6 Best Dating Apps that Don’t Need Facebook in 2023

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When dating apps first became popular, logging in with Facebook was the norm. It was a way to make logging in and setting up your dating profile faster. However, as the internet has grown and the general trust in Facebook has shrunk, many apps are moving away from this standard.

We understand the desire for using dating apps that don’t need Facebook. Maybe it’s a privacy thing? Maybe you’re scared of something posting on your wall? Maybe you don’t want your friends and family to know you’re online dating.

Whatever the reason, we get it and it’s totally okay!

In this article, we’re going to share several online dating apps that don’t use Facebook. Keep in mind that some of these apps do still have that option available but only if you want to use it. If not, you’re free to log in with just an email address or your Apple ID (in some cases).

List of Dating Apps That Don’t Use Facebook (Or It’s Optional)

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#1eHarmonyFree Trial
#2Higher BondFree Trial
#3Elite SinglesFree Trial
#4ZooskFree Trial
#5Christian MingleFree Trial
#6The LeagueFree Trial

How to Use These Dating Apps Without Facebook

  • eHarmony – Using eHarmony without Facebook is really easy, but it’s something you need to set up from the start. When you click the login link posted above, you’ll have the option of joining with your Facebook account, your Apple account, or simply with your email address. To avoid connecting your account to Facebook, just select the Apple or email option.
  • Higher Bond – Higher Bond does not even have an option to connect your Facebook account which is great for anyone looking to avoid that. All you have to do is sign up with your email and you have nothing to worry about.
  • Elite Singles – Much like Higher Bond, Elite Singles doesn’t give you the option of connecting your FB account, so nothing to worry about here. Just sign up with your email and enjoy.
  • Zoosk – Much like eHarmony, Zoosk gives you several options to sign up with that include Facebook, Google/Gmail account, or just your basic email. If you want to avoid a connection to Facebook, select Google or your email when you start the signup process through the links posted above.
  • Christian Mingle – With Christian Mingle, you have the option for FB, Apple, or email. Again, just choose one of the other two options when you create your account.
  • The League – One thing to be aware of with The League, is they’re going to require you to connect your LinkedIn account in most cities to get accepted to the program. You may be able to get in without that, but just something to be aware of. Still not Facebook, though 🙂 You do have the option to further verify your account with FB if you want, but it does not appear to be necessary for acceptance into the program.

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Which Dating Apps Require Facebook

Curious where other popular dating apps stack up when it comes to their connection with Facebook? Below, we’ve included a chart of 15 of the most popular dating apps and whether or not they require the use of Facebook in creating or managing your account or log in. We’ve also denoted which ones have FB as an option and which have absolutely no connection or login connection at all.

Dating AppFB RequiredFB OptionalNo FB Connection
Higher BondX
Elite SinglesX
Christian MingleX
The LeagueX
Facebook DatingX

Can I Use Dating Apps Without Facebook?

Yes, you can absolutely use plenty of online dating apps without ever needing to connect your Facebook account (or even needing to have one).

There are lots of dating apps that have steered away from using Facebook. And remember, just because a dating app has an option to connect to Facebook doesn’t always mean you are required to use it. In fact, many dating apps that began as fully Facebook dependent have quickly transitioned into being Facebook optional. 

Potential Disadvantages of Using FB with a Dating Account

While the Facebook connectivity and log in features have come a long way, there are still plenty of potential disadvantages and legitimate concerns to connecting the two. And while even though some of these may not even be valid, peace of mind and feeling comfortable goes a long way toward the quality of your online dating experience.

Here are some of the biggest reasons people opt to use dating apps without connecting Facebook.

  • Keep Your Private Life Private – We say all the time that staying safe while dating online requires withholding access to your private life. So, many see it as counterintuitive to choose a dating app that requires you to connect your profile with your personal social media even if they claim not to share anything.
  • You’re Worried About What Might Get Posted – Not everyone wants people in their everyday life to know they are actively dating, online or otherwise. So, it can be a little anxiety inducing to think that a dating app might be posting on your profile for all to see (even if they don’t). 
  • You’re Concerned About Security Breaches – Facebook has had some issues with security in the past and when you have a shared log in to multiple sites, this increases the risks when your account is compromised.
  • You Don’t Use Social Media to Begin With – A large part of the population doesn’t use Facebook or any form of non-anonymous social media. So, the idea of signing up for one just to then sign up for a dating app seems cumbersome. 

Ultimately, it comes down to control. Tech is great, but it’s not perfect. So, even if they say they aren’t going to post anything, the only way to be 100% sure is to avoid the connection.

Why Using Facebook Log In Might Be a Good Idea

As we mentioned, using Facebook with your online dating apps might not be the worst idea in the world. In the early days, there were hiccups and more concerns to be worried about. However, now several decades later, the process is smooth, efficient, and does offer way more comfort and control.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider taking advantage of the optional feature.

It Helps You Set Up Your Profile Faster

The most popular reason for linking a Facebook profile to a dating profile is that the dating app can pull your personal information from Facebook and fill in your profile for you. This saves you time and can make the entire signup process a lot easier. The process now is extremely clear about what information you’re sharing, so if you take the time to read, you’ll know exactly what they’re sharing (and can choose what not to include).

It Helps You Loading Pictures

Linking your account to Facebook can save you a few steps in the photo uploading process. Typically, when you go to upload photos there will be a “Facebook Album” option that gives you quick access to your profile’s uploaded photos. 

It Limits Emails

Some users like that signing up with a Facebook account versus an email can save you a lot of junk mail. Though, it is important to remember that signing up with an email doesn’t have to mean an overloaded inbox. Just head to your account settings to reduce your email preferences, or even shut promotional emails completely off. 

Is There a Safe Way to Use Dating Apps that Use Facebook? 

Not all dating apps that use Facebook are created equal. To begin, some popular apps use Facebook as an optional log-in method, but it isn’t required. So, you can easily opt out of using Facebook on the dating app and never worry about it again. 

If; however, you are looking at a dating site that requires Facebook to login, you need to keep your eyes open for a few policies. Many of these apps will notify you that they are only using your account to acquire your personal information. In these cases, the dating app won’t post to your Facebook account. 

Ultimately, you can use dating apps that use Facebook safely, but it comes down to looking at how the app uses Facebook, what your options are in terms of opting out, and how much of your information they are allowed to see. 

Staying Safe While Using Dating Apps with Facebook: Quick Guide

  • Check the permissions to see what all Facebook and/or your dating app is sharing.
  • Check for the ability to opt out of connecting Facebook.
  • Read the terms to learn what Facebook is allowed to share about your dating app usage.
  • If the terms make you uncomfortable, be aware that there are other great dating apps out there that don’t require Facebook.

Dating Apps Without Facebook FAQ

Can I use eHarmony without Facebook?

Yes! eHarmony actually began as a dating site that didn’t have any affiliation with Facebook. Now, users can decide to link their Facebook accounts to their eHarmony account, but it is not required. 

Can I use Tinder without Facebook?

Yes! Tinder offers two login options – Facebook and phone number. Though Tinder used to require users to link their accounts to Facebook, it is now completely optional. 

Can I use Bumble without Facebook?

Yes! Bumble updated their platform in 2018 so users could use the app without linking to Facebook. This was due to privacy concerns from users who were unhappy with Facebook’s terms of service. 

Is Facebook log in safe to use for dating sites?

Logging in with Facebook is a fast and convenient way to enter sites, but it isn’t the most secure way. There are risks of phishing and individual security breaches, not to mention the risk of site-wide breaches that then leave all connected accounts vulnerable.

Will my Facebook friends see that I am using a dating site?

When you sign up for dating apps with Facebook, you will notice a disclaimer under the confirmation page that says “this doesn’t allow the app to post to Facebook.” This means that your signup doesn’t give the dating app permission to do anything but see your information and collect your browsing data. You might get a few targeted ads, but your Facebook friends won’t be able to tell you’ve signed up for a dating app.