The 5 Safest Dating Apps

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. The best way to enjoy online dating is by keeping yourself safe. While a portion of online dating safety falls on the shoulders of the individual (e.g. not meeting strangers alone, insisting on phone calls and video chatting before meeting, never wiring money to strangers, etc.), an even larger portion should rest squarely on the apps themselves.

In the interest of keeping you safe out there in the digital dating world, we’ve put together a list of the 5 safest dating apps.

The Top 5 Safest Dating Apps

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1. eHarmony – Safest App Overall

  • Secure messaging system where abuse can be filtered and blocked
  • Accounts routinely reviewed for inconsistent or suspicious behavior
  • Uses two-factor authentication as a general security standard

The Bottom Line – eHarmony has been around for a while, and their focus on customer safety and satisfaction is one of the reasons why. You can spend your time looking for your future spouse and not worrying about whether your private information is being stolen.

eHarmony App Homepage

2. Elite Singles – Best Safe App with Messaging Encryption

  • All data is encrypted before transmission to keep sneaky eyes off it
  • All profiles and images are checked by a moderator for upload approval
  • In-house fraud team that monitors suspicious activity

The Bottom Line – Elite Singles is a company built on the idea that highly educate or well-established singles should be able to find compatible partners. Luckily, they have the same high standards for their platform’s functionality and security.  

Elite Singles App homepage

3. Christian Mingle – Top Safe App with Fast Customer Service

  • 7 day a week customer service
  • Content review for all member photos
  • Takes quick action on reports of harassment or fraud

The Bottom Line – Christian singles can feel safe on Christian Mingle thanks to their dedication to customer service. They proactively work to prevent problems from arising but have a team of workers available if anything slips through the cracks.  

Christian Mingle App homepage

4. Catholic Match – A Top Safe App Pick for Members of the Catholic Community

  • 24/7 security system that scans accounts for traits and behaviors of fraudulent activity
  • Problematic accounts are reviewed by real people
  • Access to blogs and tips for online dating safety

The Bottom Line – Catholic Match has an advanced digital security system that keeps your information safe even while you sleep. Anything that triggers the security system is then reviewed by real people, which also prevents legitimate members from finding themselves accidentally banned from the app.

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5. Jdate – The Number One Safe App for Learning to Date Safely Offline and On

  • Magazine with expert tips for online dating and safety
  • Customer service available every day
  • Profiles frequently reviewed for inappropriate content or fraudulent activity

The Bottom Line – Jewish singles love how safe Jdate makes online dating. Their resources for dating safety and 7 day a week customer service helps to keep members safe now and also educate them to be safe when meeting in real life.

Screenshot of Jdate dating app homepage

Additional Resources for Safe Online Dating

Why You Can Trust These Dating Apps to Keep You Safe

  • These dating apps have dedicated security teams focused on proactively keeping you safe (instead of just reacting to anything that could be dangerous).
  • Each of these apps has a blend of automatic/ built in security and real-life workers that take user concerns very seriously.
  • Your personal information is kept private from third parties
  • Encrypted chat forms keep your conversations safer than communicating through other apps or devices
  • Access to additional safety education content helps prolong your safety after meeting a partner in real life.

You Still Have to Do Your Part to Stay Safe

Protecting yourself while dating online starts with choosing a safe dating app. Then, it takes using some self-awareness and adherence to general online safety tips. Let’s take a look at the best ways to keep yourself safe while online dating.

  • Trust Your Guts – If your new online interest is telling stories that don’t quite line up or something about them makes you feel uneasy, trust your instincts. Your goal is to eventually meet this person in real life, and you don’t want to meet with anyone that makes you feel unsafe.
  • Take Things Slow – Never let online partners (or real-life partners for that matter) pressure you into doing anything you aren’t comfortable with. You don’t need to meet up quickly, you don’t need to answer private or vulgar questions, and you definitely don’t need to participate in sexual activities that make you uncomfortable. If a user is pressuring you, reach out to your dating app’s customer service.
  • Meet in Public – When the time comes to meet your new partner in the real world, pick a public place where you feel safe. Drive yourself to the date location and have plans to take yourself home as well. It is also a good idea to let a family member or friend know where you are going, who you are meeting, and when you should be back.
  • Don’t Send Money or Bank Info – It doesn’t matter how much you care for your match, what story they’ve fed you, or how many pictures of their sad, hungry puppy they share. Never send money to your matches. In fact, anyone requesting your money or financial information for any reason should be immediately reported and blocked.
  • Keep Your Information Private – There is no need to reveal intimate, private information  on your profile. Since these apps provide means of communication, there is no need to share phone numbers, addresses, social media handles, or even your last name. You should only reveal this type of information with matches that make you feel completely comfortable in doing so.
  • Communicate Through Dating Apps Only (at first) – These dating apps have encrypted messaging systems that protect the information you send and receive. Their moderators can also spot abusive behavior in the chat, which can help protect you from scams, abuse, and fraud.

Get Started Dating Safely Now

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