Best Dating Apps for Divorced Men and Women

If there is any life event that can make you both want to jump into dating and also avoid all social situations, it is getting a divorce. Even the easiest, cleanest divorces can affect your love map. After all, chances are you didn’t get married with the intent to get divorced down the line.

Still, don’t let a failed marriage scare you into a lonely existence with no possibility for love and connection. Not all marriages are meant to be, but there is someone out there for you that can bring love and light into your life. To get started, take a look at these dating tips and our list of the best dating apps for divorced singles.

We know there is true love out there for you, so let’s find it.

The Top Dating Apps for Divorced Singles

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Finding Love After Divorce

Finding love after a divorce doesn’t need to be a taboo concept. No matter what happened in your marriage to cause it to end, you are deserving of love and companionship. If your marriage ended due to mistakes on your part, use the experience as a learning tool to better yourself.

If your marriage ended due to your partner or simply due to falling out of love, consider utilizing therapy services to help overcome the grief. It can be tempting to jump from rebound to rebound after a divorce, but implementing some self-care prior to getting into the dating pool can help you get on the right path for finding love after divorce.

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Finding Love After Divorce at 30

Divorcing in your 30s might not feel like it, but is truly one of the best case scenarios. After all, you have so much prime life waiting for you to enjoy and grow. You will be able to find a fantastic partner on tons of great dating apps and your age isn’t even a factor. Take back control of your life after divorce and don’t let the ghost of your past marriage keep you lonely.

Finding Love After Divorce at 40

Divorcing in your 40s is not uncommon, but can be tumultuous. Chances are you have older children in your home and you are worried about the divorce affecting them and how they will accept your wanting to date. However, consistent studies show that divorce is far easier on children than living with incompatible and argumentative parents.

Additionally, the majority of children look forward to their parents finding true love. Still, this makes finding love more complex as you need a partner who understands where you are coming from and what you need in a partner. That’s why utilizing dating apps for divorce singles is so much easier than meeting someone while out and about.

Finding Love After Divorce at 50

The divorce rate for singles over 50 has doubled since 1990. There are a lot of theories as to why, but many believe it is because married individuals have begun looking around amore accepting and explorable world and realize they rushed into marriage too early. Whether this is the case for you or not, you can rest easy knowing there are plenty of singles out there who understand where you are coming from and want to get to know you at a deeper level.

Finding Love After Divorce at 60

Divorcing in your 60s can feel hard. You are at that age where you imagine never having to date again. Rest assured, there are other singles of your age in the same boat and who would love to meet you. There are great dating apps for divorced singles in their 60s out there. See how great it can be to meet partners based on your interests and personality.

Are These Dating Apps Good for Divorced Parents?

Yes! These dating apps for divorced singles are great for parents because you can specifically search for other singles that are:

  • Okay with you having kids
  • Also have kids of their own
  • Are understanding that your kids will always come first

Having children does not need to feel like a burden in the dating world. These dating apps take your parent status into account when matching you with other singles. It truly doesn’t get any easier!

Helpful Advice for Dating After a Divorce

Your Matches Aren’t Your Ex

– We know your ex probably isn’t your favorite person, but just because they hurt you doesn’t mean everyone else will. Don’t let negative experiences with your ex-spouse color your impression of others that you meet.

Don’t Settle for Less

– You know how hard divorce is, so don’t set yourself up for failure by settling for the first person who shows interest. Know what you absolutely require in a partner, and if someone doesn’t match – move on.

Offer What You’re Requesting

– If you want a partner who is willing to accept your children, your work hours, your emotions, or anything else, you need to be willing and able to accept those things about them as well. The best partners lift each other up equally. Don’t ask your new partner to do all the heavy lifting without offering anything in return.

Divorce Dating FAQ

Should you date someone who is divorced?

You don’t have to date another divorced single, but it shouldn’t be a negative factor either. It would be hypocritical to pass someone up just because they are divorced.

When should a divorced man start dating?

The general rule of thumb is to begin dating when you are emotionally ready. If you are struggling with grief from your divorce, consider utilizing therapy before jumping into the dating pool.

Are divorced men dating online?

Yes! There are thousands of divorced men finding love everyday online.

Are divorced women dating online?

Yes! In fact, statistically speaking, there are more divorced women dating online than men. Men and women are both finding love everyday with these great online dating apps for divorced singles.

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