Best Dating Apps for Artists

Let us paint a picture for you. You just organized your first solo exhibition. You are displaying your work for the world to see and you couldn’t be happier, except – who will be attending with you? Who will hold your hand and champion you and build you up when you are nervous? Every great artist has a great love, and we want to help you find yours.

There are a lot of nuances that come with dating an artist, and we know you want to find a partner who understands that and supports you. That’s why we curated this list of the best dating apps for artists. Whether you paint, draw, or play music, these apps can help you find your muse.

The Top 5 Apps for Artistic Singles

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Challenges With Dating as an Artist

  • People need to understand your creative side. – Artists have complicated views of the world and reality. You sometimes need to do and experience things for your art that some people simply can’t understand. If your creative method and way of thinking is too much for someone, they aren’t the partner for you.
  • You may have an odd schedule. – Inspiration doesn’t always hit you at 11 am on a Tuesday. No, you likely find yourself in the throws of your craft in the wee hours of the morning and for prolonged periods of time. While that’s no excuse to never spend time with your partner, they do need to be prepared for your odd hours.
  • Artists are known to have unique personalities (and that’s okay). – Those who are artistically inclined use their brains differently. That’s why they so often have eccentric personalities and peculiar tastes. You need to find someone who accepts you for who you are, not who they want you to be.
  • Sometimes structured processes are a turnoff. – The idea of working a 9-5, doing the same tasks every day, and eating the same dinner every evening is practically a horror story to an artist. You need your days to be as unique as you are, and a partner who compliments that part of you will be best.
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Why Artists Make the Best Lovers and Companions

Artists make some of the absolute best partners, lovers, and romantic friends. One major reason is because artists have an innate ability to find beauty in everything. Each day has some form of silver lining even if it is simply inspiration for something else. This mentality can be great in a partner and help you to appreciate life more.

Another way artists really add to a relationship is their prowess in the bedroom. This isn’t necessarily because they are sexual scoundrels with tons of experience, but because everything is an experience to them. If you want someone who will turn sex into love-making, an artist will do it.

Should I use a traditional dating app, or one made just for artists?

If you look around on the internet for more than two seconds, you will find a few niche dating apps and websites for artists. You might be tempted to hop onto one of those trains for quick access to love, but you should probably hold off. Those apps might seem like a good idea, but they often attract the exact singles you don’t want – groupies, fetishists, and clout chasers.

Mainstream dating apps are far better alternatives for artists. The user bases are far larger and allow you to base your initial matches on your personality, then whittle them down with search filters to find your absolute best match. Mainstream apps are the best online dating apps for artists because they encompass a large enough user base to guarantee you find the perfect partner.

Should I Only Date Other Artists?

Of course not! The best partner is one that both matches and deviates from you. You need someone that understands your quirks, but is just different enough to help smooth out your rough edges. Sure, maybe a partner that gets annoyed at your hate for a schedule isn’t ideal, but one that helps motivate you to meet deadlines isn’t so bad.

When trying to find your true love, don’t think about someone’s labels – whether they are an artist or something else. Instead, focus on how their personality matches your and whether you can be truly happy together.  

Is There a Dating Site for Artists?

Yes, if you look around the internet you will find niche dating sites for artists, but you will likely find it difficult to get good results from them. Not to mention, some of them are very expensive. We suggest you instead focus on mainstream apps and utilize their low prices, large user bases, and advanced features.

Should I Avoid Dating Fans?

Often, when you start a relationship with someone who is a big fan of your work, you can find yourself constantly wondering if they truly love you. It is a shaky basis on which to begin your relationship. Now, that isn’t to say your partner shouldn’t be a fan of your work, but you will be able to tell the difference between a supportive partner and an obsessive fan. Here are some signs to watch out for that might mean your partner is too big of a fan:

  • The first thing they say to you is about how big of a fan they are.
  • They constantly introduce you with your credentials as an artist
  • They use your status as an artist as a defining factor of their personality
  • They ask you to stay in character or only refer to you by your stage name

What if My Match Hates My Art?

We believe that a good partner is a supportive partner. They don’t need to love your artwork on a personal level. If they straight up tell you they hate your work, they are being disrespectful. We would recommend avoiding getting too close to someone who isn’t willing to treat you with more respect than that.

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Written By: Brandi Brown

Brandi Brown is a daytime copywriter and nighttime novelist. Her projects range from marketing content and commercial scripts all the way to narrative poetry and short fiction. Her debut novel, Bleached, is set to release in 2021.