Dating Apps for Long Distance Dating

With so many dating apps out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Nearly every app can match you with someone a stone’s throw away, but what if you’re looking for exactly the opposite—what if you’re looking for a dating app to set you up with someone in another city (or country!) entirely?

You may be someone who travels frequently for work, or you may be testing the waters in advance of a cross-country move. Or you may just be a world traveler who’s looking for interesting coffee and conversation while you’re on the move. You’re in luck! We’ve chosen the best sites for Long Distance Daters to give you a leg up on your search for long-distance love.

The Top 6 Dating Apps for Dating Long Distances

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#1eHarmonyFree Trial
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#4Christian MingleFree Trial
#5The LeagueFree Trial

What Makes a Great Long Distance Dating Site?

  • Ability to choose your location
  • Plenty of potential daters
  • Great chat options
  • Good search functions
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  • Ability to choose your location – Average dating sites pull from a pool of local singles, meaning your location at any given time determines who you see. If your goal is to meet someone new from out of town, you’ll need to use a site that lets you set the distance or city manually.
  • Plenty of potential daters – People interested in long-distance relationships don’t want to sift through people looking for locals-only dating. A great dating site will cater to people like you, who are interested in getting to know singles from other cities.
  • Great chat options – It’s hard to know when to move from chat to text on any dating site, but it can be even more awkward when there’s substantial time between meeting online and meeting in person. A clunky chat function may move the conversation to text sooner than you’d like it to, and you may not want to give out your number before you know for sure you’d like to stay in touch.
  • Good search functions– If you’re hoping for a long-distance date to be your tour guide when you fly in for a visit, be sure you enjoy the same types of activities, whether it’s hiking, dining, or museum visits. A great search function will help you find keywords in a profile that match up with your interests.

Helpful Tips for Long Distance Dating Online

Let People Know Why You’re Looking

If you’re in a new city on business and you’d like someone to explore with for the weekend, be up front about the time you have available. Or you may be looking for new friends in a city you’d eventually like to call your own. Anything can happen—you can click and change your mind about being casual after meeting, someone, or you can second-guess a relationship if your move could get postponed. Still, it’s best not to deal in “what ifs” and be up front about expectations to start.

Be Prepared to Meet…Eventually

It’s rare to find a long distance dater who’s only looking for a text buddy. Feel free to take your time getting to know someone new, but if you hit it off, make sure you actually plan to meet in person. Keep an eye out for flight deals or other opportunities to find out if you hit it off in person.

Be a Good Host, Be a Good Guest

When you’re ready to meet in person, there’s plenty of travel involved. Whether you’re the one hosting or you’re the one that’s made the trek, it’s important to keep a nice balance between unwinding after the trip and exploring the city together. If you’re the one visiting more often, be sure to show your appreciation by offering to pay for dinner or for tickets to a show.

Spend Plenty of Time Getting To Know Each Other

Unlike a local date, where you can leave after coffee if things don’t click, making a date with a person in another city can be a little tougher. When you’re long distance dating, you may want to spend a little more time chatting so you’re not stuck in an unfamiliar city with a date that’s gone south. It’s also a good idea to arrange your own accommodations just in case your digital chemistry doesn’t translate to the real world.

Don’t Forget About Time Zones!

Depending where your potential long distance daters live, it’s possible that they’ll be getting ready for sleep just as you’re getting your post-workday momentum going. Whether you’ve just clicked with someone online, or things are getting a little more serious, find a time to be available that works for both of you—or be prepared to shift your schedule around to make time to talk.

FAQ About Using Long Distance Dating Apps

Can I Search More Than One Location?

Sure! A good long distance dating app will allow you to select locations that interest you, and then let you see profiles from that city’s singles. If you travel a lot, this feature could be a life saver. Search for a location a week or two before traveling and start searching for singles who may be your type. When you’re long distance dating, you’ll have to be outgoing and send that first message.

How Do I Let People Know I’m Looking for Short or Long Term?

Every good long distance dating app will let you filter for singles seeking the same arrangement you are, but it never hurts to put it in the text of your profile as well. Different people focus on different parts of the profile, and they may miss out on info. There’s no harm in telling them twice.

How Long is too Long to Date Long Distance?

That’s up to you and your date! You may chat for a long time before meeting, then move on. Or you may meet, hit it off, and decide to couple up. It’s up to you how long you decide to keep your profile up, and up to you how serious you’d like to get.