Best Dating Apps for Android

There is some serious misinformation out there that Android users can’t get good apps like IOS users. We aren’t entirely sure where that idea comes from, but we do know that it definitely isn’t true when it comes to dating apps!

If you are looking to find a long-term partner through digital dating, you don’t need to run out and upgrade to an iPhone! We have compiled a list of the best dating app for Android and, spoiler alert, the best dating apps on the market are totally available in your app store. Don’t let all this IOS vs. Android propaganda fool you, it is easy to find love no matter what kind of mobile phone you own!

So, if you are ready to find love, give one of these fantastic dating apps a try.

List of the Top Android Apps

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#1eHarmonyFree Trial
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#4The LeagueFree Trial
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1. eHarmony

eHarmony is one of the most prolific dating apps on the market, so you better believe it is available on Android! The creator of eHarmony focuses on matching singles based on a super complex personality assessment in tandem with relationship goals and basic standards of attraction. In short, you are definitely going to find singles you find interesting, attractive, and compatible.

Their platform is consistently updated to make it simple to use on Android, which is one of the most important aspects of online dating. You don’t want to use a dating app that can’t even function on your phone! You can message your matches, find new matches, read articles and dating guides, and anything else you’d like all from your phone. This lack of limitations makes eHarmony one of the best dating apps for Android.

eharmony app screenshot

2. Zoosk

Around since 2007, Zoosk has skyrocketed to the top of online dating options for singles in the U.S. and around the world. How high has the site skyrocketed? How about 40 million members and 3 million messages sent on average daily high!

Yes, Zoosk takes the cake when it comes to the most options out there. Additionally, the app has some neat swipe-style dating options and traditional search functions, which means you can search for what you’re looking for in the manner that best suits you.

Zoosk App Screenshot

3. Elite Singles

Elite Singles is on the higher end of dating apps. I mean, just look at the name. They focus on matching singles that are well-established in their lives to create a place where career-oriented singles can find one another. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, professional musician, teacher, or grad student, Elite Singles can connect you with a love built to last.

We aren’t disparaging non-college educated singles. People from all walks of life are deserving of love and marriage! However, when you have put a lot of work into your education and career, you want to bring people into your life that are equally as driven. Elite Singles is one of the best dating apps for Android because you can find the perfect match for you with all the ease of using a desktop app but on your phone!

Elite Singles App Screenshot

4. The League

Taking the cake for the newest and trendiest Google Play app out there is The League. If you’ve heard people talking about an elite dating app that comes with a waiting list, you’ve heard about The League.

It’s a unique concept that aims to connect higher quality singles without all the games or an overload of options. Once you’re granted access, you’ll get 3-5 matches daily to chat and look through.

Is it right for you? Maybe. The best advice we can give you is to hop on the waiting list and check things out for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised at the level of quality you get matched up with!

The League App Screenshot

5. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is one of the most popular dating apps available thanks to their focus on Christian values, finding marriage, and bringing together singles with similar values. Their platform is often regarded as one of the easiest to use and that is true for the  Android app as well. The interface is clean and the mobile communication options are some of the best in the industry.

No matter which denomination you belong to, Christian Mingle has the search functions and filtering options to lead you to your best matches. Users are looking for love and marriage, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on someone who’s afraid of commitment. If you are a Christian single, you won’t regret trying Christian Mingle. 

Christian Mingle App Screenshot

6. JDate

JDate is the number one app for finding Jewish singles, so we are pretty stoked that it is available on Android! Whether you are looking to convert, were raised in a Jewish household, or anything in between, you can find your perfect match on JDate. Once you download the app, getting started is as easy as filling in your profile information and choosing your match parameters. The app is beautiful and considered one of the easiest to use.

Singles on JDate are looking for love and marriage. Don’t waste your time on emotionally draining flings or partners who don’t know what they want. JDate brings marriage-focused singles from around the world right to your fingertips. The app even has some of the best moderation and security to give you some peach of mind.

Jdate App Screenshot

Why Are These the Best Android Dating Apps?

  • Android Compatibility – Okay. it might sound like a given that a top Android dating app should work on an Android device, but you’d be surprised how many best of lists out there have incompatible options. Every option listed here either has a dedicated Google Play app or works through the browser with a mobile-responsive website.
  • Quality Singles – Just because a dating app works on your Android device doesn’t automatically mean it’s a top option. What ultimately makes a dating app great or garbage is how well it helps you to find what you’re looking for. And when it comes to online dating, that all starts with the quality of the singles on the app.
  • Frequent Updates – Your phone or tablet is constantly getting updates, which is awesome. This usually means better graphics, faster processing, and an overall better experience. However, if your apps aren’t frequently updating to stay up with the new technical abilities available.
  • Good Google Play Ratings – While we like to conduct our own analysis on the quality of an Android dating app, we’d be silly if we ignored the ratings and reviews from other customers. And to be fair, this doesn’t just mean looking at the overall number. It means taking the time to read through the reviews to see what singles liked, what they didn’t like, and who is just made, and who we can trust. Ultimately, it just helps us to get a more well-rounded opinion and rankings list.

How to Online Date with an Android

Online dating with Android is easy and safe as long as you follow a few basic tips. Take a look at this guide to prepare yourself for a successful online dating experience.

1. Utilize the App the Best Suits Your Needs

We have shown you a lot of options for online dating on Android. While we believe each app is a great choice for singles, you should try the app that best suits your needs. If you have a strong religious background, you might have better luck on one of the niche religious app options.

2. Focus on Safety and Security

As with any online dating app, the best dating apps for Android need to be approached with an eye for safety. Don’t share private information with your matches or link to your personal social media pages in your bio. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or asks for inappropriate information, report them to your dating app’s customer service immediately.

3. Don’t Take Rejection Too Personally

There are a lot of singles on these apps, which means you and your matches will be given a lot of choices. If someone you are interested in passes over you, don’t take it personally. Remember that your perfect match is out there, you just need to find them.

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