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Not that long ago, Japanese singles had to go on a goukon (group date) to meet potential partners. And while that’s still an option, more and more singles are turning to online dating to find everything from casual flings to long-term love.  

We’ve found out where these Japanese singles are – and where you can go to meet them. And we’ve gone a step further by breaking down the apps based on your needs. Click on a link to find the best Japanese dating apps for your situation. 

Best Japanese Dating Apps in the United States 

eHarmony – Best for Starting a Serious Romance 

eHarmony Japan dating app homepage screenshot

Japan has long prioritized marriage above all else, but times are changing. People are less likely to settle down unless they find the right partner, and that doesn’t always happen. That explains why nearly half of the Japanese adults in the United States aren’t married.

But waiting to find the right person isn’t the same as not wanting to get married. We’ve discovered that lots of Japanese Americans hope to walk down the aisle someday, as long as they find the ideal match.

And that’s why eHarmony is the ideal dating site for marriage-minded Japanese singles in the U.S.

Most members want serious relationships, including marriage – and the site does everything possible to make that happen. eHarmony’s advanced matching algorithm pairs people based on long-term compatibility, and it has a proven track record of success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Co-founded by a clinical psychologist that specialized in marital relationships 
  • Match Score shows how compatible you are with other singles
  • Compatibility is based on the likelihood of long-term relationship success
  • Couples that meet on eHarmony are less likely to get divorced
  • Users can search by ethnicity
  • Available for local and international dating 

The Bottom Line: If marriage is on your agenda, eHarmony is the best Japanese dating site for you. You can browse by ethnicity to find Japanese singles interested in serious relationships. You can get started by creating your free account on eHarmony today.

EliteSingles – Best for Career-Oriented Dating

elite singles japan dating app homepage 1024x360

Japanese Americans tend to value education and hard work and put themselves on the path to success early. Because of that, many of them are high earners – and hope to find a partner with the same drive and ambition.

If you’re in that category, EliteSingles is the Japanese dating app for you.

Since most members are highly educated and career-oriented, finding a successful match is as easy as signing up. And while it’s not solely a Japanese dating site, you can search by ethnicity.

One thing we want to mention before you sign up…

This isn’t the same as Elite Singles App & Date Me. This app is available on the Japan App Store but doesn’t have the same features and benefits as the U.S. version of EliteSingles. Instead, you can download the EliteSingles app in the U.S. app store or use the website to sign up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most members are intelligent professionals
  • Over 381,000 new members a month
  • Thousands of couples start new relationships each month after meeting here
  • Receive 3-7 matches a day
  • Uses the Five Factor Model to find suitable matches

The Bottom Line: EliteSingles is the right choice for ambitious Japanese American singles looking for love in the U.S. The app also works in other countries, so you can broaden your search if you’d like. First, set up your free account on EliteSingles.

Best International Japanese Dating Apps

Zoosk – Best for “Pot Noodle Love” Around the Globe

zoosk japan dating app homepage screenshot

If you’re not Japanese, you might be scratching your head, wondering what “pot noodle love” is. This phrase was coined to describe the dating scene in some of Japan’s large cities. Many singles there bypass long-term romance for instant gratification – often with casual dating and one-night stands.

We searched for the right Japanese dating app for this style and landed on Zoosk. It’s available in Japan, the United States, and dozens of other countries around the world and is a short-term dater’s dream.

But what if you aren’t into pot noodle love?

This international Japanese dating site also attracts some people that want long-term love. Plus, it has some cool features, such as Great Dates, to connect on a deeper level.

Key Takeaways:

  • More than 40 million members around the world
  • Most members want something casual or short-term
  • Available in 25 languages, including Japanese
  • Virtual dates
  • Matching algorithm learns as you go, so it gets better with time

The Bottom Line: This international dating site is ideal for Japanese singles interested in casual dating, but long-term options are available, too. Create a free account on Zoosk to test it out.

JapanCupid – Best for Marriage-Minded International Dating

japan cupid dating app homepage screenshot

Did you know that hundreds of Japanese citizens receive K-1 visas each year? Also known as “fiance visas,” Japanese citizens apply for them so they can move to America and get married. While some meet their partners during vacations, a lot of those relationships form online.

And when it comes to marriage-minded international dating, you can’t beat JapanCupid. It connects people from Japan to singles around the world. You can even browse for singles in multiple countries if you want.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meet single men and women in Japan and around the world
  • View profiles to see if people are willing to relocate
  • Search legitimate, verified profiles
  • Paid membership includes instant message translation
  • Advanced matching algorithm with mutual and reverse matches included with paid membership

The Bottom Line: JapanCupid makes it easy for Japanese and Western singles to connect. You can even overcome the language barrier with instant message translation. Try it for yourself by creating a free profile today.

Best Local Japanese Dating Apps

The League – Best for Finding a Partner That Meets Your High Standards

The League dating app Homepage screenshot

As the largest economic zone in Japan, the movers and shakers gravitate toward Tokyo. From financial services to manufacturing, there are plenty of high-paying jobs here, explaining why many of the world’s richest people live in Tokyo.

Do you count yourself among the city’s elite? If so, we have some great news for you. The League has launched in Tokyo and might be coming to other Japanese cities in the future.

It’s as exclusive and prestigious as Azabu, Hiroo, and other first-class neighborhoods in Tokyo. The League’s staff reviews every application, and the acceptance rate hovers around 20-30%. This allows the team to ensure that each member is truly elite.

Key Takeaways:

  • Available for local dating in Tokyo and other cities around the world
  • Nice mix of financial professionals, lawyers, executives, and others
  • Must pass screening that includes a LinkedIn review to gain entrance
  • Ability to block business connections from seeing you on the app

The Bottom Line: If you’re on your way to making it big or already sitting at the top, this is the dating app for you. First, create a free account to get on the waiting list.

Other Local Japanese Dating Apps

  • Omiai: As the most popular dating app in Japan, Omiai has over five million users and has helped create around 50 million successful couples. Users verify their accounts with their Apple IDs, phone numbers, or Facebook profiles, so you don’t have to worry about fakers. It also has great filtering options and helps people meet others interested in serious relationships.
  • Tapple: You’ll choose what you want in a partner when signing up for Tapple and join groups with people who share your interests. Then, you can browse profiles in the groups and match with people based on your hobbies. While this app is great for making friends, few of those matches lead to in-person dates.
  • Pairs: This dating app is still popular, but interest seems to be declining. It tends to have more male than female users, so it’s hard to find a date. However, we like the Facebook verification and the option to go by your initials if you want to hide your identity when first meeting people online.

How to Find Japanese Singles in the United States

Did you know that around 1.5 million Japanese people live in the United States? Close to three-quarters were born in the United States., and more than half of the U.S.-born Japanese folks are unmarried.

If you want to find a Japanese single to date, we recommend using a dating app to browse profiles in your area. But don’t worry if you come up short. You can also check one of the cities with large Japanese populations.

We recommend searching in:

Japanese Dating Culture

Unless you grew up in Japan, the dating culture there might be a bit of a mystery. And while a little mystery can be fun when dating, you don’t want to blow your chances by making a big cultural faux pas. We’re going to help you avoid those dating landmines by giving you a crash course on Japanese dating culture.

It Starts with a Confession

If you’re a Westerner, hearing the words “confession” and “dating” together might send a chill up your spine. It often means someone needs to fess up to cheating, so you’d rather avoid that conversation.

Fortunately, we’re talking about a much sweeter confession here. It’s called “Kokuhaku,” and it’s how the dating process begins in Japan.

Basically, the person confesses his or her feelings and asks the other to start a relationship. Using Western terms, it can be something like, “I’ve enjoyed spending time with you and really like you. Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?”

If you’re talking to someone half a world away, the confession might happen while you’re still online. You’ll get to know each other a bit first, so expect to chat a couple of times before the confession. And once it occurs, you’ll be in a relationship – so it’ll be time to take down your online dating profile.

Alone Time is the Norm

Western couples tend to become fused at the hip once they start dating. Seriously, even a trip to the bathroom requires a discussion beforehand. But Japanese folks are normally the opposite of clingy, so it’s important to change your expectations going into a relationship.

While daily texting is the norm for a lot of Japanese couples, many are OK with hearing from their special someone a couple of times a week. And while Americans are glued to their phones, Japanese men and women don’t feel the need to reply immediately. A little distance is a good thing in their minds, so give your partner some breathing room.

Forget the PDA

There’s so much PDA in the U.S. that you can feel like you’re trapped in a romantic comedy when going to the store. But while Westerners are often open to laying on a smooch in public, Japanese folks don’t dig PDA.

They view it as ill-mannered and distasteful, so wait until you get home to lock lips. And hey, it’s all that much sweeter when you have to wait, right?

Japan Dating Site FAQ

Are There Free Japanese Dating Apps?

You can set up free accounts on each Japanese dating site we recommend, although you’ll need to purchase a membership to access premium features. There are some free sites out there, but we don’t recommend them. Free dating apps are usually full of scammers and have few features.

How Can I Overcome the Language Barrier When Dating Internationally?

JapanCupid includes message translation with a paid subscription. You can also enable translated video and audio calls on Skype.

What’s the Best Japanese Dating App for Marriage?

eHarmony is our top pick for marriage-minded singles living in the United States. If you’re dating internationally, JapanCupid is our top pick. Finally, Omiai is ideal for local dating in Japan.