relationships with a woman like you.

Do people find serious relationships with dating apps?

Yes! Studies have shown that between 30 and 45 percent of modern marriages begin from online relationships. The majority of those start with online dating apps. Utilizing apps that focus on long-term relationships and marriages can help lead you down that path as well.

My gf had a bad experience dating online. Will that happen to me?

Experiences will vary like with any form of dating. For every person that met their true love in highschool, there is another person that has deep-seeded trauma from a bad highschool relationship. This is true no matter where someone meets their partner.

However, using reputable dating apps are less likely to lead to these types of negative experiences because the moderation teams and security measures work hard to get rid of users with ill intentions.

How long does it take to get started with an online dating app?

The time it takes to sign up for online dating will vary based on which dating app for women you use. However, they typically take just a few minutes, and those that take longer are likely using a more complex matching algorithm.

You can usually expect to be set up and matching with singles within an hour of signing up.

Is online Dating Expensive?

The price of online dating varies among apps and membership levels. While some dating apps for women may be a little pricier, you often are paying for better matching and features. To figure out which apps are best for you without spending any money, utilize available trial offers or free app versions before making a purchase.

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