Best Filipino Dating Apps

Filipino men and women have a charm that is hard to match, so we understand why there is such an interest in Filipino dating apps. If you search around online, you might be overwhelmed by the number of websites claiming to offer the best online dating experience.

Unfortunately, you have to be careful when choosing dating apps. That’s why we’ve done all the leg work for you! From apps with the most Filipino singles to an app where you can find your future spouse, we have created a list of the best and safest Filipino dating apps. 

The Best Filipino Dating Apps of This Year

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#2International CupidFree Trial
#3eHarmonyFree Trial

1. Filipino Cupid: The Best Place to Find Millions of Filipino Singles

Filipino Cupid homepage screenshot

If you are looking to find a partner who lives in the Philippines or comes from the Philippines, you can’t do better than Filipino Cupid. The app has over 5 million Filipino singles and is responsible for thousands of great relationships. Whether you are looking for something casual or a little more serious, this is the best Filipino dating app for a well-rounded experience. If you are interested in signing up for a free trial, click the link below.

Key Takeaways

  • Easiest way to meet Filipino singles
  • Prices for paid members start at $10/month
  • Sign up in under a minute

The Final Scoop – No matter what level of relationship you’re looking for, Filipino Cupid has millions of like-minded singles for you to choose from.  

2. International Cupid: The Best App for Global Dating Options

Screenshot of International Cupid app homepage

Sometimes love can’t be found close by. After all, there are over 7 billion people living on earth. What are the odds that your soul mate is living around the corner? International Cupid makes it to our list of the best Filipino dating apps because it allows you to find love anywhere. You can find your Filipino soulmate, no matter where they live. Check out the trial link below for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • Take your search for love to a global scale
  • Monthly membership as low as $10/month
  • Get a feel for the app with a free trial

The Final Scoop – Don’t miss out on love by limiting your search for a Filipino partner. International Cupid can broaden your dating experience to find you true love.

3. eHarmony: The Best Option for Connecting on a Deeper Level

Latino couple on eHarmony

If you are looking for a dating app that supports your goals of finding lifelong romance, marriage, or serious commitment, eHarmony is the place to go. Their dating and matching model caters to those looking to connect on a deeper level. If you aren’t open to a serious relationship, eHarmony isn’t for you. However, those ready to settle down will find this Filipino dating app’s scientifically backed matching algorithm super useful!

Ready to find your future husband or wife? Check out our free trial link, below.

Key Takeaways

  • The top app for finding a spouse
  • Membership starts as low as $15/month
  • In depth questionnaire helps you find deeper connections

The Final Scoop – eHarmony uses an expertly crafted questionnaire and personality test to create matches that lead to the most marriages of any dating app.  

What Makes These the Best Filipino Dating Apps?

Though the stigma around online dating has dissipated over the years, some of the negativity is based in fact. Not all online dating sites and mobile dating apps are looking out for your best interest. That is the main factor we consider when finding the best Filipino dating apps.

Our choices not only have the highest number of Filipino singles, but they also have the safest platforms and most dedicated team of professionals working to keep you safe from scammers and catfish.

Beyond safety, we also focus on a dating app’s success rate, user reviews, and the usability of the app. All three of our top choices have impressive user success rates and positive feedback. You simply can’t find any better places to find Filipino singles than Filipino Cupid, International Cupid, and eHarmony.  Be sure to check out their free trial links so you can see for yourself!

Can You Really Find True Love on an App?

The world is much smaller than it used to be. Before, if you wanted to find friends, a job, love, or anything else you had to hope there were options for you within travel distance. Don’t have a car? Well, your search radius just narrowed by quite a bit.

As the internet and social media has expanded, so has our access to further parts of the world. People use the internet to find work and friends, so why not partners?

Studies show that large portions of the population say they met their committed partner online. In fact, relationship counselors and dating coaches, and matchmakers all agree that finding love has nothing to do with whether or not you meet your partner digitally.

The only thing that matters is that you follow the right steps to meet a genuine match for you.

Doing Online Dating the Right Way  

When it comes to dating online, you need to remember that certain social cues are hard to spot. For instance, if you are on a real-life date with a woman and she is uninterested, uncomfortable, or distracted there are visual social cues that will help you understand the situation.

Unfortunately, that isn’t so straightforward when chatting online. So, to help you out, here are so helpful tips to make sure you communicate appropriately online.

  • Communicate through phone calls or video chats whenever you can.
  • Take “no” as an answer. Groveling or begging someone is a form of manipulation.
  • Never pressure your partner into doing anything they aren’t comfortable with.
  • Take your relationship slow/ don’t overshare too early.
  • No unsolicited nude photos.
  • Make appropriate compliments (One dating coach advises not to compliment a person on things they didn’t choose like their body type or features. Instead compliment things they put effort into like their outfit or makeup.)
  • Take rejection with grace. If an online match chooses to move on, don’t take it personally.

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