Best Dating Apps for College Students

Being a college student is one of the most stressful and rewarding parts of young adulthood. You get to stretch your wings, experience independence, and try out your adult pants. Unfortunately, that also comes with a lot of annoying stuff like stress and overloaded schedules that can make dating a bit of a challenge.

Sure, Hollywood makes dating in college seem like a dream scenario. You know, with all the parties going on and all the random frisbee games in the quad. How could you not meet someone special?! Well, in real life, college students spend the majority of their time in class or studying, and a large portion even have part time jobs. This makes dating in college (in reality), a lot tougher than at first glance.

Here’s the good news, though. If you haven’t met someone on campus, don’t fret! You just need to expand your search to a place where other singles congregate specifically looking for romance. That’s right, we’re about to school you in the ways of online dating and give you a run-down of the best dating apps for college students. In this guide, we’re going to break down the top options for dating in college that are easy to use, quick to sign up, and can match you with other students looking for the same things as you!

If you’re ready, scroll down and let’s get into it!

  1. Zoosk – Best Overall for College Dating
  2. The League – Best for New Trendy Dating Apps
  3. Christian Mingle – Best for College Christians
  4. Elite Singles – Best for Graduate Students
  5. Jdate – Best for Jewish Students
  6. Tinder – Best for Super Casual
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1. Zoosk – Best Overall for Dating in College

Zoosk Dating App Homepage
  • Over 3 million messages sent daily
  • 40 million + accounts
  • Very affordable upgraded premium memberships
  • Carousel (swipe-style) dating

The Bottom Line – When you’re dating in college, the chances are high that you bounce between wanting something casual and potentially something serious. The Zoosk dating app does a masterful job of covering both of these bases with a ton of single guys and gals, including the areas around major (and smaller) universities. If you’re looking for the best dating app for college students that’s flexible and affordable—give Zoosk a shot.

2. The League – Best for New Trendy Dating Apps

The League Homepage
  • Hands-down the hottest new dating app on the market
  • Caters to successful singles looking to meet the same
  • Unique membership structure and sign-up process

The Bottom Line – The League is a dating app that typically caters more to 25+ crowd, so it’s real good for those who might be in grad school or just about to get out of school. It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other college dating app options on the list, but the quality filters and process make for a higher caliber of singles. This app is either going to be perfect for you or not a great fit, but it’s absolutely worth checking out because if it is a great fit—you’re in for a treat.

3. Christian Mingle – Best Dating App for College Christians

Christian Mingle App homepage
  • Search for singles by faith and denomination
  • Find singles with a focus on marriage and commitment
  • Easy-to-use and frequently updating user interface

The Bottom Line – College can feel a bit like the wild west, especially to those who live a life of strict faith. You might be worried about losing yourself, but Christian Mingle specifically works to match you with a compatible partner who can help foster your faith. If you want to find a Christian partner to lift you up in love and life, check out our free trial link below.

4. Elite Singles – Best for Graduate Students

Screenshot of Elite Singles dating site
  • Filled with professional singles who are more established in life
  • Over 80% of the user base is college educated
  • Focuses on long-term partnerships over hookups

The Bottom Line – We aren’t just focusing on undergrads here; we know that some college students have already begun establishing their career and want to meet singles just as far along in life. That’s where Elite Singles comes in! If you want to find a love that can champion your success and understand your career goals, follow the Elite Singles trial link below!

5. Jdate – Best College Dating App for Jewish Students

Screenshot of Jdate dating app homepage
  • The number one place for Jewish singles to meet
  • Users are looking for marriage and commitment
  • Some of the best community moderation of any dating app

The Bottom Line – If you are of Jewish faith and heritage, we understand how important it is for you to find a partner who can understand your culture. Whether you are looking for a Jewish single or someone who is comfortable learning about your faith, JDate can lead you to your perfect match. There are no flings here, just Jewish singles looking for true love. If you want to give it a try, simply follow our free trial link!

6. Tinder – Best College Dating App for Super Casual

Tinder Homepage
  • Designed for super casual dating based on very few parameters
  • Affordable pricing that’s good for students on a budget
  • Not great if you’re looking for something that could turn into a real relationship

The Bottom Line – We totally get it. Some college students are just looking to be a little wild and meet a lot of people. If that’s you, we did want to provide an option that you’ve probably already heard of—Tinder. While this dating app is not ideal if you’re looking for something serious or that could turn into a real relationship, it is ideal if you’re just looking for super casual fun.

Do College Students Use Dating Apps?

College students do use dating apps, but their choice of app depends on what they are looking for. Those seeking fun for a night often use Tinder. Those looking for marriage love Christian Mingle. Students looking for a modern approach to online dating love Hinge. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it from our list of the best dating apps for college students.

Want some data? A data study from a few years back from ABODO took a look at how college students are using dating apps. And while things may have changed slightly over the past couple years, it still gives us a great benchmark to start understanding what things look like out there!

  • 91% of college students say they’re NOT using dating apps primarily for hookups (ABODO Data Study, 2017).
  • While nearly 84% of college students (and 75% of adults) say they’ve used or are using Tinder, dating apps more targeted at committed relationships are dramatically increasing in popularity.

Is Dating in College a Good Idea?

Like any other secondary responsibility in college, it comes down to prioritizing your goals. Nurturing a relationship takes work, but you get to share that workload with your partner. A healthy relationship can easily be maintained during college and can even cultivate your success.

Is Dating Easier in College?

Every singles group thinks dating is easier in a different singles group. It is simply human nature to try and find reasoning in a difficult situation. However, dating can be easy for anyone as long as they are looking in the right place. If you want to experience easy dating, utilize the options on our list of the best dating apps for college students.

How Do I Meet Other College Students?

You will find that meeting college students is easy. You will run into them in class, in your dorms, out to eat, at the bookstore, in the cafeteria – I mean they are all over the place. The problem isn’t finding college students, it is finding those with mutual interests that are looking for the same thing as you (whether that is a relationship, hookup, or a friend). That’s why dating apps are such a great option – you can even specifically search for college students through the use of filters and preference settings.

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