6 Best Dating Apps for Professionals and Executives (2023)

When you look at the scope of professionals working in the US, it’s pretty expansive. You have nearly 6 million businesses across the country, over 31 million entrepreneurs, and a countless number of people working in professional fields like tech, finance, law, and healthcare (just to name a few). But even though the landscape of professionals (and professional singles) is expansive, it can be hard to make a connection when you’re constantly juggling your career goals with your personal goals and with what feels like never enough hours in the day.

Luckily, some of the same technology that you use to streamline your efficiencies and drive results in your professional life can be used to help you out in the romance side of things. The best professional dating apps understand your unique needs, embrace your lifestyle, and leverage technology to get you the results you want without robbing you of your precious time.

Here are the top six dating apps for professionals in America.

1. Elite Singles – Best Professional Dating App

Elite Singles App Screenshot

If you’re a professional that wants to date someone who fully understands your lifestyle, your best option is sticking with a dating app exclusive to professional singles. While no site can legally exclude anyone, Elite Singles goes a long way toward building a community that’s as close to exclusivity as you can get through targeted marketing, exclusive outreach, and natural curation methods.

Who are they trying to be exclusive to? Elite Singles targets singles with higher levels of education, significant successes in life, and with impressive goals to do more and be better. In other words, people like you.

If dating someone who understands that sometimes you have to work longer hours and that there needs to be a strong balance between career and life because they’re right there in it with you, Elite Singles will be the top choice for you. However, if you’re not looking to build the next power couple and you’d prefer the yin to your yang, skip to the next professional dating app that will be a better fit.

2. Three Day Rule – Best Personal Matchmaking Service

Three Day Rule Homepage Screenshot

Executives know the power of outsourcing and the benefits that come with hiring the right person for a job. Not only does this principle reign true in business, but it also can work in your search for love. Three Day Rule is a professional matchmaking service where you can outsource the hard work that comes with finding quality matches. When you purchase a membership, you’re paired with a professional matchmaker who learns what you like, what you find attractive, and what you’re looking for. With that information, they go out and find you ideal matches to go on dates with.

It’s hands-down the best way for a busy business professional to find quality matches without wasting a second of their precious time. And while there are several matchmaking services out there, Three Day Rule is the best. With nearly a decade and a half of service, countless success stories, and a detailed process that works—it’s a must if you want real results.

Bear in mind that matchmaking services are going to be more expensive, but that should be expected when you’re hiring a professional. If you’re ready to outsource to the experts and see some real results in your dating life, click below to schedule a free consultation with Three Day Rule to learn more.

3. eHarmony – Best Dating App for Professionals Wanting Marriage

eharmony app screenshot

For those people looking for a dating app for professionals that still affords you the opportunity to meet singles from other walks of life, eHarmony is easily one of the best candidates. While there are no requirements to be a professional, have a certain income, or work in a particular field, the singles on eHarmony are naturally of a higher caliber.

Why? It’s for two main reasons. Number one, eHarmony is more expensive than most other online dating apps. It’s not astronomically expensive (starting around $30-$40 per month), but it’s just enough to create a barrier to entry for people that aren’t ready to take the process seriously.

Number two, eHarmony goes above and beyond to attract more serious singles who are ready to commit to the process and are tired of playing games. There’s nothing more annoying professionally than when someone cancels a meeting or flakes last minute on a scheduled conference call. It’s no different in dating. In business terms, think of it as eHarmony does a top-notch job of qualifying leads and weeding out tire kickers who aren’t serious about making a connection.

Finally, because expectation management is such a big part of business, we want to share one thing to be aware of. eHarmony takes significantly longer to sign up for than any other app on this list. It’s still under an hour with the matching questionnaire, but be prepared to dedicate some good upfront time to drive the end results.

Here’s the bottom line. eHarmony is the best dating app for professionals that want to find something serious and don’t want to deal with flaky or unreliable singles.

4. The League – Best Professional Dating App for Executives

The League App Screenshot

When it comes to executive dating, you don’t have time to waste on single men or women who aren’t driven in life. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and you should be able to share that with someone who can appreciate it. The League, referred to as “the Harvard of dating apps” by…well…Harvard, knocks it out of the park when it comes to quality and successful singles.

Now, full transparency, this sort of exclusivity comes with some pretty high barriers to entry. To join The League, you’re required to get on a waiting list and get voted into the app based on an internal review of whether or not you meet the standards. While that review process changes by city, a lot is based off your LinkedIn and prior accomplishments.

If you’re a successful business executive though or on your way to becoming one, you should have pretty good luck getting an invite after joining the list. And yes, you can pay to get to the front of the review line if you want to.

What kind of singles can you expect to see on The League? Like most dating apps, they don’t make this data public. But when The League launched in Chicago, they did share some data on the first 2,000 members. 9% had MBAs, 5% had law degrees, and 3% were MDs. Additionally, a lot of singles from the startup scene were said to be well represented, but no data was given on that.

One last thing—The League also gives you the ability to block all your business contacts from seeing you on the platform if discretion is important to you.

The League just might be the elite level dating app you’ve been looking for to supplement your successful professional career.

5. Higher Bond – Best Option for Religious Executives

Higher Bond App Screenshot

Getting in on the ground floor of something great is the dream of any business professional. Well, the same can be said about the dating scene and new dating apps. Higher Bond is a Christian dating site that recently launched in the Summer of 2022.

The app is geared towards serious Christian dating, which is ideal for religious professionals looking for something meaningful. The app is set up to do a masterful job of matchmaking to help bring efficiency and effectiveness to the dating process.

As you can probably expect as a professional, the initial growth takes time, which means the userbase is smaller than many of the other options on this list. But the quality of the userbase thanks to the fairly intense verification process means a lot more quality members. Additionally, the app works hard to keep your privacy a priority, which is important to businesses but even more important to you as an individual.

Overall, if your faith is important to you or you’re part of one of the over 184k Christian businesses in the US, Higher Bond is a nice option to try.

6. Zoosk – Best Executive Dating Site for Options

Zoosk App Screenshot

Most executives understand that the more options and opportunities you have in business, the better. The same is 100% true when it comes to dating. And if that’s your mentality, you’ll be excited to hear that Zoosk has over 35 million members with accounts. And yes, these are quality singles, not just quantity.

Now, if you understand consumer choice and decision making, you know that too many options can have the adverse effect. This is where Zoosk continues to shine. The site comes with great filters to search for users by age, location, interests, relationship goals, and a whole lot more. Think of it like having your own personal secretary that you give a wish list to and they bring you back a curated list of results.

Here are a few other perks that are nice for professionals. If your time is severely limited, you’ll like that you can get signed up quickly and go at your own pace. Additionally, the matchmaking isn’t as controlled like it is with eHarmony or Elite Singles, which is ideal for people that want full control over the process. But, if you’d rather leverage the help of professionals in the match selection and curation process, you might actually like the controlled process that comes with eHarmony or Elite Singles.

Lastly, here’s one other thing to consider. Zoosk serves all relationship goals (serious and casual) but we feel it’s much better in the casual side of the aisle. For serious relationships, you can use the platform, but you might be better off with one of the other options earlier on this list.

Why These App Are the Best Dating Apps for Professional Singles

Showing your work and methodology is important when you present anything in business or a professional setting. In that spirit, we want to share some of the reasons we selected these apps as the best of the best for professionals of all ages.

Large Number of Professional Singles

Obviously, the most important factor in a great dating app for professionals is having a lot of like-minded singles. Generally, this includes business people, lawyers, doctors, accountants, surgeons, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and the likes.

Regarding where on the corporate ladder everyone is, we think it’s extremely important that a site has a strong mix of executive matches from all levels. We like to see apps that have people that are entry-level management all the way up to top-level CEOs and company owners. We’re also a big fan of seeing some entrepreneurs (and we don’t mean people that sell body lotion on the weekends) in the mix. Ideally, we want an eclectic mix of professionals and executives from all walks of life.

A Wide Range of Ages

In addition, we want these matches to be all over the age spectrum. A big fear of a lot of younger executive singles we’ve talked to is that they’re worried dedicated sites like these will only have older people. Thankfully, that’s not the case. We’ve been able to identify apps that appeal to all age brackets to give you a full mix of what you’re looking for.

Non-Professional Options Too

Not every executive or professional wants to date someone with the same level of career aspirations. For this reason, the apps and sites we’ve suggested also have options of people who aren’t on the same fast-track to success. Maybe they excel in homemaking, compassion, creativity, or some other area that would be a great compliment to you and your life? Either way, a great executive dating app should have these options.

Slick User Interfaces (Mobile and Desktop)

With programs like Slack, QuickBooks, and Microsoft 365 being so slick and easy to use in your business life, it should make sense that you want the same when it comes to online dating apps. Our top options have easy-to-use mobile and desktop interfaces that help you accomplish your relationship goals without creating headaches.

Systems and Marketing Designed to Attract Higher Numbers of Professional Singles (Some Exclusively Targeted)

Apps can claim to be great for professionals and be filled with like-minded people. However, they have to walk the walk, and this starts with their marketing programs. If they just have a random webpage talking about professionals and that’s it, that’s not going to be effective. It needs to be ingrained in how their operations run from the ground up.

Not Always the Least Expensive, But the Best Bang for Your Buck

Business people and professionals understand value. And while you also understand paying for quality, you should never want to overpay for anything. When assessing these dating apps, this is what we look for. We want options with a high enough price point that ensures quality singles, resources, and support, but not high for no reason. In fact, you’ll notice that we recommend quite a few affordable dating apps in our list.

Asking the Right Questions

In order for these algorithms and systems to work for you, they need to be asking the right questions. A lot of apps that aren’t dedicated to professionals don’t know what is important and what they should be asking. Thankfully, though, some apps do. They understand that not only are they looking to match two people up on an emotional level, but they need to match you up on a professional level as well.

If the person’s workload and type of work don’t mesh well with yours, it doesn’t matter how great they are; it’s just not going to be feasible. The good part about professional dating sites is they understand that some things work great and some things don’t. This is why you need a dating site that’s willing to ask the right questions and program them into their systems properly.

The Importance of Discretion for Executive Singles

There is one other factor that goes into an amazing dating app for professionals and that’s a respect and understanding of discretion.

One of the biggest fears of any executive looking to date online is discretion—and rightfully so. The more successful you are and more high profile, the more you should be concerned with the protection of your personal information as well as what all you put out there for people to see.

We fully understand this and take great pride in making sure that you know we will ONLY recommend a dating app for professionals that gets this. You can 100% trust that the apps we’ve recommended above are taking the necessary precautions with your personal information and privacy.

Just because an online dating app boasts that it’s for professionals does not mean they’re a great app for executive level singles. The app need to understand the importance of protecting your information and the importance that you feel comfortable that they will take caution and discretion with how their operations are run.

For example, The League dating app lets you block all of your professional contacts through LinkedIn or your phone. It won’t spam them or let them know you’re dating online, but it will give you the option to never let them see you.

How do we figure all of this out? Thanks to our position in the industry, our team of experts is able to review and analyze each app and their processes. They know what red flags to look for and what safeguards are a must that we won’t compromise on.

Basically, we’ve done all the due diligence and heavy lifting for you. You can trust that these dating apps for executives are safe to use and should do everything in their power to be conscious of your privacy and discretion. It’s never perfect, but many apps are way better than others.

How to Pick Out the Best Professional Dating App For You

Want some help picking out the best site option for you? Here are the steps you can follow to see success.

1. Determine what you’re looking for.

Step one is to determine what you’re looking for. This should help direct you to collect a list of which dating apps are going to be the best candidates for you. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • Am I looking to date other business professionals, a non-professional, or I don’t mind?
  • Am I looking for a serious and committed relationship or just casual dating to unwind?
  • How much time do I have to commit to the process, both searching for singles and going on dates?
  • Am I looking to meet someone locally or does it not matter?

2. Collect a list of potential dating apps and sites.

Good news, we’ve already done this for you! All of the sites and apps we think are worth your time are listed at the top of the page. We’ve already checked these for what we call the non-negotiables that include discretion, safety, security, and encryption.

3. Compare your list with our list.

Take your wants and needs and compare them with the features, pros, and cons we’ve laid out for each professional dating site. Find the right option that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Utilize the free trials.

Once you’ve identified a few options that might work, check them out. Create a profile, fill out the questionnaires, and start searching for singles in your desired area. If you like what you see, consider upgrading to a premium membership! If you don’t like what you see, try out a different site. Keep in mind, though, these sites have new people joining all the time so check back in a week or two

5. Have fun.

Yes, you are a big serious executive…we get it. But, honestly, a little fun never hurt anyone! Enjoy this process. It’s not a business deal…it’s finding someone special. Let it be fun.

Best Practices – Tips for Using Dating Apps for Professionals

In order for you to succeed, there are some things that we think are important for you to know. We HIGHLY recommend that you take a few minutes and read through these tips before you go out and get started.

There is No Test to Join a Dedicated Site

While dating apps for professionals do their best to attract like-minded people, there is nothing that keeps out some people that don’t fit the mold from trickling in. Sadly, there is no test that can be administered to tell if someone is an executive and belongs or not.

This information is important so that you know to still be on your guard with people that you meet on these sites. While most of them are going to be what you’re looking for, there will be a few that slip through the cracks.

Don’t be turned off if you run into a few of these. Just ignore them or block them and move on to the quality matches. All of these apps have thousands of people joining every month, so you’ll have plenty of quality options to choose from.

People are Busy Just Like You

As business executives and professionals, we operate at a faster pace than the rest of the world. We expect our employees and contractors to get things done asap when we ask. In return, though, sometimes we are slower to get to things that are not mission-critical to the success of our jobs.

Remember this when you are dating online. You’re going to be dating other professionals who have just as busy of lives as you, if not more. Don’t get upset if it takes someone a while to respond to you. Don’t get turned off if people aren’t responding and interacting as quickly as you’d like. Remember, you’re looking for people that have similar busy lives and have things together. If they have all day to sit around and message you back right away, that may be a red flag.

Be patient with people and when you are busy, make sure that you communicate this. People will be patient with you as long as you communicate what is going on.

Remember, You Are Not Interviewing Employees

For some of us, it can be a challenge to turn off work and turn on personal time. This can make dating tough. We’d encourage you to take a few minutes and focus on your different modes. Realize that when you’re searching for love, you aren’t searching for an employee to fill a specific role.

You can have a checklist of things you want in a potential mate, but don’t have something so rigid that you knock out good candidates. We’re not telling you what is or is not important in a partner. All we are saying is that being open-minded can go a long way to getting quality dates and hopefully finding a quality mate.

Written By: Healthy Framework Team

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