Best Dating Apps for 40s

If you think you are too old to be using dating apps, you need to think again. The amenities that come with the internet are more meant for you than anyone else. After all, you were in your twenties as the internet flourished. It was your generation that pushed forward the internet to create all the fantastic things it can do now.

So if you are looking for some help navigating the dating field now that you are in your prime, you should check out our list of the best dating apps for 40s. Then, take a glance at some of our tips and info on dating in your 40s. Before you know it, you’ll be snuggling next to your partner and wonder why you were ever so worried.

The Top 5 Dating Apps for 40 Year Old Singles

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Is Dating Harder in Your 40s?

Yep. I mean, there is no help in sugar coating it. But the issue isn’t finding willing partners. No, singles in their 40’s face a whole different issue – finding a partner that can match your life’s speed and standards. Singles in their 40’s have established lives and know who they are as individuals. This makes their dating preferences way more specific.

This means quick connection dating apps won’t be useful for you. The best dating apps for 40s are those that allow you to examine other singles on a much deeper level and connect only with those who can actually add something to your life.

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What is the Best Dating Site for in Your 40s?

Without question, the best dating site for singles in their 40s is eHarmony. eHarmony utilizes a unique and complex personality assessment and matching algorithm that creates pairings that actually work. You don’t have time to be crossing your fingers and hoping that the first attractive single you see is a good match for you.

Instead, eHarmony only presents you with a selection of singles that match your physical, moral, religious, and personality wants and needs. Honestly, eHarmony seems to know what kind of person you need in your life better than you do. That’s probably why their service consistently results in more happy marriages than any other app.

Is Tinder OK for Over 40?

Can you legally use Tinder over 40?


Should you use Tinder over 40?

We wouldn’t recommend it.

Tinder is one of those quick-match dating services we mentioned before. You quickly glance at pictures of available singles and frantically swipe the ones you find remotely interesting or attractive (usually the attractive part is a bigger factor for these types of apps).

Sure, you will undoubtedly end up with dates and probably a few overnight partners. However, the chances of finding a partner you truly connect with and could potentially marry are slim to none. After all, that’s not what the app is really meant for.

Save yourself the time, heartbreak, and general frustration – use a relationship-focused dating app for over 40 instead.

How Do I Find Love in My 40s?

There are a few ways to find love in your 40s. Meeting someone at your favorite places is a traditional method for finding a partner. This means meeting singles at work, your favorite restaurant, church, the book store, or anywhere else you like to, or have to – looking at you, work. – hang out.

Obviously this method of finding love can work, but it is slow and can be anxiety inducing.

We recommend finding love the easy way – with great online dating sites. Why would you go through all the struggle of slow, real-world dating when you could have a group of moderators and scientifically-based matching algorithms on your side?

Why is Dating so Hard in Your 40s?

You know what you want. You aren’t here for these singles that just want one-night-stands, who can’t stand your kids, who can’t handle your busy schedule. Honestly, you just have standards that a lot of singles in their 20’s don’t have. There’s no shame in that; it just means you need to look a little harder for the right partner.

How Long Should You Date Before Marriage in Your 40s?

The honeymoon phase of dating can feel surreal. After growing close to content with loneliness, you suddenly have this perfect person that brings you daily joy. It can lead you to making decisions like proposing after a few months.

We aren’t here to dictate your love life, but we recommend sitting on that idea for a while.

Couple’s therapists and relationship specialists agree that the optimal amount of time to date before marriage is 1-2 years. This gives you time to observe those quirks that tend to hide during early days of a relationship.

Is 40 Too Old to Date?

No way! There’s no unwritten rule that says singles in their 40s have to just wither up and die alone. Thousands of singles in their 40s find love everyday and you can too. If you want to make that process easy, try out one of these best dating apps for 40s.

Helpful Advice for Singles in Their 40s

We want to set you off into the dating pool, prepared. So, here are some of our best dating tips for singles in their 40s:

  1. Avoid Fling Culture – One-night-stands and short-term hookups are just a waste of time and can be damaging to your mental health.
  2. Make Partners Show You Who They Are – Don’t fall victim to a sweet-talker with no intentions of backing up their big talk. Your partner should show you who they are, not tell you. Actions are better than words.
  3. Don’t Advertise Your Dating Hangups – Most singles in their 40s have been on bad dates and have some insecurities with dating. You don’t need to bring that baggage to the table of your dates.
  4. Abide by the Law of Attraction – If you want to find a partner that brings positivity to your life, then offer positivity to their life.
  5. Don’t Get Hung Up in Rejection – Not every match is going to feel a connection with you and that’s okay. Don’t let a few rejections scare you away from finding true love.

Get Started On Your Journey Now

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