Best Dating Apps for Muslims

While your grandmother may never understand, technology just can’t be ignored anymore when it comes to dating. In this day and age, especially if you’re looking for a very specific type of partner who matches you on multiple levels, there are plenty of dating apps for Muslims to help. 

Muslim dating apps are incredibly valuable tools that can help give you a good idea of the different kinds of people who are also out there looking to date fellow Muslims. Not only that, but they offer a host of search options to help you find dating partners who meet your cultural, language, religious and lifestyle preferences. And meeting someone who’s a great match for you is a surefire way to make Grandma happy!

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Top Apps for Meeting Muslim Singles

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Traditional Dating Sites or Muslim-Only Apps? 

Of course you can meet Muslims on traditional sites like eHarmony! In fact, incorporating “traditional” dating sites into your search is a great option, as you will find these sites have many more users. Most traditional dating sites have an option to filter your search by religion, and so searching for other Muslims on these sites is fairly simple.

But what if your sweetheart has to be a Sunni? What if you could never be with someone who didn’t speak Arabic? What if you definitely want someone who prays daily, but will sneak a glass of wine at dinner with you? While traditional sites might have more options on the surface, you may have a tougher time narrowing down your search to those who meet your more specific needs. That’s where Muslim dating apps come in: they can really help you narrow your search to those who really match with you.

A great idea is to incorporate both kinds of Apps into your search process! It can’t hurt to try both methods and see where they take you.

Muslim Dating in America

Muslim dating in the U.S. comes with its own set of challenges. Balancing religious views with the desire to connect intimately with others can be a tough road. Parents and Grandparents had to follow more strict rules, and often have different expectations for our generation than we have for ourselves, living in a country where cultural norms are different from our family’s traditions. 

Not only that, but many Muslim Americans might not meet potential Muslim partners in the course of their day to day lives. Using dating apps for Muslims can help you expand your search to people outside your regular routine, so you are more likely to find the soulmate you’re looking for. 

If you want more of a say in who you date, and ultimately marry, you’re not alone by far. More and more American Muslims are using dating apps and dating websites to modernize and gain more control over the process of finding “the one.” Dating apps are a completely normal and standard part of dating for Americans of every religion, and Islam is no exception! What matters is that you do what is right for you.

Why Are These the Best Muslim Dating Apps in the U.S.?

  • Wide User Base – With 4.5 million users, is an incredibly popular site worldwide, and even boasts a great “Success Stories” page, where you can read reviews by successful couples!
  • Options to Maximize Compatibility – Search for everything from height and hair color, to Halal strictness, to how often your sweetie reads the Qur’an. Muslim dating apps are the best way to ensure you meet someone who shares your sect of Islam or nationality, as well as any other part of Islam you prefer to share with a match.
  • Find The Kind of Relationship You’re Seeking – Looking for marriage? Dating apps for Muslims are a great way to meet matches who are also marriage-minded. And if you’re looking to get to know someone a little more casually to begin with, you can easily find that as well!

Tips for Muslim Singles Looking for Love Online

Be Open About The Kind of Relationship You Want

If you’re looking for marriage, say so! You certainly don’t have to marry anyone right away, of course. If you want to be married someday, just not right now, that’s okay too. Just looking for some friends to talk to and get to know? No problem! Being up front about your relationship goals and expectations is a big help. It’s much harder to achieve them if you’re attracting people who aren’t open to sharing them.

Choose Options To Maximize Compatibility

If you want someone who prays five times a day make sure your settings specify that you’re looking for someone more religious. Whether you prefer a partner from a certain sect, or you’re not into hijab, or you’re better in Arabic than English, select options for your search that help you find someone who meets your needs.

It Can’t Be Said Enough—Be Yourself!

No matter how attractive you might find someone, it is always important to let your true self shine through! If you like someone, let them get to know the real you so there is never a doubt in your mind as your relationship grows.

Ignore the naysayers

If someone judges you for using dating apps, just shrug it off. Meeting people in this day and age is tough enough that 15% of Americans are using dating apps, and it’s even tougher when you narrow the dating pool to Muslims only! Dating apps are a great way to broaden the scope of people you meet and increase the chances of finding a partner who is right for you. 

And if your Grandmother has a problem with that, remind her  how happy she’ll be if you do meet the love of your life!

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