Best Dating Apps for Teachers

Good teachers deserve everything. Better pay, more supportive administrations, parents that are responsible for their children, kids that realize you can tell when they’ve plagiarized their papers from Wikipedia – everything. You also deserve love, but we know that dating can be kind of difficult when you are a teacher. 

Each teaching grade level comes with different challenges, and we want to help you traverse the challenges specific to you. No matter your specific dating issues, the first step to overcoming them is experiencing the power that comes with the use of dating apps. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best dating apps for teachers. Check them out, then read on to see some more helpful tips for your dating journey.

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6 Reasons These are the Best Dating Apps for Teachers

  • Consistently great results
  • All the best, most modern features
  • Variety of communication options
  • Effective search filtering
  • Free trials galore
  • Great mods and customer service reps
Male teacher writing on a chalkboard in a classroom
  • Consistently Great Results – As a teacher, you likely know the value of consistency when it comes to determining reliability. You don’t want an app that was great for that one person, one time. These apps are great for thousands of people every single year, without fail!
  • All the Best, Most Modern Features – These apps are great because they don’t change things that are proven to work, but they do make shifts to their features and UI to ensure that you are getting a top-quality and modern online dating experience. 
  • Variety of Communication Options – We love that these apps have integrated features like voice calling, chat rooms, and video calling. You can keep all your communication on-site, to let mods help keep you safe. 
  • Effective Search Filtering – Don’t get lost in a sea of sub-par matches. The filtering options on these apps will narrow things down the best of the best. 
  • Free Trials Galore – We all know teachers aren’t paid nearly enough, so don’t waste your money signing up for dating apps that don’t cater to your needs. Luckily, you can try these apps for free to get a good feel for the platforms and features. 
  • Great Mods and Customer Service Reps – A dating platform is only as good as it’s support team. The apps on our list of the best dating apps for teachers all have fantastic mods and customer service reps who work tirelessly to both keep you safe and ensure that you have the best experience possible. 

Why it is Difficult to Date as a Teacher

Two words – your students. 

Dating is tough when you are worried about falling for your least favorite student’s parent, or their older sibling. Plus, it is awkward to be out trolling for love when you run into a group of old students or people who know you from your job. Online dating frees you from all those worries. You can avoid the crowds and search for your best match without leaving your house. 

Additionally, you can set your search location outside of your home-town to help reduce the odds of seeing anyone you don’t want to. 

Online dating can also give you an opportunity to assess the mental stability and overall safety of a date before meeting in person. This can be important because risks to your safety can also transfer to your students. 

Dating as a teacher is also difficult because you are constantly busy. Even in the summer you are spending countless hours creating lesson plans, budgeting for classroom supplies, and so much more. Many teachers even have second jobs in the summer to try and make ends meet. 

Dating apps like those on our list are great for teachers because they let you save your free time for you. No more spending your precious evening hours going out to find other singles. Use these apps to find love on your time. 

Tips for Dating as a Teacher

  1. Use the Best App for You – Every app has its own area of expertise. Some are great for quickly finding a potential spouse, others are good for those wanting to date within a specific religion, and of course there are apps just for hooking up. Take a little self-inventory and picture your perfect relationship, that can help you find which app is the best for you. 
  2. Do a Little Bio Research – Take a peek into the info on your matches’ dating profiles. Do they have kids? Are there pictures of their family? You might want to use this information to avoid getting involved with the family members of your students. 
  3. Be Upfront About Your Needs – You have a busy schedule. Even when you aren’t in school you are planning for the next time you are in school. There’s no time to spend chasing around singles that don’t even want the same things out of a relationship. 
  4. Don’t Settle for Less – As a teacher, you are used to putting your feelings and needs on the back burner for the betterment of others. Dating is not the place to do that! You deserve to be treated with love and respect, and you deserve to have a genuine attraction to your partner. 
  5. Utilize Your App’s Support Team – The apps on our list all have great moderation teams and customer service reps. So if you ever need some advice on using an app, help with a bad experience, or anything else, these people are there to support you. 

Date Night Ideas for Teachers

As we mentioned, dating as a teacher has its challenges. So, here are some date night ideas to help overcome a two of the biggest ones:

Save Money on Dinner with Deal Sites

There are plenty of great deal finding sites that can show you which restaurants and entertainment facilities are running specials., for instance, can help you save over 50% at high-end restaurants in your area. 

Avoid Students and Their Families by Personalizing Your Date

While there is nothing wrong with going to the movies and dinner for your date, those types of plans do put you at higher risk for seeing unwanted faces. Instead, try choosing dates ideas that require you to RSVP and preset the group members, like:

  • Carriage Rides
  • Private Tours
  • Closed Dining Spaces
  • Drive-in Movie