Best Beginner Dating Apps

If you’ve never used a dating app before, you may feel overwhelmed by how many options there are – not to mention how complicated some apps make their pricing and amenity tiers. We hate to think that there are singles out there missing out on the online dating scene, so we’ve put together a list of the best dating apps for beginners. 

Whether you are a tech amateur or a digital master, these apps create an experience that can help you dip your toes into online dating with ease. Long-time users of dating apps can even enjoy this list because these apps make digital dating fun and straightforward. 

Ready to begin? Read on for our choice for the best dating apps for beginners and some useful dating tips and tricks.  

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5 Reasons We Love These Dating Apps for Beginners

They Make The Process Easy

For beginners, the most important aspect of any dating app is the ease of use. All the dating sites on our list make it easy to learn how to use the app, it’s features, and any payment plans or membership requirements. 

They Have Helpful Customer Service Teams

Even dating app veterans can run into a feature or policy that needs some clarification. That’s why we love apps that have friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps.

They Work on Most Mobile Devices

You don’t want to sign up for a dating app online just to find out you can’t download their app on your phone or tablet. The dating sites on our list have Android and IOS compatible apps that are easy to download and use on practically any device. 

The Sign Up Process is Short and Simple

The only thing easier than using the apps on our list is signing up for them! It takes just a few minutes to create your account and fill out any personality questionnaires. Here’s a tip: always sign up with an email you use regularly. You will likely need to access your email to confirm your account. 

You Can Try Before You Buy

We know that beginners will definitely want to shop around to find out which dating app has the features they want and the platforms they can figure out how to use. The dating apps on our list of the best dating sites for beginners all have free trials so you can learn the ropes and decide if they are worth your money!

5 Tips for Online Dating For the First Time

  1. Ensure you’re using the right dating site. – Different beginner dating apps and websites cater to different types of people, different needs, and to people looking for different things. If you’re at the wrong dating site, you’ll have no luck. It’s worth a few extra minutes right now to make the right selection.
  2. Take time to read up on the features. – When you sign up for an online dating account, you gain access to a ton of features to help you have more success. Often, online dating beginners are too excited to start looking at their matches that they don’t take time to explore the features available to them. Take a little time to make sure you’re fully utilizing the tech you have at your fingertips.
  3. Utilize free trial accounts. – Something we tell beginners all the time is to make sure they’re using the right dating app (see #1 on this list). But that can get expensive if you have to sign up and pay at several of the wrong dating sites to find the right one. It doesn’t have to! Free trial accounts may have some limitations, but they do give you the ability to get in and see matches, test features, and find which online dating apps for beginners are best for you at no cost. Use them 🙂 That’s why we included the links on this page for you.
  4. Reach out to customer support when you need it. – One of the biggest criteria we look at when finding the best dating apps for beginners is the quality of the customer service team. The chances are high that you may have questions or need a little helping hand as you get your feet wet. For that reason, we always favor dating apps with robust customer service teams. That being said, it doesn’t help if you don’t reach out when you need them!
  5. Fill out your profile. – Online dating is going to take a little effort on your part. Yes, it’s lightyears more effective than dating in person, but that doesn’t mean it works without you. Even if you’re at the best beginner dating app that’s a perfect fit for you, if you don’t do things like filling out your profile, uploading photos, and responding to messages (and sending some)—you won’t have much luck.

How to Increase My Chances of Finding Matches as a Dating App Novice

Finding matches on dating apps comes down to a few key things:

  • Picking The Right App – Each app will have its own set of features and specific qualities that set them apart. For instance, some focus on matching singles based on their religion while others use key personality traits to help create matches that can lead to marriages. Once you know what you are looking for most in a relationship, it is easier to pick the right app for you. 
  • Using All the Features – Many beginners make the mistake of getting on a dating app and expecting to have to do nothing but answer messages. These apps have special search and communication features for a reason, so give them a shot! Try using search filters to narrow your results. Then, when you find someone you are interested in, see what chat features you can use to get their attention. 
  • Asking for Help When You Need It – If you are having trouble getting the hang of your app, reach out to their customer service team. These professionals won’t judge you! Their entire job is making sure you are getting the most out of their app.
  • Checking Your App Frequently – Think of the communication section of your app as your text inbox. You wouldn’t want to ignore your texts for days on end because your friends and family will probably get pretty annoyed. SAme for your dating app. If you stop responding to your matches for days at a time, they will think you aren’t interested. You don’t want to miss out on a great match because you forgot to check your messages! 

5 Rules For a Great Dating Profile

Rule One: Avoid Selfies When You Can

Online dating coaches from across the country agree, selfies have no place on dating profiles. Now, if you have no other photos of yourself, a selfie is better than nothing. However, if you have photos of yourself with friends and family, in candid poses, or doing things you love, use them instead!

Rule Two: Focus On Your Bio

Your bio should be short, but filled with personality. Don’t just throw in your age, location, and profession. Try mentioning some hobbies, a detail about yourself to help start conversations, and anything else that can show off your sense of humor and individuality.

Rule Three: Make Your Intentions Clear

We don’t think you should be opening up conversations with lines like, “looking to get married ASAP.” We do, however, recommend dropping some information in your bio like, “I am looking for a committed relationship and not here for casual sex.” Honesty in your goals will save you time and heartache.

Rule Four: Update Your Information Regularly

If you move across the country, you don’t want to be getting matches from your old neighborhood. Remember to update your profile information when you move, when your dating goals change, if your preferences in a relationship change, etc.

Rule Five: Utilize Enough Photos

Try to aim for 5-7 photos on your profile. This is enough for viewers to get a good feel for your looks, personality, and general interests. Anything more than 7 will give off a conceited vibe, while less than 5 can make it seem like you are on the boring side. 

Resources for Beginners Using Online Dating Apps

Online Dating for Beginners: FAQs

Is Online Dating Safe?

Yes! We love that online dating lets you get to know a person before meeting them in person.

Is Online Dating Only For Hookups?

No! While some dating apps market toward those looking for casual sex, the apps on our list are great for those wanting long-term relationships.

Is Online Dating Easier Than Regular Dating?

We think so! Regular dating can be expensive and anxiety inducing. Online dating allows you to skip all the wondering about who is single and looking to flirt, and shows you a list of compatible people ready to start talking. 

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