Best Nurse Dating Apps

Nurses are absolute superheroes in the healthcare field. They are the busy bees that make any medical establishment run smoothly and often have the hard, emotionally wrenching jobs that doctors can walk away from. So, when it comes to finding a partner that truly understands your emotional and romantic needs, it can feel like a scary task.

Where will you even find the time?

You don’t have to waste your precious down time prowling for singles who won’t end up as major disappointments. Online dating was practically invented for people like you! We have scoured the internet, app stores, and nursing blogs galore to determine which is the best nurse dating app.

It turns out, you have a few fantastic options to choose from! Here are the current best picks for the top nurse dating apps whether you’re a nurse looking for love or someone looking to meet a healthcare hero!

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1. Elite Singles – Best for Professional Singles

If education, talent, or career potential is important to you, you should check out Elite Singles – the dating app for the top singles. This app boasts a large user base filled with talented and educated singles look for serious relationships. As a nurse, you know that having a demanding career can take its toll on a relationship.

Finding a match through Elite Singles increases your chances of matching with others who understand that being dedicated to your career doesn’t mean you aren’t dedicated to your relationship too. You need a relationship where you and your partner champion one another and support each other’s’ goals. Elite Singles can help you find that! Try it out for free using the link below!

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2. Higher Bond – Best for Christian Nurses

There is a high prevalence of Christian faith among those who work in nursing, so there is a pretty high probability that your dating preferences touch on the religion of your partners. Higher Bond is a fantastic option for Christian singles in the industry because you can search your matches based on your religion, their religion, and even specific denominations.

The neatest part about it is that the site is completely brand new and is giving away free 3-month memberships to everyone who signs up now!

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3. eHarmony – Best for Serious Relationships

eHarmony may just be the best nurse dating app on the modern market. From matching users based on a blend of their wants, needs, and general compatibility, to allowing users to easily sort through matches based on various factors, it is one of the easiest ways to find love.

Whether you want to use the app’s messaging system to safely communicate with matches, or utilize their new video chatting system, eHarmony provides everything you need to get back into the dating scene.

As a nurse, you don’t have time to play games, waste time, or deal with flaky people. eHarmony’s more involved sign up process helps you cut through the noise and get real results.

eharmony app screenshot

4. The League – Best for Successful Singles

If you’re not a sports fan, that doesn’t mean The League dating app isn’t going to be a good fit for you. The site may have a sports-sounding name, but the idea is more about acceptance than anything else. You see, to start meeting singles on The League, you have to be voted into the program.

Yes, it’s elite, but it means a high quality list of singles once you get in. There are some ways to skip the line, but you’re going to have to drop a pretty penny. But, if your time is important enough (which we know how time goes in the medical field), that may be something worth considering with this nurse dating app.

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5. JDate – Best for Jewish Nurses

JDate is the number one site for Jewish singles, and it is easy to see why. Their huge user base, incredible moderation team, and troves of functionality make for a great user experience. Jewish nurses looking to find a partner with shared heritage or beliefs will love JDate!

The fast sign up process and 7-days-a-week customer service are great for busy nurses. You don’t need to try and find time that doesn’t exist to get started with online dating. Instead, use an app that lets cater to your own schedule. If you’re ready to let JDate nurse your love life back to health, check out the link below.

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Table of Contents:

5 Reasons These Are the Best Dating Sites for Nurses

As a nurse, we know you base your decisions on facts, data, qualitative and quantitative research. So, there’s no way you will trust our judgement on these apps without us showing you exactly why they were selected!

1. HIPPA for Dating

Okay, so HIPPA privacy protection doesn’t actually exist for online dating (sorry), but we figured it was the best way to show how important we think privacy is when selecting a nurse dating app. In order to earn our nod for a clean bill of health, a dating app needs to use proper encryption for your data, never sell or give your data to third parties, and have some form of barrier between the open internet and signed up members. Rest assured, the single nurse dating sites we have listed here understand this and take it seriously.

2. Truly Exceptional Mobile Experience

When you’re running between rounds, shifts, patients, and continuing education requirements, it can feel hard to find time to date online. Because of this, we think it’s extremely important that any nurse dating apps have an exceptional mobile dating experience. In other words, you should be able to send messages, find matches, and update your profile from anywhere on any device. Now, if your hospital has terrible WIFI, we can’t do anything about that. But as long as you have a cell service, we think you should be able to connect with other singles.

3. Singles In and Out of the Medical Field

Some people like dating people in the same field as them because they “understand their lifestyle.” Other people couldn’t get further away from people in their industry. Neither of these approaches is wrong, but we do think the best nurse dating sites need to accommodate both. This is one of the main reasons we’re big on using mainstream dating apps instead of single nurse only dating sites.

4. Professional Focus

While you may still like having a good time and enjoying the town you live in (or visiting if you’re a traveling nurse), your wild party days several nights a week are most likely behind you. For that reason, the nurse dating apps we recommend have a bit more of a professional focus. No, they aren’t filled with squares who don’t know how to have a good time, but they are filled with people who understand that maintaining a career and goals are things that are important.

5. Message vs. Chat Format

Some dating apps use more of a chatroom type setup when it comes to connecting people. Others use more of a message or email type format where you exchange messages with a longer gap in between responses. For us, the latter is much better for busy nurses. You probably don’t have hours to sit and chat back and forth with someone in a chat room. But you do have time here and there to read and respond to messages when it fits your schedule.

Niche Nurse Dating Sites

Niche Nurse App Screenshots - Nurses.Dating, ForeverX, Uniform Dating, Medical Passions

You’ll notice that on our list of the best nurse dating apps there’s something missing—100% nurse-only dating apps. Was this an oversight? Absolutely not. You see, the problems with single nurse only dating apps are many. First, you’re only going to find other nurses or people strangely obsessed with dating medical professionals. Second, the size of the user bases will always be really small. And third, because the user base is smaller, the amount of resources the site has to dedicate to an elevated experience will be limited.

Because of this, we think you’re 100x better off using a mainstream dating app and searching for exactly what you want. If you just want to meet nurses of other medical professionals, you can search for that. But if you want to meet someone from any industry in an environment that’s safe, efficient, and inviting—you’ll like the traditional options.

But, for the sake of completeness, we do still want to show you all of your options. Just like in the medical field, it’s best to share all the options, give your recommendation, but ultimately let the patient make their final decision. So, in light of that, here are those more niche-based single nurse dating apps.

  • Nurses.Dating – The thought process behind Nurses Dating is good, but the execution is a big miss. The site looks as though there was a pretty limited budget for development, which does give us a lot of concerns when it comes to things like safety, security, and, of course, features. If you 100% only want to meet another nurse, it could be worth checking out. But it’s not one that makes it to our recommended list by quite a ways. What we also don’t like is that they put members profiles and photos on the homepage that the public can see without even needing to create an account.
  • ForeverX – This app does have a nice looking website and some cool features like scheduling for dates that lend themselves well to nurses. However, we’re going to guess the user base is extremely small. When you look at the iOS app, there are only a measly 11 reviews (and only a 2.6 out of 5). The app was started by a physician from Duke, which is really cool, but we’re going to need to see a lot more growth before we can think about recommending this nurse dating app.
  • Uniform Dating – If you’re just a fan of the nurse uniform, Uniform Dating could be up your alley. The issues, though, are two-fold, though. Number one—the site is for all people who wear uniforms, not just nurses. Number two—it’s a site that probably attracts a lot of fetishist. If that’s something you’re cool with, great. If not, probably best to pass.
  • Medical Passions – This is a dating website that looks to be for all medical professionals, including nurses. The problem? Well, it takes about a two second look at the website to realize that it probably hasn’t been updated or touched in decades. Just like how medical supplies have expiration dates and need to be updated, so goes it with dating apps. This is a nurse dating app that is a hard no from us.

Tips for Nurses Dating Online

Still trying to decide on the right nurse dating site for you? Curious how to get the best results from these options? Here are a collection of some of the most important tips to keep you on track.

  • Pace yourself. – There’s no reason to rush choosing a dating app for nurses or finding someone to go on a date with. When you rush things, you make mistakes. Take your time, and enjoy the process!
  • Don’t share what hospital or doctor’s office you work at publicly. – Yes, there are some weirdos and creeps online. Spoiler, there are weirdos and creeps anywhere you go to meet singles (including in person). For this reason, exercise a little bit of caution and don’t give out identifiable information about where you work until you’re ready to. The biggest infraction of this we see are people putting up a picture of themselves in their scrubs at work with their hospital bade on that says way too much information about you.
  • Be open about your schedule. – If you work at a busy hospital or constantly have to put in overtime, let someone you’re talking to know upfront. If you do this proactively instead of reactively, it will be better received and seem way less like an excuse when you have to cancel a date or are tough to schedule with.
  • Don’t get used for your medical knowledge. – Thankfully, this doesn’t happen a lot but it’s something to be aware of. Make sure people don’t try and take advantage of the fact you’re knowledgeable about illnesses and ailments. You’re on these nurse dating sites to date, not to offer medical services.
  • Turn off notifications if they get distracting. – Most dating apps allow you to control what you get notified about in real-time. What this means is that your phone could be dinging all day long if you have the notifications set for everything. Take a minute and set the things you really want to be notified about. What a lot of nurses do is turn off all notifications except for the little number indicator so that they aren’t distracted while they’re with patients. Remember, just because you don’t see the notification in real-time doesn’t mean it’s not going to be there when you finish your rounds or shift.

Nurse Dating App FAQ

What is the best dating app for nurses?

The two best dating apps for nurses are Elite Singles and eHarmony. The professional focus of these apps coupled with the quality of the user bases make them ideal picks for nurses and other medical professionals.

Are there dating apps specifically for nurses?

Yes, there are dating apps specifically for nurses only like Nurses Dating and ForeverX. However, these dating apps either lack quality or a sizeable user base. The best options for nurses are to use mainstream dating apps and learn to leverage the search and filter functions.

How much do nurse dating apps cost to join?

The price range to get a premium membership at a nurse dating site ranges from about $15 per month up to about $50 per month.

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