Best Dating Apps for STDS

Being positive can change your life in a lot of ways. But we believe that it shouldn’t bring your love life to a grinding halt. Luckily, there are others who feel the same way we do. That’s why there are so many options for STD dating apps.

If you are dealing with dating while being STD positive, we have the list for you. We’ve scoured the internet to research STD dating apps and have found the best places for you to find love online.

1. Positive Singles – Best for Finding Love and Support as a Positive Single

  • Available 1-on-1 STD advisor
  • Thousands of success stories
  • Website is secure and well-moderated

Positive Singles is an app that supports those who have tested positive for herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, or any other lifelong STD. Whether you are searching for a supportive friend or a committed partner, Positive singles aids in your journey. This is one of the best dating apps for STD because it  blends dating services and health-support services to keep you and your potential partners safe and happy.

The Bottom Line – If you want to meet other singles while also learning to handle your illness, Positive Singles is the app for you.

Positive Singles

2. Meet Positives – Best for Positive Singles Who Want to Avoid “The Talk”

  • Free to register
  • Wide user base for all sexual orientations
  • Provides support features alongside dating features

Meet Positives operates with the intention of making the dating scene less awkward for STD positive singles. The idea is that users of the site are all aware of your positive status, so the need for “the talk” is no longer necessary. Additionally, the app provides community support and success stories to help members come together for one another.

The Bottom Line – If the idea of mainstream dating and telling your partner about your STD makes you uncomfortable, Meet Positives offers a place where positive status is upfront and needs no discussion. 

Meet Positives Dating App

3. eHarmony – Best Dating App for Those Seeking Life-Long Commitment

  • In-depth assessment upon signup to better match singles
  • Mainstream app with large user base
  • More successful relationship than any other site

eHarmony is a mainstream dating app but still makes it on our list of the best dating apps for STDS. The personality assessment and complex matching algorithm has led to more successful relationships than any other dating site. However, as a mainstream site, there is no expectation that a match is STD positive. Therefore, members must be responsible and let potential partners know upfront about their condition.

The Bottom Line – A great place to meet singles that are matched to your core values and needs but requires honesty in regard to your positive status.

Screenshot of eHarmony dating app homepage with woman

4. HSV Date

  • Dating site exclusively for Herpes positive singles
  • Quick matching system
  • Membership as low as $13.33/month

HSV Date is a community exclusively for Herpes Simplex positive singles. It is on our list of the best dating apps for STD thanks to its easy signup, large user base, and easy matching system. Simply click yes or no on members to make navigating potential matches easy. If you want something a little more in-depth, you can go view members profiles before opting to send a message.

The Bottom Line – Blends features from hookup dating apps and traditional dating apps to create a customizable experience for HSV positive singles.

HSV Date app homepage

Tips for Positive Singles Dating

  • Protect Your Identity – It is likely that you don’t want everyone in your life knowing your positive status. If this is the case, consider using a fake name on your dating profile. This keeps others from stumbling upon your dating profile while searching you online.
  • Avoid Trolls – Unfortunately, some people are the worst. They seek out members of positive sites to torment on social media platforms. To avoid this, avoid leaving any trace of your other social media activity on your dating profile.
  • Take Your Time – When you match with other positive singles online, it can feel natural to rush along and get to meeting each other as quickly as possible. Slow down! Allow yourself time to assess the other person and catch on to any red flags.
  • Trust Your Instincts – If someone you meet online seems too good to be true, refuses to chat on camera, or tells stories that don’t line up, you may have found a catfish/ scammer. Trust yourself. If it feels fishy, it probably isn’t worth your time.

Mainstream Dating Apps: How to Tell Your Match You are STD Positive

  • Be Direct – Don’t skirt around the topic. For example, “Before our relationship goes any further, you need to know that I am STD positive.”
  • Listen Without Getting Defensive – Your match may have a lot of questions, and that is fair. As long as they aren’t insulting you, you shouldn’t take their curiosity offensively.
  • Respect Rejection – If your match decides to move on after learning of your positive status, there is no need to continue trying to convince them. There is someone out there for you, and they aren’t the one.

What if My STD is Curable?

Curable STDs are still scary, so we understand and appreciate your concern about dating. However, the best option for you is to seek medical treatment and avoid dating until you are no longer contagious. If you are already speaking to an online match when you discover your curable status, you are under no obligation to reveal that information to non-sexual partners.

Dating Apps for Special Conditions

Sometimes there are specific STD dating apps for different diagnoses. These specialized sites can really help you find what you’re looking for.

An Encouraging Message for Positive Singles

Being STD positive does not define you or determine your worth as a person. Though being a positive single can make safe dating a little more involved, it doesn’t prevent you from finding love and happiness. It doesn’t even keep you from dating around, as long as you do so responsibly. The most important factor for any person, with any problems, and any past is how you handle yourself today. So, make the most of your love life with the help of these apps.

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Written By: Brandi Brown

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