3 Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

Tinder is one of those casual dating apps that users either love or hate. We aren’t always super keen on Tinder, but definitely think that casual dating apps can be great. That’s why we decided to come up with a list of the best dating apps that are like Tinder. 

If you are looking for alternatives to Tinder that you might enjoy using a little more, continue reading. We’ve also got great tips for using these apps and getting the most out of them. Interested in dating apps that focus more on long-term dating? Take a look at some of our other online dating reviews!

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Why We Love these Tinder Dating App Alternatives

They Aren’t Social Media Dependant

We know there is a lot of concern about having to link your dating profile to social media profiles. When dating apps like Tinder first became popular, users were required to login with sites like Facebook. Luckily, as users have protested this practice, dating sites have started pulling away from this practice. Some don’t have any affiliation with Facebook at all, others make Facebook login completely optional. 

They Make Casual Dating Fun and Easy

Casual dating is supposed to be, well, casual. So, why do some sites make the entire process so boring and difficult? We love these dating sites because they have modern, easy-to-use features that make finding your next date simple and enjoyable. 

Large User Bases Comparable to Tinder

One of the reasons Tinder is so popular is because so many people use it. Nobody wants to switch to a different site just to find out there is nobody in their area using it! The sites on our list all have fantastic monthly usership and wide pools of singles.

Easier to Avoid Lude and Sexually Aggressive Matches

Unfortunately, Tinder has kind of become known as the site where jerks try out negging pick up lines, start conversations with explicit roleplay, and send unsolicited nude photos. It creates some entertaining content to share online, but doesn’t really make the casual dating experience very fun. We love that the sites on our list try to steer users away from that behavior through stricter behavioral codes, active moderators, and unique functionality. 

Are Dating Apps Like Tinder only For Hooking Up?

No! While dating apps like Tinder and those on our list are good for people looking for hookups, they can also be used for casual dating and to find long-term romances. Just be sure to put in your bio what it is you’re looking for!

Are There Dating Apps Like Tinder That are LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Yes! Most modern dating apps allow users to set their sexual orientation and gender preferences early on in the signup process. This makes pretty much any dating app out there an LGBTQ app. Additionally, there are a lot of great casual dating apps that are created as niche apps for the LGBTQ community.

Tips for Creating a Great Profile On Dating Apps Like Tinder

  • Include photos that show you doing things you enjoy, not just selfies
  • Show some personality in your bio
  • Use a fun quip that leads to more conversation (ex. “Local rock, paper, scissors champion”)
  • Avoid cliches
  • Keep your bio short but informative
  • Let them know up front what you are looking for in a relationship
  • Try to have at least 5 photos, but no more than 7

How Dating Apps Like Tinder Can Enhance Your Travel Experience

One interesting thing about casual dating apps is that they can create a great place to meet friends, especially when traveling. Many users have really improved their trips to new countries by finding a friendly local to hang out with and show them around. Just remember to be cautious and meet new people in public, well-lit places. 

Do All Dating Apps Like Tinder Require a Facebook Account?

No! Many apps, including Tinder, have started moving away from the practice of using Facebook as a login method. Some apps offer this as a choice, but many have completely removed the option due to a lack of trust in Facebook’s security features and adherence to privacy policies.

Are Dating Apps Like Tinder Safe to Use?

Yes! Modern dating apps have become very aware of user safety and utilize communication encryption, updated security measures, and moderator teams to keep users safer. We also love that dating apps let you get to know a person from afar before deciding to meet them in real life. However, once you do decide to meet in person, you have to take responsibility for your own safety and follow some basic measures of self-protection.

  1. Never meet up with someone who makes you uncomfortable.
  2. Let a friend or family member know where you are going and when you should be back.
  3. Meet in public, well-it places.
  4. Consider driving yourself or ordering your own ride service.
  5. If they are behaving erratically, pressuring you, or making you uncomfortable, it is okay to leave without telling them.

Which Dating App Like Tinder Should I Use?

Which app you choose will depend entirely on your preferences. Some apps have unique features that make it so only the women can message first, while others are more of a free-for-all when it comes to communication. These individual features will really help you find the perfect app for you. 

So, take a look through the list and peruse their features, then consider trying a free trial to really decide which app is best for your dating goals. 

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How Much Do These Apps Cost?

Pricing on dating apps varies quite a bit. Some apps, like Tinder, have base versions that are completely free but lack a lot of features. Additionally, paid versions are typically offered in tiers so you can choose to pay for the version that has what you need and fits in your budget. What’s great about these dating apps is they offer free trials or free tiers to let you get a feel for their platform before paying!